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How Big Pharma’s Industrial Waste Is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide


How Big Pharma’s Industrial Waste Is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide

Madlen Davies, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Pharmaceutical companies are fuelling the rise of superbugs by manufacturing drugs in factories that leak industrial waste, says a new report which calls on them to radically improve their supply chains.

Factories in China and India – where the majority of the world’s antibiotics are produced – are releasing untreated waste fluid containing active ingredients into surrounding areas, highlights the report by a coalition of environmental and public health organisations.


We have a system that is based on the idea that enough people acting only on self-interest and greed will result in the greatest good. What could possibly go wrong?


Here we have the very companies that make life saving drugs also make life taking bugs. Like Monsanto/Bayer, the companies that produce poison also produce food. It's insane. Corporate irresponsibility and greed will be the death of us and the destruction of the planet if they are not stopped.


Well, not having to worry about environmental protection is just one way to make cheap drugs.

India's new policy, which could begin by the end of 2012 is expected to provide 52 percent of the population with free medicine by April 2017


No doubt any requirements to make them clean up their mess and deal with the waste responsibly would result in law suits against nations under TPP.


It presents a golden opportunity for the drug companies because they can now take it upon themselves to develop NEW antibiotics that are "Proven Eeffective" in the fight against Superbugs!

Capitalism is just another form of cancer.


Untreated and terminal cancer.


What can we do? Proper hand-washing, a lot. Also, try to stop hands to the face. Face, mucous membranes. It is hard to battle them when Washington D.C. lets them get away with it. In the mean time keep washing those hands.


Like the Military-Industrial Complex that starts wars to sell weaponry, Big Pharma causes diseases to sell cures.


The more pollution created the more the people get sick- Big Pharma's plan. They can just continue churning out "medicines" to the multitude of sick while bloating themselves with profit.


“With prescribers of both human and veterinary medicine increasingly urged to take action on antibiotics,...........

Earlier this year, the Bureau analysed figures released by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, which regulates what drugs vets prescribe for use in British farming and agriculture, and revealed a significant increase in sales of some critically important antibiotics.........??????

The rise in sales of critically important antibiotics is happening despite the fact it is now known that resistant forms of certain food poisoning illnesses, including campylobacter, and some variations of the superbug MRSA, are directly linked to antibiotic use on farms.

“With prescribers of both human and veterinary medicine increasingly urged to take action on antibiotics...........???????

They may be being urged but fat lot of good it seems to be doing! Strict regulation of 'Big Pharma' and prescribers needs to be established and one would imagine the medical profession would subscribe to doing just that. Veterinarians need very strict regulation in all allowances for subscription drugs for livestock. Both professions should be called upon to seek to address the looming dangers. Big money and the attraction of rewards seem to corrupt those in powerful positions in capitalist societies. What happened to professional integrity, for instance?

The elephant in the room is of course 'Big Pharma' and its involvement with the food chain to human beings. So much money is involved with promotion, lobbying and recruitment to enhance share holder profit margins at all costs and what's more they continue to be remarkably successful in manipulating and persuading powerful political and professional bodies with their easily affordable largess. There is another expression for it and that is 'rampant corruption'!

We are talking serious criminal behaviour as the love of money in high society establishes itself as an entitlement, a perk and a 'we're worth it' attitude that is all too prevalent where Justice is concerned in negotiated sleazy dealings for monetary profit and gain. They fight legal battles through their law firms, pay regular and repeated fines for reaping exorbitant profits through carelessly and negligently making human beings sick. The poor just die never to be heard of or from again. Its a serial progression. With antibiotics we have all reached the end game! People should be up in arms about the negligence and the betrayal such esteemed influential bodies have long indulged at others' expense.


I'd bet the Executives at these Pharma companies see the Superbugs not as a Problem, but as a potential Future Income Windfall.

What's a little Epidemic killing Thousands of people in the face of a lovely Corporate Profit from emergency efforts to "Cure" that future superbug plague?

{Snark Off}


I've said it before; I don't buy fish anymore and I make sure my produce comes from Mexico--no GMO's. If I buy meat, it is locally produced with no antibiotics. Sad, but true--they are killing us!


Great post!


Not exactly but they do to a large part just treat the symptom & not the disease. However, acid reflux is a good example where they took a condition & made it into something that makes them a lot of bucks needlessly.


Maybe all this will help to reduce the number of humans, the predator/destroyer no.1, which might give planet earth a chance to survive. But then again, usually the wrong people are the victims not the ones that are responsible. Greed will prevail. Over and over again the Cree Indian proverb comes to my mind:
“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”


Are you sure about the no GMO's from Mexico? I do know that corn grown there is by far not no GMO any longer....How about the pesticides and herbicides they use there? I think we are doomed anyway.


As far as I know, they are still banning GMO's. Guess we'll have to ask DT for the latest.^

I shop at Sprout's for my produce; who knows, and yes we are doomed!


Officially, that is so. But according to a German documentary I saw a little while ago, "they" are sneaking in GMO through the back door.... We all know that "they" have their ways of dealing with bans and such. And frankly, I trust European reporting more than US.


Who knows?