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How Corporate Family Leave Policies Are Fueling Inequality


How Corporate Family Leave Policies Are Fueling Inequality

Nika Knight, staff writer

Some major U.S. corporations recently made headlines by creating relatively generous paid parental leave policies—but a new report out Wednesday shows that most companies only offer paid leave to their corporate employees, and short-change low-wage, hourly workers who would benefit from such policies the most.


Would any CEO or upper level executive be required to apply for paid parental/family leave? Hell no! So why should they concern themselves with such busy work...let the managers deal with the lowly, underpaid and overworked workers who have families and all the responsibilities that go with them. Literally make profits on THE BACKS OF THE WORKERS. Not one CEO or exec should receive a bonus from a corporation that abuses, neglects, and takes undue advantage of the workers. Never happen...not in today's climate of unlimited corporate hegemony.


That is quite likely the idea.


The companies would be out of business in their respective countries w/o baristas and shelf stockers; the corporate salaried personal could be anywhere. This seems to me to be an important leverage for local workers if others could refrain from scabbing while they called a general strike. Cooperation is needed.