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How Big Corporations Spy on Their Workers to Keep Their Wages Down

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/09/how-big-corporations-spy-their-workers-keep-their-wages-down

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I feel confident in suggesting that the majority of Americans, being willfully ignorant wage slaves and temporarily embarrassed millionaires, support the right of their employers to spy on them.

And the fact that they’ve enjoyed stagnant wages for four decades is lost on them.

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Hi SkepticTank:

Wow, Google has just turned itself into Simon Legree. I wonder what it’s doing to the public who use Google? Maybe there’s a way in since corporations are now said to be “people.” WHO is the {person or persons ) at Google who appear to be denying employees their “Freedom of Speech”… which of course leads to Freedom of Thought.
Maybe too ----------Google is not the right name. ORWELL seems to fit though. : (


Google turned themselves into a data-capture-for-profit entity long ago. It’s all about the benjamins, baby.

I work for a boutique ad agency, we have several people on staff specifically working on SEO and digital media buying through Google.

Might I recommend duckduckgo as your internet search engine? They aren’t as good but they’re close enough without the ads and the privacy is waaaaay better:

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Day by day human beings find their normal daily lives threatened by the incremental encroachment of electronic fascism and its various forms of surveillance. Almost before we even knew such things were now even possible, a person’s personal data can be recorded off their cell phone as the person is simply walking down the street. Facial recognition software knows us regardless of legality almost as if going to a sporting event is criminal? Say certain words on a phone call? Looking at a legal website? Attending a meeting or joining a union? Back in the days of the McCarthyist blacklist you had to join something but now you just have to walk by the building where an event might be going on. Or for that matter walk into a store or by a street corner where nothing is going on of any sort much less a political event.

Imagine a future where surveillance is all pervasive and ongoing 24/7. Where it is unknown, where unknown persons or agencies decide things about your life. Where nothing you do or even say in public (although your phone can be turned on remotely and without you knowing it so that your private conversation can be transmitted to …somewhere? And certain smart TV’s can be remotely activated without the screen being turned on and then used as a surveillance device) or said in private in some cases will be recorded and preserved permanently for use even years or decades later.

A Brave New World and 1984 future seems on its way, doesn’t it? Electronic fascism won’t need to bang on the door in the middle of the night… it’ll already be inside without you realizing it.


From the article:
“The employees discovered the calendar tool by accident, and there’s no way for them to remove it from their computers. Google watches its employees all of the time.”

How could anyone be surprised by this? How could Google employees be surprised by this? Everyone knows that union organizing is best done off the company premises. (Please note that I am NOT defending Google.)

We have known for nine decades that Google keeps its eye on everyone. Their surveillance even "inspired the 1923 hit tune “Barney Google (with the Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes)”"https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_Google_and_Snuffy_Smith

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Hi SkepticTank:
I have been trying them to see what happens—and so far they seem to be doing what they say they will. : )
So-----A BIG Quack Out to DuckDuckGO! I guess that’s the closest that I can come to a Shout OUT for Ducks! : )

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We need unions to fight management’s cult-like workplace behavior. Cults-like behavior has a technological spying tool. Technological cult spying is in the economic hit-man’s toolkit. If you have been let go from a job management probably used a technology spying tool. I don’t believe you can fight this technological cult spying behavior. If you think you can not be vulnerable to this cult behavior, think again. You are probably enjoying being over-valuated.

You beat me to it! I’ve been recommending DDG to everyone since my daughter turned me on to it!