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How Can Sanders Win It All? It's The Passion, Stupid


How Can Sanders Win It All? It's The Passion, Stupid

John Atcheson

For the past several months, pundits, the corporate media, and the Democratic Establishment have been pushing the idea that Hillary Clinton has all but sewn up the nomination. The closer Sanders makes the race, the harder they push this misguided shibboleth.

But ask any good pollster and he or she will tell you that when it comes to forecasting, the trend in polling data is at least as important as the absolute numbers.

Let’s Look at the Trends



The short answer: because Bernie is not their chosen one!


Mr. Atcheson is correct about the MONEY factor while the "confirmation bias" is a lesser contributing factor. The nature of business within the USA, today, is almost without exception, exceptionally top-down heavy. Orders "from above" work like marching orders and anyone who wishes to keep their place in the race had better keep up.

That's why so many journalists sound like parrots. And as Robert Parry has often pointed out, regardless of the media brand name, essentially, all repeat the same memes and Talking Points.

This, on the other hand, cannot BE mentioned often enough. Intelligent minds extract from this study the realization that any analysis that purports to speak for WE, The American People, when it furthers the interests of the 1%, Establishment Powers, or the MIC... is based completely upon deception and the wish to tame people by covertly pushing them to identify with the status quo:

"And of course, as Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page pointed out in their landmark study on the influence of money and special interests in politics, corporations and the ultra-rich would risk losing what amounts to nearly complete control of the policies this country chooses if a candidate like Sanders won. As Gilens and Page point out:

"When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy."

When YOU have ZERO impact on policy making, and YOU are one of the millions also left out, how then can it be that some collective WE can be tagged with responsibility for what Special Interests & Dark Powers engineered?

P.S. Passionate analysis, Mr. Atcheson!


I know most here on CD are familiar with the likes of Chris Hayes and James Carville, but listen to the cluelessness of these two, one a pundit, the other a so called Operative. Listen to the banal remarks of "It's the economy, stupid" Carville. It's all lies, says Mr. Carville, and Senator Sanders is piling on. Unbelievable:


No doubt HRC is a loser. The HRC supporters must understand that Sanders supporters shifting to Hillary would have contributed $27 for MIC. Wall Street, Big Pharm? Not going to happen. Like Corbin in the UK this is the take over of the democratic party and if they are given a war monger they will not fall in.

If HRC want a Democrat to win the WH they need to understand it is Bernie or bust because regardless of what Bernie says (to support HRC if he loses) - they are not voting for HRC.

The media needs laws that govern it and there is only one that need be passed. the word "NEWS" means something to most people. It means a factual unbiased presentation of facts with no editorial bias.

There should be a watchdog which in the current system could tell CNN, Fox etc, that they don't really have news shows. They are free to have Propaganda at 6 and 11 or Opinions at 6 & 11, but if they dare to call it news they will be fined and if they continue to call those shows news they will lose broadcasting licences.

This is about consumer protection which should trump so-called freedom of the press.


I have been watching a lot of cable news on the primaries lately and I do not get the feeling that they are calling the Democratic race over. Actually, I think the opposite is true, they are hyping it, probably to attract more viewers. It is in their self-interest to make the race exciting. It is hard to believe that people who actually watch cable news can come to the conclusion that they are portraying the race as essentially being over. Of course the Republicans are getting more attention as their race is bizarre and appears to heading to a brokered convention. The media seems to expect Sanders to win Wisconsin and thinks he has a good chance to win New York. If that happens certainly the race is far from over.


HisStory wrote: "I know most here on CD are familiar with the likes of Chris Hayes and James Carville, but listen to the cluelessness of these two, one a pundit, the other a so called Operative. Listen to the banal remarks of "It's the economy, stupid" Carville. It's all lies, says Mr. Carville, and Senator Sanders is piling on. Unbelievable."

Thank you.

Carville is incapable of tact or subtlety and so in his rant he tells what the establishment really thinks, including Clinton herself. They are pissed off at the grassroots for not coronating their entitled queen. They don't like the people they want to fall in line and support them.

You also are right about the lies. Their narrative has duped several friends of mine who don't bother examining our critiques from the left of Clinton, but accuse us of being deluded by rightwing smears.

That's absurd, of course, for no rightwing smear ever calls her out for being for war, for being for Wall Street, for being for Israel, for being for fracking and pipelines, for being for rightwing coups in Central America, or for lying that single payer or free college tuition or $15 minimum wage are impossible and wouldn't work.

But Carville yacks his lies and insipid Hayes nods along.


Fact is all six mega war profiteer media are donating to HRC because the are all desirous of a neocon war hawk running against one another to keep plundering we the peoples wealth the usual method phony patriotoism with wars all based on biggest lie ever.Arabs with boxcutters capable hijacking get this four separate aircraft all in under an hour please tell me USA is that ignorant but it gets far worse.Samke day on PBS station Larry Silverstein stated for me and any all no reporters at all heard a word that he met with a fire official.Together he added they decided to pull his words not mine the building.Pull a term used in controlled demolition.The building building seven a 47 story steel and concrete reinforced high rise.It was not struck by a plane nor was theri any jet fuel.Even as anyone aware jet fuel incapable heating steal beams wrapped in asbestois enought to collapse a structure but they claim it did a lie you idiots with propaganda reighned down by corrupted media in on the abetting portion of mass yes murder most foul.


"Consider the 2014 mid-terms – the most disastrous election for the Democratic Party in modern history. "
Don't you mean 2010? Check out the Samantha Bee episode on this- excellent and frightening but true!!!


A couple added notes BBC England announced collapse of building seven twenty three minutes before it actually happened.NIST national Institute for standards and technologies stated up front get this they did not look for explosive residue who and why would they assigned to discover reason three yes three high rises completely demolished by two air planes and explan damage Marriot hotel and also building six etc.


It's dystresing wen proggressivs make speling and tiping misteaks that make em look dum. Editor/s, puhlease proofrock--er, proofread this artikal.

And puhlease, if your not only gonna say your quotin somethin but puttin it in quotes, donut parafrase it. Quote it.

"To quote Yeats’ The Second Coming, "The best lacked all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity…" "


"would risk losing what amounts to nearly complete control of the policies this country chooses if a candidate like Sanders won. "

No, that risk is only remotely real if the presidency, at least 321 seats in the US Congress, at least 5 seats on the US Supreme Court, and tens of thousands of seats in state legislatures and governor's mansions, city councils and boards of education are won by candidates like Sanders, McKinney, Kucinich, Kaptur, Feingold and others mostly even more to the left.


It was called the fairness doctrine. There was also an equal time rule.




Next to impossible to comment or find the contact us deallybobber at msnbc.
I wanted to blast them a new one...
What a clueless boob Caraville is. Embarrassing to watch. Ugh.


I'm right there with Beija Flor. James Carville is a sleazebag. Of course he's going to be an HRC shill...what's the point of even asking that windbag a question. Even hearing his voice gives me the creeps.


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It wasn't on NPR although Hillary got a nice long segment again. This cabal that has taken over NPR election coverage is serving as a Hillary campaign ad. It should be acted on by the ombudsman because they doing it so openly. They forget it is Public Radio and not commercial radio. They have resorted to overtly unethical bias towards one candidate and it is beyond shameful since they are using public money to be partisan.




Carville and his wife make a very good pair for Halloween night....He looks like a skeleton and she looks like a vampire....they should go back to the basement where they belong and stay there untll next Hallow's eve...if even then really. Hopefully Slick Hillary and the former fat guy, Bill, will be joining them shortly.