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How Corporate Bamboozlers Intend to Widen Inequality in America


How Corporate Bamboozlers Intend to Widen Inequality in America

Jim Hightower

The basic problem facing the corporate and political powers that want you and me to swallow their Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is that they can't make chicken salad out of chicken manure.


Ossification of class structure has always been the goal of the elite. Will the unfolding dialogue in this nation awaken enough to the perils of inequality? Or will the Corporate World Order be successful in capturing the sovereignty of every nation on this planet? Many dominoes have fallen, but Putin plays chess. How ironic would it be for a "Ruskie" to save Western Civilization?


Remember, if you're not at the table, you're on the menu.

Darn funny line, and oh so true. I posted this same video on another story, but it fits here as well. Kinda long at 13 mins, but for me it was worth every minute--great ending.


It's a pleasure to be able to read articles like this from Jim Hightower. An article like this would have landed him in prison 65 years ago as a 'communist sympathizer'. Today an article like this would only get him fired from a corporate employer or at the very least prevent him from moving up the corporate ladder. But unfortunately articles like this rarely make it into the MSM narrative keeping many Americans in the dark about the inherent evil of a corporate designed society.
The success of NAFTA instantly inspired corporate boardrooms across America to seek more trade deals that would boost their bottom lines. The damage to the public interest has always been nothing more than 'collateral damage' to the CEO's of our multinationals in their quest to satisfy the endless greed of the share holders. Now we have a chance to finally break the chains of our forced subservience to the Friedman model of corporate supremacy with the possible election of Bernie Sanders. The TPP won't disappear with out a fight. Just like the XL Pipeline and NAFTA, the 1% doesn't give a damn about the public interest and will lie, misdirect, misinform and reassure all of us that these deals are good for everyone. But Sanders can't do this alone. Getting Sanders elected as President is just one, small step to re-establishing a functioning democracy here at home. Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court are still all tools of this perverse economic system and as a result must be transformed as well. It will be a long and protracted war to bring about real change and make the 'revolution' a reality.


Seeing how Bernie is the only presidential candidate running in primaries who proactively addressed TPP (Clinton and Trump addressed it only when forced to), hopefully pro-TPP Congressional Democrats running for re-election this year will be put under pressure to oppose TPP as Bernie makes more headway winning hearts, minds and primaries.

I won't question motives, but it appears that when the Danes were ready to land Snowden in Obama's whistle blower gulag, Putin kept that from happening.


Sad but true. Our whole body politic is sick, and one election won't solve issues that have taken years to create, including the conditioning of society to work more and earn less, voting against one's own self-interest, and institutionalized racism and oppression which keep the masses divided.

That said, Bernie is providing an excellent and unique public service. He's offering an alternative vision that people are hungry for in a way they understand. I sure do hope he gets elected, but he has already opened the door to real possibility and is connecting the dots for the first time with many voters. And that is a place from which community organizations and democracy NGOs can build and mobilize an educated grassroots movement. It is also the work that has to happen to make Bernie's vision reality. After we get out the vote, we must continue the same work in our communities and force our elected officials to create the change we are demanding.


P.R is expensive, as you know.

And it's always tough to come up with a compelling enough cover story to blur the actual truth.

Imagine how it looks to the rest of the world that:

  1. The U.S. has a city where its manager chose to poison the residents' drinking water to save a few bucks

  2. The "Land of the free" has the highest prison population in the world

  3. The "home of the brave" has cops shooting down innocent people on spurious grounds.

  4. Snowden (not to mention Julian Assange) must seek refuge OUT of the U.S. for any prospect of Justice to operate.

Think of the P.R. potentials of these exposures? And what they say about The Homeland Security State as shining beacon of liberty and justice... to the rest of the world?

Putin is a smart man.


Just to help demonstrate how the power of the people has been co-opted by the Corporation we go back to Flint for another example.

Right after Snyder decided to switch the source of Flints drinking water to the Flint River, General Motors complained that the water from the Flinr River, which they played a major role in polluting, was corroding the steel used in the manufacture of their automobiles.

