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How ‘Citizens United’ Decision Paved Way for Giuliani's Clients Parnas and Fruman to Buy influence in America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/11/how-citizens-united-decision-paved-way-giulianis-clients-parnas-and-fruman-buy

One dollar/one vote is no way to run a democracy, but sadly, as grounds to impeach Roberts, it seems too slender a reed.

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Precisely why Bernie’s small donor fundraising formula draws me to him.

If you want a president to put corporate balls in vises, he’s your only choice.


ANYone with the mental abilities of a 5 year old and who wasn’t lying (either to themselves or everyone else) could see that CU was a Fascist scam to allow anyone with the money (both foreign and domestic) to buy our Government Cheap. Only the Republicans (in both Parties) lie like that


Can’t believe they are criminals. They look like Boy Scouts…not!

A Supremely F’d Up Betrayal.

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I’m surprised Juan Cole would be so ignorant as to say that the doctrine of corporate personhood began with Citizens United. In reality, this power grab by SCOTUS dates back at least to its 1886 decision in Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, which is when corporations gained 14th amendment rights (as if corporations had ever been slaves!). He also seems to be unaware of the most recent shenanigans along these lines; see https://medium.com/@tfhavel_26671/a-tale-of-two-proposed-amendments-to-the-united-states-constitution-31ec7b0d1f1b


Great Saturday morning read. Thank you for the link. Especially the link in the link to the Intercept that shows the DCCC internal document on the “Points Program” requiring DCCC members to raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for that Dim Criminal Coercion Corporation.

Thanks for that perspective. Yes, CU is the most recent and perhaps most egregious of the decisions, but it is not the first step in the process towards fascism.

Such a transparent ploy to destroy our democracy. SC John Roberts and Moscow Mitch should be tried for treason and buried under the “Jail”. We need to keep the pressure on until he resigns. Mitch needs to be defeated. Come on Kentucky, redeem yourselves.


Forget impeachment. That is still part of the corrupt, rotten system.

What is needed are global Nuremberg-style tribunals, with charters drafted by sortition, aimed at punishing and eliminating psychopathic elements of global corporate-fascist governance. The People must be in charge, not governments. Stipulate that predation on humanity, labor, and Earth’s biotic systems are crimes. Then work backwards to identify every person who has engaged in predatory behavior on a large scale. Arrest those persons and put them before tribunals. Give them fair trials, and, if they are found guilty, sentence them to appropriate prison terms. Then proceed to reestablish global democracies through sortition.

Can we please fix the numerous typos? I was going to share this but it is frankly embarrassing.

giuliani not very bright at all.
On TV, emptying his vault of recollections that actually disrupt, mis-inform, cloud the truth.
The two former russians, now american citizens who donated money to trumps campaign are dumber !!
They should have paid Mr. G9/11 the loot as legal fee and would have gained just as much influence in Ukraine and DC.
Giuliani is too damaged now to be prez attorney.
the bengazzi guy from south carolina is next up at bat.
expect another strike out and the side is retired.
Cohen, G, South Carolina all back to class D

Both corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood”) and money as speech originated long before the Citizens United decision, as ThisOldMan stated. It’s critical to understand this, otherwise it will be assumed that the solution is simply to reverse Citizens United to solve the problem. What’s actually essential is to abolish all forms of corporate personhood, as described at https://movetoamend.org/toolkit/corporate-hijacking-us-constitution, with the solution being Move to Amend’s We the People Amendment - movetoamend(dot)org/amendment