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How Breaking Government Hurts Children


How Breaking Government Hurts Children

Jeff Bryant

After years of electing people who declare, “Government is the problem” and who avow to “drown it in a bathtub,” the results are apparent that, yeah, government might not work so well when you have people who hate it in charge.

New reports reveal that years of hating government are taking their toll on the nation’s infrastructure, in particular, those government services, such as safe drinking water and public schools, which are essential to children.

Look Who Broke Flint


No mention of Bernie in this? Seriously? You think Hillary is the only one who supports adequate funding of our nation’s failing schools? Bernie has been very clear that we must adequately fund schools if we want our children to be well-educated.


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Bernie also wants to adequately fund schools, Mr. Bryant, and he’d do it with a lot more green infrastructure.

Meanwhile, HRC would be off drone bombing other people’s children and giving Wall St. all those children’s parents’ money.



Not only that, Hillary’s other policies actively hurt children.