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How Clinton and US Government Benefit When New York Times Attacks WikiLeaks


How Clinton and US Government Benefit When New York Times Attacks WikiLeaks

Kevin Gosztola

Without any evidence whatsoever, the New York Times published a “special report” tying the operations of WikiLeaks to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Times reporters strongly suggested, “whether by conviction, convenience, or coincidence,” WikiLeaks’ document releases, along with statements by its editor-in-chief Julian Assange, have “often benefited Russia at the expense of the West.”


Connect the dots.

Jonathan Marshall's article on CD yesterday lays out the military industrial complex's efforts to resurrect the cold war with Russia. The NYT and Clinton are key enablers of the renewed cold war and the NYT's mission is to 1) get Murkins afraid of Russia, 2) make sure that fear distracts voters from issues of consequence during the next two months, and 3) get Clinton in to the White House, and 4) keep Assange holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.


Main-stream media is a giant propaganda machine. That the NYT is included in that is no surprise at all. It has been decades since MSM has challenged the positions of the PTB.


Oh how the Times have changed, remember:

No good times, no bad times,
There's no times at all,
Just The New York Times,
Sitting on the windowsill
Near the flowers

Simon and Garfunkel, Overs.


George Lakoff has published fascinating books on how word frames operate. When something is stated--even as a negative (or using the pretext "if"), it still ends up imprinted on peoples' minds.

So this kind of statement is reminiscent of the town gossip saying something like: "I am not saying that Mrs. Jones is having an affair with Stanley Miller."

Indeed. She is saying that. And the psychological implications work the same way with this type of half-assed denial:

"If that is the case, the reporters have no story. Assange and WikiLeaks are probably not conducting operations to serve the interests of Russia."

The term "probably" keeps the matter suspended... as if still under consideration, or possibly true.

There is no question that the Times acted as the Pentagon's Propaganda press in the urge to launch already planned wars.

In this era of Total Information Awareness, and in light of the gargantuan funds allotted for Homeland Security and all MIC forces... there is plenty of money to funnel into journalists' bank accounts and Hollywood's production budgets.

I was living in the Florida Keys when "True Lies" was filmed there. Notice that it featured Arab terrorists and this was WELL in advance of 911. It's probable that the film industry was rewarded for planting the Necessary Enemy into the collective consciousness well in advance of the fulfillment of The Project for a New American Century's Middle East plans (in the form of destroying 6 sovereign nations, 5 of which are already destroyed).

The constant demonizing of Putin, the lie repeated often about "Russian aggression" in Ukraine, the ridiculous implications of Snowden being in Russia for some pro-Russian purpose, and now these nonsensical allegations aimed at Wikileaks/Mr. Assange are all of the same fabric: They are deliberately attempting to make a case for broader wars where there is none (no honest case, that is).

The real threat to humanity isn't terrorism--it's those who plan wars, profit from weapons, influence the mass media to print THEIR version of events, show ZERO remorse for the lives and lands they've ruined, and are blinded by the blood lust drawn from the ungodly power of Mass Destruction.

Reading this forum daily, I'd say that MOST in leadership roles in the U.S. (and some of the NATO nations) are absolutely DRUNK on this power.

The only thing they can lead the world into is Armageddon... through a third World War and many of these maniacal minds seem to want that. They have underground bunkers waiting... but would leave the rest of us to an agonizing radioactive hell.


Hillary is not the lesser evil today


At this point, if Putin literally intervened in the election to prevent a Clinton presidency, it wouldn't be any more ridiculous than anything else that's happened this election season.


It no coincidence either, that the Attorney representing Mr Assange was murdered or that recently an intruder tried to gain entrance into Ecuador's embassy in London.

Given the NYT can not pin that on Putin, they will not report it.


I remember True Lies well and noticed at the time a rash of movies came out all at once that had the bad guys as "Arab Terrorists".


Yet more Russia to judgment


Our government and other governments will not rest until they get rid of Wikileaks....They will pull strings here and there in secrete and set the stage for its fall.....The USA cant function with places like wiki where whistle blowers can give them stuff and then they make it public...It is to embarrassing for our corrupted officials...They will try to undermine or create stories to discredit them.....But dont take your eye off the ball and see the real reason for anything negative said about wiki.....Dont believe governments or corrupted conservative rags like NYT.....Wiki is our champion from government tyranny.....we must find out what governments do in private to undermine our democracy...Three cheers for wiki..hip hip...


With Clinton approaching the occupation of the White House the media black out of anything resembling real news will increase. We all got a good look at the way they operate when Bernie was running in the primary.
Disinformation will increase and casting blame will continue against anything that threatens the Red Queen.
WikiLeaks and Russia are two the establishment love's to hate. I just read a similar article on Huff Post a site that pushes stories like the Times puts out.
Guess we all should be getting ready for the confrontation with Russia that seems inevitable with all the accusations flying around.


It is pitiful to see the coup-mongers and warmongers cry foul about someone interfering with the U.S. election. It is hypocrisy at its ripest.

In this case, the only people providing the smoke is the Clinton establishment folks.

As we know from the Iraq debacle, we should NEVER take at face value anything the NYTimes or any establishment entity says.

Just another reason to vote Jill Stein. We don't have time for this crap.


The media dump yesterday on Clinton's "I don't recall" is disgusting. Meanwhile, college football began!


Coincidentally, Steve Van Zandt related how Paul Simon, during the peak anti-apartheid movement, referred to Kissinger as a friend who assured him that by golly that Mandela fella is a terrorist, alrightly.