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How Billionaires Are Using Hate to Divide Us


How Billionaires Are Using Hate to Divide Us

Leo Gerard

The union I lead, the United Steelworkers (USW), believes in unity, that “all working men and women, regardless of creed, color or nationality” are eligible for membership.

That was the guiding principle of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) when it formed in 1937.

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Just as it important to determine who is contributing monies to the political campaigns of our Politicians , we should also try to make ourselves aware as to where all of these various “think tanks” are getting their funding. Many of the persons who have articles posted on Common Dreams are members of these “think tanks”.

My own rule of thumb is there no such thing as a “benevolent billionaire”. They did not get to becoming billionaires by being benevolent. As such when I find their money behind one of these think tanks or human rights groups i grow awfully suspicious of what that group presents to us as fact.

If we accept that it rather hard for a politician to formulate policies around health care and not be influenced by campaign donations received by that same Health care industry , we should not accept that when of these Human Rights groups or think tanks doing the talking that those people are not influenced by the individuals donating those large sums of monies to that group.



Good post but I’d add its not just billionaires dividing us, its crazy religious leaders of all stripes preaching such things as end times, Islamic and Hindu extremism, God gave the land to the Jews, God ordered women to be subservient…



Nice to see the matter discussed.

This is called “social class.”

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A quote from Gandalf, not gandolf:
“I wish it had not happened in my time,
and so do all that live to see such times.
But that is not for them to DECIDE,
all we have to DECIDE is what to do with the time given us.”

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We stand, together

Or we fall, apart



I realize the need for Unions - but I also look at the schism between the structure of heavy industry and where we are today and if ever there were a prime time to shift to worker owned industries, this MUST be it.

Look at what could happen with a shift from mining to recycling for the metal and other materials; to have small specialized ‘component’ manufacturing that shares standards that can inter-fit.

The late empire model has been stifling innovation for decades in order to ‘capture market share’.

  • set up public banks
  • observe the needs locally and regionally
  • utilize existing co-op structures and input
  • support master/apprentice NOT master/slave
  • add other insights.
  • start somewhere, but START!


Class War In America, by Charles M. Kelly (2000): https://books.google.com/books/about/Class_War_in_America.html?id=UF3r-dIWeUcC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false



Today’s billionaires’ goal is to realize 19th century robber baron Jay Gould’s claim that “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”. They are simply applying a modified strategy to achieve Gould’s goal.



Hear! Hear!
And let’s return progressive, redistributive taxation on them. In my modest opinion, climate change and wealth inequality are the two most pressing issues facing American democracy.



Divide-and-Conquer has been the GOP’s strategy since the Nixon era, and it’s worked well for them since they wouldn’t have won a single election on the issues. They throw their wedge/dog whistle issues out to the low-information voters, many of whom obviously harbor racists ideals due to their low education, and are able to capture just enough votes to stay in business. While the DNC hasn’t gone so low yet, they are starting to circle the wagons against the Progressive Agenda so many of us want. Educating the voters is the key as a majority of Americans would receive tangible benefits from progressive ideals placed into government policies.



“In April of 2016, the SPLC documented Breitbart’s embrace of extremist ideas and racist tropes such as black-on-white crime and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. Further analyses showed how under executive chair Stephen Bannon, Breitbart’s comment section became a safe space for anti-Semitic language.”

There is anti-Semitic language on both the right and left forums. I have been accused of it. I am probably guilty of it. When the largest donors to BOTH SIDES are folks like Sheldon Adelson and Chaim Saban whose stated single issue focus is Israel while the US economy is failing most Americans, wealthy Jews become an easy target. When homelessness, poverty and despair are on the rise and Israel becomes a “racist and belligerant state” while an objective, dispassionate observer must conclude that Jewish power, AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby have never been more powerful in America, the temptaion to say the wrong things is strong.

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FDR’s New Deal kept the billionaire class under as much control as they ever have been subjected to in human history. That is why the 1% spared no expense to dismantle the New Deal during the past half century.

Until we restore all New Deal financial regulations and add a few more to address the 21st century financial landscape, the billionaires will become ever more successful at dividing the 99%, including contrived racism and faux religious persecution accusations.



What a piece of crap Gould was. Why would anyone treat a worker that way? Also, if everyone is dead- then what? Sounds like a silver spooned idiot with no character or brain. Humane education is the way- otherwise we have sociopathy.

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Yup, the fetus cult worships the GOP



I guess you could call this a time out, or you could salute,
our Hawaiian Island neighbor State planting a lot of trees.
(behind a disco beat)


INSPIRING ideas that it would be good to see more fleshed out. Perhaps, o could write an article for Common Dreams doing that! We sure NEED alternatives to Corporations deciding every damn thing for “the economy” & our communities.



Besides lacking compassion & DON’T support the most basic SMALL-d democratic values, the Billionaires/1%'s decades long goal to DISMANTLE THE NEW DEAL is AGAINST their basic self-interest: that is, the NEW DEAL SAVED CAPITALISM From ITS WORST IMPULSES. Curbing many of the negative impacts on working people, during the Great Depression and for a time in the decades after SAVED CAPITALISM from people reaching for an ALTERNATIVE. But, since (later Supreme COurt jusstice) corproate lawyer LOUIS POWELL’s Memo on a gameplan for corproations and the super rich to reassert themselves & “take back:” what they see as a “Divine Right of Kings” control of our country. It should be clear now, nothing short of radical change can save us from the destructive impulse of the 1%.



Yes, the divine right of kings thinks Dump ( himself at the top included) was appointed by g-o-d. Yep, a moron who cheats on his wives, taxes, has been sued by the department of justice and the State of NY ( and lost) has been bankrupt at least six times, refuses to show his taxes and even his high school transcript, degrades women, minorities, any working “class” person, anyone with a disability, plus what does the Mueller report REALLY show? Yep, he is divine to the fetus fetishers and the one person thief bankers.



I meant one per cent bankers.