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How Cities Can Protect People Threatened By Trumpism


How Cities Can Protect People Threatened By Trumpism

Arun Gupta

The disbelief, shock, and anguish that Donald Trump is now president-elect is giving way to waves of protests. Tens of thousands are hitting the streets in cities large and small, blocking roads, and rejecting Trump’s blatant racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia.


In the 20s the powers that be celebrated and we see the rise of a game: Monopoly.

In 2016 interactive societal joy in learning and strategy has grown a pair - of legs that is- and the delight in the cooperative models no longer whines for a seat at the table of the monopoly 'board' game (double and triple entendres there, no?).

"They try to kill us, but they don't realize we are seeds".

Quote from the Guarani-Kaiowa of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, as they continue the 100 year struggle to make the Brazilian government stand with history, science, the Constitution of 1988 - and return their lands stolen by agribusiness monoculture that is documented as fomenting genocide of these forest protectors who want to restore the land before the desertification by agribusiness is complete.


"Activists and organizations can start demanding in every city that city councils and mayors issue resolutions and statements saying": And when they fail to do the will of the people hit them at their economic center. Total, rolling, non cooperation-- no rent is payed, no bills (can place the money in escrow), withdraw your cash, coordinate with activists outside city limits to bring in caravans of food and other necessities, don't use transportation other than bikes or your feet, occupy your apartment and buildings, sit-ins, street marches fill the jails and place a monkey wrench in the machine. Solidarity!


I'm so glad i read this article. It's given me a bit of peace and rest from a lot of anxiety since the election result.




Hey, what the fuck you talking about bro? You want to go?


No but seriously what are you talking about? robot voice:error error, does not compute. G.W. Bush:the words that are coming out of your mouth...he-eh...the-they just don't make any sense.

I think the distinction is the roads are being blocked by people not concrete slabs and a man with an assault rifle. (this guy can't wait for the Nazi checkpoints to start popping up). Sgt. Schultz:Nothing I see Nothing