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How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?


How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?

Katie Halper

A recent CNN poll shows that among potential Democratic candidates in Iowa caucuses Senator Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating from people of color.


I think that the old Rainbow Coalition has morphed into Bernie Bros, because people are still looking for equality and Bernie was the only one speaking up for the People. along with Jill Stein Some of us Berne Bros, actually wear bras,------so no bro man here. I don’t understand why so many in government want to make so many in America into poor people.

Its like Charles Dickens novels are great to read, but I wouldn’t want to live there. And , you can’t have a democracy without a Middle Class---- so a lot of Congress do not appear to care about the People. or about a democratic republic… well good luck in your health sad schemers as many are now gone from Congress and it looks like you are back with the People again----how heartless of you to screw over what is now your own healthcare. Sometimes I think karma really is a thing! : )


There are no BERNIE BROS! That lie was conceptualized and propagandized by David Brock!
Stop maligning progressives with that term that is seen as a four letter word. It’s disgusting and it is malicious.


“Wow, this message is resonating.” Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs.

Wow, is how I felt reading this commentary! Thorough report, and an excellent piece, Katie Halper!

“We’re gonna talk about the issues,” as Bernie always has, and people are coming together around this charismatic and inspiring leader.


HI ALsongbird–of course there were Berne Bros, but they were men of all ages . The negative fear spreading writers were trying to make Bernie Bro sound like they were the alt right or something. It was annoying to be a woman and have to hear “Bernie Bro” as if they was a bunch alt right - testosterone loons. I’m sorry that you are angry, but I think you misread what I wrote. : )


" Bernie Bros " is now being cast as an invention of Putin’s scheming ( funny that ). Anything to not blame The Clintonistas and the DNC. The NY Times & WaPo are spinning for the Hillary was robbed factions inside the Washington Swamp and NYCity, as well. The News MoldCasters, indeed.
The MSM, especially MSNBC and their corporate dance, " The Wall St. Spin, Shuck & Jump Jive " is the main culprit behind backstabbing The Sandernistas. " Chuck Todd is just odd " and has no business leading a discussion about anything other than Florida political machinations. Let’s hope he stays there after the holidays.
Great article by Halper, btw. Thanks CD.


If you’re on Twitter think about following Katie Halper, too. I hope to more of her work here.


What you get from the New York Times and Mother Jones is pure misinformation and dishonesty.

I wish progressives would join me and boycott these propaganda sources.


One thing that is certain is that the Russian intelligence agencies are extremely pleased with the corporate news networks treatment of Sen. Sanders.


I stopped reading the NYT about 3 years ago. You can always tell when they are going to lie. The article is usually very long as it takes a remarkable amount of space to explain why the obvious isn’t true and some arcane, wandering excuse, is really the right answer. Richsplaining! This pattern get old very quickly and it does a disservice to the community.


And there is Markos, the founder and owner of DailyKos

This is a three level tweet. Read from the bottom. First, Jake Tapper. Then Markos. Then last is Gosztola

I am a Bernie supporter but not a Russia supporter. I don’t know any pro Russia people, but I sure know a lot of people who see that the pro Russia effort has been led by democrats who cannot accept the results of the election or the rise of the new left. Sore losers.

Russia WAS involved in the election and Trump was involved with Russia, but the far, far larger issues were right here at home: voting suppression and fraud, media, and establishment politicians …

the tweets

Kevin Gosztola

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As Democratic Party base becomes more and more influenced by Sanders Democrats, this is how Clinton Democrats cling to some small amount of relevancy.

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What’s tragic is that a real number of Bernie (and Jill Stein) supporters happily let themselves be used by Russia to undermine our democracy


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NYT: "The voter suppression effort was focused particularly on Sanders supporters and African-Americans, urging them to shun Mrs. Clinton in the general election and either vote for Ms. Stein or stay home."


Get ready for the “Liz Bros”. NPR has already started sliming Elizabeth Warren with accusations that since she appeals to ordinary, not-so wealthy people, she must be just like Trump; she questioned NAFTA, so she’s a loonie, and she puts so much focus on the huge wealth inequality in this country and how responsible the 1% is for keeping the rest of us down, she’s a demagogue and doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


I gave up on the NYT years ago.


You are thinking of the Dem establishment there buddy. They are the real winners of all this Bernie smearing.


Were you banned by DK because you weren’t loyal enough to the d-party?


Thanks for the warning, lol.

Richsplaining! They have been doing it for centuries. The best excuse they have come up with so far is the Hereditary Monarchy. “You must serve us, you peasants!”


NPR is looking out for the interests of the 1% and wealthy corporations. Apparently that is their new purpose.


Halper’s a couple years late here, but the piece is nicely done, and some of the message ought to endure.

Because there really still is race and age and gender bigotry here in the US of A, it is reflected at least partly in income and wealth differentials. Therefore, people of minority demographics do tend to embrace politicians who try to correct differences in income and wealth. Given the current field of politicians, that certainly includes Bernie Sanders.

The difficulty here is that Sanders himself backed down to the ruling coalition and that it remains in place as a de facto veto for any progressive candidate at a national level.

On the other hand, self-identified progressives made some very trumpeted gains in 2018 in a few local elections. We have yet to see how authentic those gains are, but that is as good a set of news as anyone was going to receive at this point. A major question is whether this “Green New Deal” becomes an authentic force towards a more regenerative and egalitarian economy and a more regenerative and stable ecology, or whether the corporatist wing successfully reduces it to pork barrel projects and campaign platitudes along with corporast-driven restrictions for small growers.

So far it sounds fine, but we had best proceed with both eyes open.


Tremendous article!


Based on how poorly Sanders did with African Americans in the 2016 primary it is fair to ask whether he has a race problem. Most likely the explanation is that Hillary Clinton was so popular with African Americans that they voted for her in overwhelming numbers rather than voting against Sanders. I don’t see a candidate with Clinton’s popularity among African Americans this time around so if Sanders runs despite his age he should not have a problem getting African American votes. However, it seems too early to speculate about the 2020 election. Sanders started out with about 3% in the 2016 primary yet made it competitive. Most likely this time around there will be one or more candidates who start in the low single digits and then move up to challenge the leaders. Who thought in the beginning that Michael Dukakis would be the nominee in 1988. Who thought Howard Dean would seen as almost unbeatable at one point in 2004. With about two dozen potential candidates the field looks wide open. A progressive candidate never seems to win so it is hard to see why that trend will not continue but maybe 2020 will be the year.