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How Blocking the Saudi Arms Deal Could Help Stop Lame Duck TPP


How Blocking the Saudi Arms Deal Could Help Stop Lame Duck TPP

Robert Naiman

In this strategy memo on why progressive Democrats and Empire-skeptic Republicans should do what they reasonably can to assist efforts to block the recently proposed Saudi arms deal, I will cover four points.

1. What's going on
2. Why this is a winnable fight
3. Why blocking/trying to block the Saudi arms deal is in the broad interests of humanity
4. How blocking the Saudi arms deal could help block lame duck TPP

What's going on:


The United States of Armaments needs to fix its roads, period.


That's a salient point, for essentially what is Obama's policy will be Hillary in overdrive should she get elected. As things presently stand, however, Barry will try to get as much of the dirty work done BEFORE Hillary can be elected, thus relieving her of the onus of trying to triangulate policy to pull it off anyway.
Folks can try to get Hillary to make noises about admonishing Barry to hold back, but that too, raises your same question about what good will that do?
So long as Hillary is the presumptive president elect there is little the general public can do about stopping TPP---either before or after the election, Saudi arms deals---either before or after the election, more US military global adventurism---either before or after the election.

Agreed with you, Jill Stein 2016 - Because Hillary


Seeing how voting out incumbents in November will not alter their lame duck TPP strategy since they can get $1 to $2 million K Street lobbying jobs if they get voted out, urging them to vote against the Saudi Arms Deal may be one of the few options left.


All US weapons sold to Saudi Arabia will end up in Wahhabi terrorists.
15 of 19 WTC 9/11 hijackers are Saudi Citizen. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Nusra are Wahhabi terrorists