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How Capitalism Kills... And May Be Getting Deadlier


How Capitalism Kills... And May Be Getting Deadlier

Paul Buchheit

In each of the following areas of our lives, capitalism has been a deadly force in the past, and prospects for the future seem even worse with Donald Trump's Cabinet picks.

1. Medications


There's a few non-capitalist countries left. I don't see their borders being stormed by unhappy exploited capitalist workers. come to think of it, it never happened during the good old days of the workers paradises in eastern Europe. Nobody was jumping that wall eastbound.

One thing the prof forgot to mention in this article is the tax on financial transactions. It's been a staple of his rants for awhile now.


If there is anything good about Trump, it is that he will make all of this unmistakably obvious. The backlash will be in a socialist/populist direction.


It's interesting how many of you right-wingers ignore one of the first phrases in the Constitution: "promote the general Welfare." We now have, "promote the Wealthy and the Corporate World." It's also simply pathetic that your argument is a choice between welfare for the wealthy and former Soviet state communism.


I surely hope you're right, but I worry that the republicans will do things to keep the economy slowly doing better, while they push the horrors into the future such as privatizing SS and Medicare for younger people with a gorgeous PR campaign pushing this joyous new and improved product. The truly obvious horrors of climate change will not occur for many years. Few are more devious than the average republican.


For the few things that Marx got wrong, much of what he wrote in his critique of capitalism in Das Kapital is right on target. If we knew our Marx, none of these events would come as a surprise -- they are part and parcel of the inherent inhumanity of capitalism. Unfortunately, the US has long been brainwashed to avoid reading Marx as if he were the anti-Christ.


Yes Paul, the Trump Cabinet is all many expected it to be - and worse.

The examples you cite are infuriating and stand to be destructive to what Republicans (old school) and Democrats (old school) sometimes worked together as American's first to achieve, not hyper-partisan extremists (for the most part) or shills for party, corporate greed and the wealthiest 1% - they worked sometimes honestly to build and pass Medicare, Social Security, Clean Air and Water Acts, other environmental, animal, habitat, national park/wilderness protections, Endangered Species Act, rein-in banker greed via the Glass-Steagall Act, tax the uber wealthy fairly and give just a little to the average guy, gal, and family - that is no more, and the destruction of much that was built, sometimes for the Common Good, will be destroyed under the money/power "deal" oriented rule & ego-driven pathology of Trump & Co.

The failure of Democrats to actually be an "opposition party" even to small degree ended with Bill Clinton's "triangulation politics", the DLC and his rescission of Glass-Steagall - "its the economy stupid" actually meant "its the wealthy, corporate profits and greater banker/Wall St usury stupid" - the 99%, wage and interest slaves to big-money. Obama continued that model of servitude, elected with great hope & support only to immediately betray the hopes of millions and Democratic legacy (what was left) in numerous ways - two massive mid-term electoral losses with zero reforms - the icing on the cake the destruction of Bernie Sanders message, nomination of the despised HRC, and more of the same Dem corruption and self-interest....and here we are - Trump in the WH and still zero real Dem Party reforms - Nancy Pelosi a telling example!

Reform totally or continue to become totally irrelevant and toothless!


So true...and don't forget Chuck Schumer, et al.!
Great article...thanks for putting this all together!


In the US life expectancy for the working class and poor advanced during the New Deal years (1935-1985) at a greater rate than any other period of US history. Since Saint Ronny's Revolution and the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) more than three decades ago, life expectancy for the US working class and poor first leveled off and started dropping with the advent of the 21st century to the extent that it is now in the same downward spiral as wages for working class Murkins.


Yes, Trump is a far right Republican in spades, and will almost certainly be a bad president for all except his fat cat cronies.

Judging by his cabinet picks, he clearly signals that he intends to screw the working class royally.

Hillary also intended to screw the working class royally, but in a much more subtle and sneaky manner.


port, you're quite the mind reader. I see your speculative equivalence as totally false.


Thank you. Reminded me of this quote:

"Capitalism for me and for many of us at this present moment is an evil.
lt's contrary to all that's good.
lt's contrary to the common good.
lt's contrary to compassion.
lt's contrary to all of the major religions.
Capitalism is precisely what the holy books, our holy books in particular, remind us is unjust and in some form and fashion, God will come down and eradicate somehow."
-----Father Dick Preston, Flint Michigan. Capitalism: A Love Story


Didn't Wall street fatten her coffers more than Trump's?


So what? They wanted a sane capitalist to lead us.


Monkes, you're quite the mind reader too. I see your speculative psychoanalysis as totally false. She had proven sociopaths on her team.


Well, see, that's precisely the problem -- capitalism -- sane or otherwise. From an economic perspective, the equivalence is quite spot on.


There is a subtle distinction between being effed and being screwed, it's really hard to distinguish which one feels better.


21st, capitalism is what we have. It's not going away any time soon. If you've read Zinn's Peoples History then you know that capitalism is now far less harsh and horrible here in the US as compared to a century ago. We need to constantly fight for improvements. With democrats, there's always a reasonable chance for at least minor improvements. With republicans, one can pretty much count on things gong backwards.


Reasonable improvements on social issues to a limited degree, but not economic ones, in which those social issues are ultimately rooted -- which the Dem leadership would prefer not to address. For the Dems to say "at least we're not as bad as the Republicans" while continuing to coddle the ruling class simply isn't going to cut it anymore, as this year's election should serve as a clue to the Dems.


Republicans: "Brace yourself!"

Democrats: "Here, use this KY first..."