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How Congress Can Help Fix the Federal Election Commission

How Congress Can Help Fix the Federal Election Commission

Tim Lau

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) was established to safeguard the integrity of U.S. federal elections. But thanks to perpetual partisan gridlock, the agency has been failing do its job to enforce campaign finance law and to address the rapidly evolving legal and technological landscape.

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Was Tim Laughing when he wrote the headline for this column? I laughed when I read it. Imagine - the Duopoly fixing the Federal Election Commission to improve democracy!!! LOL!!!

If HR1 doesn’t open the election process to third parties and include instant runoff voting, then it should be called the Democratic Party Electoral Relief Act.


I just scanned through the headlines of MSN.com.
I am surprised how many urgent and top progressive issues are being clearly addressed. There was even an article using the term “climate change” without reservation.
This is new. Awareness is a big start.
As you say, it doesn’t mean anything will be remedied. But awareness is indeed a start.