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How Corporate Media Paved the Way for Trump’s Muslim Ban


How Corporate Media Paved the Way for Trump’s Muslim Ban

Adam Johnson

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations justifiably led to much outcry from activists, politicians and foreign leaders.


I can't picture Woody or Pete keeping anyone from the Campfire because of their Ethnicity, Religion, or Lack thereof.


I bet the same 43 percent of Americans who are willing to admit to having some prejudice towards Muslims, if asked at the same time, would to a greater percentage on occasion depending on where the poll is being held, admit to being prejudice against Blacks or Hispanics and even possibly Gays.I personally do not believe in this type of poll which is totally dependant on wording and how the question is delivered by the individual doing the poll. Instead of polling hate or prejudicial related questions, poll similarly related topics from a 'positive' or loving approval approach.


Indeed. Although Trump's actions are often vile and awful, let's not forget that he is doing full blast most of the same things that have been slowly and without fanfare seeping into our lives. He is what we already have on steroids.

Yes, his racism and bigotry is unacceptable, but let's remember to tie his actions in to all the actions that laid the foundation for this and not become so desperate that we put a lesser evil, neolibcon back in. Let's rally around a Bernie type--Tulsi, Nina, Bernie, even Warren, if that's what it takes. No more of this and let's not blame everything solely on the Donald when it has been happening for decades.


This is an excellent article as far as it goes, but here's the elephant in the room:

The utterly bogus & fraudulent War on Terror and it's mirror twin, the 'Humanitarian Intervention,' depend on US citizens believing the world to be full of fanatical & vicious Muslim boogeymen.

The US military never kills Human Beings. It's always 'Islamic militants' or some other vague synonym for scary brown guys.

American Islamophobia, surely by now headed in the direction of concentration camps and worse, is the unavoidable by product of American War Machine.

Until we are willing to at least admit this, the situation is hopeless.


Excellent article and gets to the heart of how we got here with President ME.

Speaking of Real Time on HBO, he is a fan of Ayn Rand which most seem to forget. He does not believe Social Security or Medicare (or universal health care single pay for all). With that in mind, he has no core belief in a strong social networkd/safety net. He is a Corporatist, Neocon with strong convictions regarding neoliberalism. He is a perfect example of the people who got us here after decades of ripping us off, lying to us, abandoning us with the BS line of trust us, vote for me. He (and others like him) gave us this Klown Kar and the Orange Man in the Oval Office.

Tech world and its leaders are not happy, but I don't hear or see any of the 1/10 Percenters who control 90% of this country's wealth bitching. He's their man.