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How Big Pharma Is Trying to Improve Its Image


How Big Pharma Is Trying to Improve Its Image

Jim Hightower

Big news, people! Especially for those of you upset by the skyrocketing prices of the essential prescription medicines you take — including thousands of patients who were hit last year with a 5,000 percent price increase for one lifesaving drug!


More proof that the Obama "Affordable Health" Care nemesis is just that!

I hope that Bernie Sanders can take this latest public health heist and speak convincingly about it to those who are yet to connect the dots.

The War on Terror has "successfully" spread terror far and wide (giving the MIC a greater raison d'etre).

The bailout to the biggest banks has made them yet too much bigger to fail.

Obama's forced insurance purchase (a/k/a extortion) has led to higher insurance and drug costs.

Whenever the pro-business elite push through their "reforms," they take more and give the public less.


Mr. Hightower forgot to mention the drug companies' (and insurance companies') MOST PROMISING upcoming profit center...taxpayer funded bailouts. After seeing how profitable bailouts have been for Wall Street banks, the drug and insurance companies took advantage of the Obama Administration's track record of never meeting a merger or corporate bailout it didn't love.

Obama's ACA launched a wave of mergers in the drug and insurance industries that created too-big-to-fail drug and insurance companies for whom Congress will commit untold taxpayers' dollars to bailouts if anything goes sideways.


I appreciate the savvy you bring to business matters. I didn't know that these mergers took place. I just see the audacity of morally bankrupt individuals purchasing Hedge funds in order to leverage the price of prescription drugs. The new U.S. Business model.

If you didn't yet watch today's Democracy Now... I recommend it. During the last 15 minutes Amy Goodman interviews 3 grandmotherly women who sued Nestle in Michigan because that company was literally suctioning off water from the Great Lakes to bottle and sell while down river, the Flint residents were being price-gouged for filthy water.

The assaults just keep coming.

Yesterday I listened to Helen Caldicott on the subject of Fukushima and how many Cancers are showing up. Usually, the incubation time on Thyroid Cancer is over 5 years but lots of kids not just around the old plants but well into Tokyo test positive. And radiation levels are much higher in Tokyo than the Japanese Govt. relates.

I was thinking about all this Fukushima radioactive dust, the Chem. Trails, the Gen Tech Food and whether or not it's Zika, the mosquito, of "Zika" courtesy of Monsanto that poses yet another health threat. Add to all this the dangerous water in lots of places, the Methane Plume not far from L.A., the dead fish and whales washing up in too many places, and the TIPP and TPP... fulfilling the Koch Brothers' demand for MORE of same.

If any human beings survive this era... they will write the NEXT BIBLE'S cautionary tales as a direct result of what they witnessed.


Ask your doctor if being too insignificant to be a meaningful participant in your government is right for you.


Obama loves big Pharma money along with all the GOP and some major Democrats......A vote for Hillary will do nothing to curb big pharma from robbing you blind......A VOTE for BERNIE will; get you represented against the evil of big pharma......VOTE BERNIE SANDERS for president.........all the rest will take you to the poor house because they dont care about you.