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How Chicago Cops Protect and Serve


How Chicago Cops Protect and Serve

So, this. A judge finally released this photo of two Chicago cops posing with their hunting trophy - a black guy on the floor with antlers on his head - after police spent years trying to hide it, they said, to protect the privacy of the guy. LOL. Both cops, who worked with an elite unit, were fired. One's in prison for egregious thuggery; the other wants his job back despite behavior deemed to "shock the conscience.” Except not: Too often, this is "justice" in America.


Cops do as they’re told…the idea that they are original thinkers is not borne out by their profession as enforcers. We need to look up the chain of command and install leadership that makes it plain this isn’t acceptable policing. Rohm Emanuel doesn’t send this message, unfortunately.


The terrible reality is that this type of behavior is prevalent throughout the society…Racism is far from gone it as only been covered over with political correctness.
I work with people that often times make me cringe with their raciest comments, which are uttered without any thought of it… From they point of view I guess, hate is a terrible thing to waste.

So, call a person a nigger or a towel head,or any other derogatory term they limited vocabulary can come with, laugh about it and pat themselves on the for back having been so hateful.

“The true measure of intelligence is the amount of compassion one as for their fellow man”- Buddha

I think that petty much sums it up.


What will it take to stop police brutality? A start would be to regulate all police departments nation wide like we do the military. Also we must break all police union contracts and abolish the police unions.


I thought they were the same thing


Great idea, there is no torture, murder, or rape in the U.S. Military, is there? They’d make a great role model for our Brownshirts dressed in Blue.

  • Sheesh!


What is your solution to end police brutality. I get sick of stupid comments. We need solution.


You blame humanity for being brainwashed by psy ops civilian moral and consumption management experts. Most people are not prepared to resist expert brainwashing, look what Hitler and Stalin did to their countries with relatively simple brainwashing techniques compared to what the US brainwashing experts have devised since then.


Mr dawantez,

minitrue’s comment is not “stupid”. Apparently, you’ve never heard of Abu Ghraib. The military is very likely where this despicable, inhuman torture behavior came from, since many police officers in the US were former soldiers in Iraq.

Why don’t you educate yourself here:


You might want to mention this great regulation of the military to all those serving women who’ve suffered the humiliation and trauma of sexual abuse - all thousands of them.