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How Billionaire Charter School Funders Corrupted the School Leadership Pipeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/17/how-billionaire-charter-school-funders-corrupted-school-leadership-pipeline


Thanks Jeff, your research is convincing of the adage:“He who picks the piper picks
the tune;” but what of the AFT (1.5 million teachers) and Randy Weingarten’s
proclivities toward the Hillary Clinton Democratic Party, their Russiagate now a thoroughly
discredited lie, and Ravitch too–will they support Bernie or not?

This should be a must read for everyone who cares about our country. Somewhere is says that love of money is the root of evil. Broad and people like him are drunk on their own money and power. Much like those with Project for the New American Century who brought so much misery to the world. Other companies like Monsanto have worked to destroy our environment. We are in deep trouble but it is apparent that Broad and his group would attempt to destroy our local self-government and buy their way into controlling our schools and children. These people are pure evil and a threat to our democracy and welfare. Thank you for exposing them.


Some other links about this perversion of our schools and society by the 1%:


Document document document document. Thank you for the research and documentation.May it become known to every man woman and child.

The stunning manipulation over centuries, interspersed with genocides to eliminate functional alternatives, based on the magical thinking of ‘externalization of costs’. The latter is another term for twisting reality; having one’s way with one, seminal, deadly sin and rendering all of life a materialist ‘enterprise’. Deaden, impoverish, stress, tear down and then blame the victim and claim the process utilized is the only possible system. Self appointed lords of fiefdoms reverse-engineering thousands of years of human development and claiming it is being done “To Serve Man” … sound familiar? Thats the recipe that has created the world currently amid the sixth great extinction and Trump opening the floodgates for this nightmare.

If there is a sacred superior being, please skip the process and bring these fools into full consequence of their madness and free the rest of us to access the methods and means to do the work we need so desperately to be doing.

OK guys, I think we’ve been given the go-ahead.

These are not intellectual giants. These are not philosophical wells of insight. They are not even sustainable.


Its decades past the time when patriotic Americans started firing a few million “Silver bullets” of their own. There shouldn’t be any living people on this continent like the Koch Brothers, or Eli Broad, or even Donald Trump for that matter, even before he was elected. Until this nation defends itself from organized crime, organized crime is what we will receive.

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Mass media has turned our brains to pablum the educational systems serve up gulag gruel.