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How Corporate Media Are Fueling a New Iran Nuclear Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/18/how-corporate-media-are-fueling-new-iran-nuclear-crisis

Now days there’s one guarantee, that MSM will bolster the chicken hawks playbook to the letter. Since Iran hasn’t started a war since 1826, and their religious beliefs forbid it, I say let them have a handful of nukes, for their own protection. They might be the least likely to use them as a first strike, of all of the nuke nations. I don’t normally advocate for more nukes in the world, but in this situation, it’s likely to bring stability to the region, and dramatically reduce Israel and US aggression towards them.

This is about power, not nukes. You got it!

No smaller country has a choice. The war like nature of the U.S. makes it necessary to have a powerful deterrent.
Iran being nuclear should make the U.S. and Israel back off of their exploitation of Palestine as well.


Why do you think the US and Israel are so insistent that Iran must not have nuke weapons, they haven’t been aggressive for almost 200 yrs. The balance of power in the region.

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