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How Budget Austerity Puts Public School Parents On Par With Criminals

How Budget Austerity Puts Public School Parents On Par With Criminals

Jeff Bryant

In researching an upcoming article I’m writing about the St. Louis school system, and the district’s ongoing funding crisis, I came across an astonishing example of who wins and who loses in current approaches to government budget balancing.


When Saint Ron was first elected POTUS in 1980 I determined it was an aberration. When he was re-elected in 1984 I determined that Murka was no longer a fit place to raise kids. The steady quality of life decline we have witnessed since Ron’s “revolution” has now reached the point that Murka is unfit for human habitation.

Murkin schools had been so shortchanged by the end of the century that Murka had to start granting more visas to foreigners whose nations had not shortchanged the schools. Trump’s visa restrictions have already resulted in any company whose business model accomodates moving operations to Canada and other nations to hire educated workers to do so, turning the shortchanging of schools into the shortchanging of family wage jobs in Murka.


Compare this article to the Jacklyn Stovall article, currently just above it.

Any keen financial planner will compare each asset to the liability represented by the cost to maintain it. As soon as you categorize people as assets and liabilities in terms of revenue they generate compared to services they consume, you’ve gone further than calling people “wasteful spending” (cheaper to get rid of than to maintain), you’ve asserted that certain people are worth LESS THAN ZERO.

Ask yourself–if there is such thing as worthless people, what is the point of all that wonderful money you’re making?

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It is very telling when a society seems quite willing to support endless, and largely unsuccessful, military adventures all over the world, and yet is so unwilling to invest in its most important resource, its next generation. We live in a society today that has its priorities so backwards that it becomes to seem unreal. Good is bad. Up is down. In is out. Dark is light. Our people love war more than peace.
They hate and fear everyone outside of the group that they identify with. Many believe superstition more than science, are suspicious of learning, but admire ignorance. I could go on an on with this.

Suffice it to say, the responsibilities to society, the obligations of citizenship, and the costs of a decent civilization, for too many of us, are something to be avoided, through any means necessary

One more point, and this applies to many other states and cities as well: Those who can’t see the Racism
inherent in the woeful treatment of the St. Louis schools as the biggest factor, do not really understand America, or its history. We have a new Jim Crow. We have a new “Gilded Age”. We have an Oligarchy of the 1%, backed politically by most of the 19% just below them. The stocks of the MIC, the Private Prison Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Insurance Industry, and the Financial Services Industry, the For-profit “Education” Industry, among others, are not only held by
the 1%.

This country is in the middle of a class war, for sure, and the top 20% are winning!


And I thought my public education was a bit short on substance and rigor. (I admit I was lazy and didn’t have to work hard to graduate high school). It seems these days that quite a few public school systems, and especially those in poor urban environments, are losing funds and supports to guarantee a modicum of decent education. Seems that a certain group of administrators want to reduce children to just numbers that drain resources better spent on…well what exactly? More tax breaks for the wealthy? This country has it’s priorities reversed in an inverse totalitarian system that only favors the top 15% with the best perks reserved for the .01%. The top tiers of the middle class are basically held for ransom by their employment masters to not make waves or else. The rest of the hard working fine folks struggle to make ends meet. Until the is a paradigm shift in policies the lower tiers will continue to languish and struggle just to live. Rebel against the “system”.




And revulsive 'rithmetic

“steady quality of life decline” - WTF?

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I should have been more specific: “steady quality of life decline” FOR THE WORKING CLASS…the elite continue to see their quality of life improve.

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Betsy Delouse destroying public education one act at a time and profiting handsomely from restructuring student loans.
The slimebag administration is being protected and surrounded by private mercenaries , Erik Princess and his ilk.

As I understand the plan Roddy presents, 1) the developers get tax breaks right away, 2) the city pays the developers immediately and benefits from delayed revenue windfall in maybe ten years, and 3) society benefits from a well-educated workforce, um, never? There is a windfall that comes from well-educated children, caring policemen and good public transport.
Working people need to be inside the city if that is where the jobs are. Suburban living is very difficult for the poor, who need a good bus system.

I lived in St. Louis County with two kids in public schools between 1988 and 1993. I felt the quality then was good, and I am rather picky. The city had been mandated to provide a magnet school system involving all of St. Louis County to compensate for their unwillingness to integrate. We lived near work, and our two little boys commuted into the city for the excellent programs that were offered. Fees were optional for those who couldn’t pay.

??? Decline?

Everyone’s quality of life has improved greatly in the last ~30 years. To suggest differently is ridiculous.

Evidence based statistics and 60-70 million Murkins voting for candidates bantering slogans like “hope and change”, and “make America great again” are 180 degrees from “everyone’s quality of life has improved greatly in the last 30 years”.

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Politicians have used catchy slogans for centuries. The fact that I am typing this response on a device no bigger than my hand proves my point about quality of life.