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How Congress Manufactured a Postal Crisis—And How to Fix it

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/15/how-congress-manufactured-postal-crisis-and-how-fix-it


“This extraordinary mandate created a financial “crisis” that has been used to justify harmful service cuts and even calls for postal privatization.”

A financial crisis to justify privatization was the whole purpose of the act in the first place. UPS and Fedx cannot just stand by and let a publicly owned facility kick their butts year after year after year.


The end result of a disappeared United States Postal service would be FEDEX and UPS dropping all routes deemed “not-profitable”. Citizens would then have to drive 100 miles and more to access the services Post Offices provide today.


I think this whole process was begun during Bill Clinton’s administration. It has been written of many times, but there seems little political desire to stop this foolish policy by the government.

IMO they should also restore Postal Banking, which ended maybe in the 60’s. It serves a valuable function for those unable to afford regular banks. I think Bernie has mentioned it.

The USPS should be strengthened, not weakened.


The republicans won’t rest until they have destroyed the post office and turned it into a for profit scheme for their billionaire sponsors like they have education. Every red state in the USA has lousy education because thats the first thing they cut and then give away good tax dollars for the for profit schemers. Trump is also one of them education shemers. Republicans are crooks and cons and mostly liars.


The postal crisis actually started during the Nixon years in 1971 when Congress changed the name of the US Post Office to the US Postal Service (USPS) and required USPS to operate with no taxpayer assistance.

That change would have been OK if it had included a firewall between Congress and USPS. Unfortunately it didn’t, resulting in many (but not all) Congresscritters mandating the Postal Service build and maintain facilities in their respective Congressional districts that make no economic sense and are there just to keep said Congresscritters in office.


So, Clinton was still controlling it all 6 years after leaving office. Your repukes NEVER do wrong. slurp on.

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It’s not just the 'PoopLickens — BOTH parties are to blame.  Which is exactly why the following has ZERO chance of passing in the Senate, and probably won’t even be approved in the House:

“Our” Congresscritturs are owned lock, stock & barrel by the big Multi-NaZional Korporations.  There’s no way a majority of them are going to vote in favor of a government-run organization that competes with any private business.

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But it’s not just the money they’re after — they want our children’s souls:


Uh, no James, Clinton was not “still controlling it all 6 years after leaving office”.

For your first post that is downright silly. I hope the future will be better.

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Hello akita96th,
What do you mean when you say “mostly”? I would call them all crooks, cons and total liars. If they tell the truth at all? it would be a big accident. LCS is their game. Lying, Cheating and Stealing!!!

Just retired from the postal service after 31 years, not by necessity but by the way the postal service is dying by 1000 cuts. Anyway, someone finally got it right. Their problems could be solved in a year by revoking this egregious legislation. Could reopen closed facilities, expand new facilities and increase the work force, hire actual (accountable) federal employees again, rather than contracted (private) employees, provide better training, etc. etc.

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