They requested that GM get a special linkup so as to draw water from Lake Huron. Snyder approved and GM got to use Lake Huron water at taxpayer expense.

The water from the Flint river was so toxic it would corrode steel yet was deemed suitable for drinking by the Cities poor.

I would add to this that while they rushed out to protect Gms "Property" from being damaged by that corrosive water , the property owned by the peoples of Flint was in fact severely damaged. The pipes running from the water mains and feeders and into peoples homes and own plumbing systems were all damaged. In many cases the costs to replace all these pipes are more than the equity in the home itself.


Public-private partnership = fascism


As to the eminent Peter G. Peterson and his Foundation (PGPF):

On its website, the IRS Form PF-990 filed by PGPF for 2014 is posted.

On the list of recipients is one "Clinton Global Initiative."

From 2007 to 2011, Peterson donated $458,000,000 to his Foundation (per Wikipedia).

Chelsea C. shills for him once in a while, too. (I learned this on the same day that she and her hedge fund hubby dropped a cool $8,000,000 on a condo in Manhattan's Flatiron Building.) He is on record as desiring to privatize or dismantle Social Security.

Anyone but Bernie, and we will continue our precipitous slide.


It is disheartening that, at the VERY least, Snyder and cronies haven't been arrested and released on (likely modest) bail, let alone been indicted and a trial date set.

The One-Tenth of One Percent struttin' their stuff.

The American Spectacle becomes more dramatic each day.


Absolutely right. It's going to take all of us. Black, white, labor, environmentalists,Latinos, Native Americans, techies, geeks, just plain people but there's way more of us than there are of them. Bernie says, "We need a Revolution," Hopefully we'll all get out there & revolutionize. I'll be there!


Hightower sez: "Economists have a technical term for this: 'stealing.'"

Hmm. It would appear the general public is finally catching on to the esoterica of economic language.


I DID qualify my statement, limiting it to "candidates running in primaries" (to quote myself) and I don't believe Stein is running in primaries.


Although I have voted for Greens in general elections, I have never paid any attention to the candidates until they were on the November ballot. Now that you have informed me of their process, I will pay more attention to it.


For those interested, here is a link to a list of the Board of Directors of the Peterson Institute that reads like a list of billionaires and corporate moguls combined: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Peterson_Institute_for_International_Economics

This "institute for International Economics" conducted the "study" (that they also published and sent to MSM for distribution) on the benefits of TTP. Peterson and his sons and Koch Brothers are evil incarnate!

And the chairman of the board of this institute, Peter Peterson is:

"Peter G. Peterson, born June 5, 1926, is a controversial Wall Street billionaire who uses his wealth to underwrite numerous organizations and PR campaigns to generate public support for slashing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, citing concerns over "unsustainable" federal budget deficits. In 2007, he made a fortune from the public offering of the private equity firm he co-founded, Blackstone Group, and pledged to spend $1 billion of this money to "fix America's key fiscal-sustainability problems." He endowed this money to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which he launched in 2008 (see below for more).[1] His son, Michael A. Peterson, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the foundation." Read more about Peterson here: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Peter_Peterson

So much for truth, transparency, and concern for the welfare of people and the planet. It is ONLY about the money and nothing more.

The FIX has been on for over three decades and it is going to take a monumental uprising/upheaval to topple this fortress of financial villainy.


I want to note that any increases in inequality in any nation also increase the likelihood of pitting
different groups against each other. This is classic in the true economic and social history of the
U.S.. Workers can be divided from one another, from the middle class, which has itself already
lost much of its identity and self-awareness. The same can be said for race, which is obvious in
today's national headlines. These are just a few ways in which we can be co-opted. It is crucial
that we begin to understand these well-honed divisive processes and act vigorously to counteract
them or we will find ourselves, all groups and all communities, simply falling once more into the
same vicious, old style economic cycles, wondering what went wrong. A good reading of
Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States is a decent place to start getting some
much needed perspective on these brutal cycles and their opposition movements.