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How Citizens United Continues to Transform Money in Politics


How Citizens United Continues to Transform Money in Politics

Sue Sturgis

As of last month, number of years since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, which lifted limits on money in politics and led to an explosion in the number of outside spending groups that are supposed to operate independently of campaigns and parties and aren't subject to rigorous disclosure rules: 8


Exactly so! Big-money has subverted our electoral processes (even more) to the point of criminality! Equating wealth with “free speech” is an obvious corruption, to me at least, that has driven politicians and parties, candidates and Congress, debate and legislation, into the corrupting arms of those who control vast wealth, and AWAY from the people!

The “Citizens United” decision was the pre-meditated vehicle that accelerated the demise of our free republic to “bring the many under the domination of the few!”! Citizens united is a euphemism for domination Of, By and FOR great wealth and its power, NOT “citizens” or “unity”!

If money equals free speech, those who control vast wealth are more equal than others - those that do not control wealth, and to accept that BS “free-speech” argument is complicity. Unequal wealth distribution equals unequal representation!

When wealth can drive the dialogue, fund groups and candidates, buy adverts/manipulate media and legislation (like the trump “tax-cuts”), it forces the American people to divert billions every election to counter that unequal manipulation - that was the clear intent (and outcome) of CU, to deliver our democratic processes and outcomes to wealth and the relative few who accumulate it to obscene degree to spend on favorable candidates and legislation to benefit themselves!

How is that not a crime of vast proportions!?


It is “so” true that Wealthy Campaign Donors and Money in Politics are the underlying causes of Corruption in Government, however, let us all remain laser focused on system that is the recipient and has been the enabler of all of the corruption for all of our lives:

The Parties Of The Duopoly.

Democrats and Republicans.

These two parties are the enablers, the generators of all the Violence all over the Globe through their support of the Military Industrial Complex, they together pit us all against each other so that one or the other party rules and makes themselves rich off the backs of us, the “unwitting accomplises” to their fraudulent representation of us.

When will a voice from outside make us “all” realize how we have been used to destroy our Democracy?


I believe the influence of money in our political system is clearly the number one issue that needs to be resolved.
When poling shows repeatedly that a majority of citizens of this country favor things like universal health care and “free” (taxpayer funded) college education, yet elected officials “can’t” / won’t deliver, it is obvious who they really represent, and it is NOT the will of We the People.
Until this system of BRIBERY is eliminated, no meaningful progress will be made.
How do we accomplish this?
Do we have to bribe politicians to stop accepting bribes?!


If money is the root of all evil, those with most money are the most evil.

Are Steyer and Musk anomalies?

Direct Democracy


One of the most egregious offenses against the common folk that has ever been formulated. Even though it was a Supreme Court clerk’s error it became the basis of law. Until this putrid law is dismantled by the common people this country is screwed. Don’t expect your elected politicians to do any meaningful challenging. This is a crime against the “commons” and the people.


Disagree only in the fact that the naming of corporations as person was not an error. Yes the clerk called a corporation a person But he was writing the report of the case for a justice who had to approve what the clerk wrote. I read that the clerk as about that term and the justice stated that he supposed it was alright.

Of course, the constitution set up the courts to be the final word in our legal system and all the courts are over seen by the rich over lords. The court was meant to be the last protection of the wealthy against the insane rages of the mob.

The courts, however, must move their will only in a new case or one based on precedent. There is not any mention in the constitution of “corporation” and no case before the Santa Clara case that mentioned corporations as persons. SCOTUS can not make law. It is judicial not legislative, which is the branch that can write law.

I suspect corporate person hood is legally void, null or empty. The question is how without suing the government can we change this. I suggest breaking the law in such a way that the issue of the existence of corporation as person is dragged into the light of law and put to sleep and never awaken.