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How Corporate Tyranny Works

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/26/how-corporate-tyranny-works


US based corporations in particular are going to kill us all in their quest for endless artificial wealth at the expense of a healthy ecosystem that entails real wealth and life itself. And they now have the judiciary and politicians in their pockets to ensure no legal action can be fundamentally used against them. They have now ensured that the citizens are the enemy and must be stopped at all costs. This story shows just how caring citizens are to be completely destroyed from trying to tell the truth. Short of massive general strikes and boycotts they will in the end and sooner than you think annihilate most life on earth as we know it.


Many CD commenters decry the use of violent protest.
But that’s all our system responds to.
This is a case in point – Chevron et al laugh in the face of peaceful protest, all the way to the bank.


Sure looks that way.

I was struck by Hedges - as usual:

“The persecution of the attorney Steven Donziger is a grim illustration of what happens when we confront the real centers of power, masked and unacknowledged by the divisive cant from the Trump White House or the sentimental drivel of the Democratic Party. Those, like Donziger, who name and fight the corporate control of our society on behalf of the vulnerable see the judiciary, the press and the institutions of government unite to crucify them.”

I am combatting nuclear trolls on another thread - they never tire - they never give up - they use advanced and effective trolling techniques long ago developed by Big Tobacco, the Big Pharma, then Big Oil (perhaps not in that order), and innumerable other lobbyists for nefarious cause of theirs, always centered around the Golden Calf.

It’s disgusting - inhuman - it is the psychological set up necessary to view ‘them’ as ‘the enemy’, and it is happening now.

We will be going to war of some kind I suspect - damn !


You are us - get that into your thick skull.

Push has come to shove - the immediate goal is Trump’s removal.

Get with the program -


Just plain wrong logically. It is not conformists or progressives possessing your life - it is the natural world. You are human, I am human - we the people are all human - fait accompli !


I think I see - you are one of those ‘independents’ who think you are somehow able to survive without the rest of us. OK - each to their own.


Go to the source of power and there is corruption. In the last century or so oil has been the cause for wars, occupations, and large power manipulations as well as changes to political systems and coups around the world. From the mideast to everywhere else.
Politics, economic systems, slogans, freedoms or not. Left wing. Right wing. Nothing of that is important. All that is just a smokescreen to keep everyone looking elsewhere, while the oil companies control the world for themselves. The rest of it is just distraction and window dressing.


That is hardly an answer.

It is not sophistry, i.e.,

the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving

It is simply fact - of which you are apparently ignorant.

PS: Of course - you might be a robot, or a form of Artificial Intelligence - in which case I would withdraw my remark.


If we do not at the very least amend the nature of the corporation itself, we will continue to be or - more precisely - make ourselves at its mercy.


Now Chris,
In none of the longest pieces you’ve written, enlightening as it is;
wouldn’t a word or two on Julian Assange’s “persecution” be in order?
Since ironically enough Ecuador kept him out of jail for awhile. Now
the CIA and military-industrial complex won’t let him survive with his
life for revealing the murderous American military rule, including the entire West, in the “Collateral Murder” video.
Your refusal to include your fellow-journalist’s fate is disheartening.


Hell is for heroes in this “shining city on a hill”


Continuing evidence that the USA does not have a Justice system - simply a legal system. It’s too bad the UN couldn’t ask all the other countries to name Kaplan and the rest as wanted criminals to be arrested on sight. Then their only safe place would be in the USA.


Fine report by Chris of the tremendous courage of attorney Steven Donziger versus the worst corporate corruption. Reminds me of the film, Dark Waters, also a long legal battle against all odds. This will apparently not have a satisfying ending. Another corporate criminal, depressing as well as sickening.


this article makes me ill. However, when you consider that the MSM has lied about 1. the murder of JFK,RFK,MLK 2. the Gulf of Tonkin 3. 911 what can anyone expect. The mercenaries slaughter hundreds of thousands for oil and Americans don’t give a shit. Lies from the R and D parties as the duopoly has the kabuki theater election cycle. Bully America and thug corporations squash the freedoms of indigenous people all over the world.


Wiki reminds us that, while the precise origin of the phrase remains obscure, Star Trek’s Riker describes the phrase “No good deed ever goes unpunished” as “Newton’s fourth law of thermodynamics.”



That was a really scary article. How can anyone stand up to that kind of pure, evil power?


Quite difficult for anyone, like Gary Webb or Steven Donziger, if abandoned by all colleagues. Still difficult for two or three, but if four of you – just imagine if four of you walked in, sang a chorus of Alice’s Restaurant Massacree – with the four-part harmony – and walked out! I tell ya: they’d think it’s a movement. And it is!


Wudangmountain - I can only agree with your viewpoint, the moment to fix things has passed. Forty years ago, I gave mankind 100 - 200 years before things would start to fall apart. When my children were conceived, I anticipated that my offspring would be in a functioning world till around their retirement. Today, 25 years after my children were born, we are in the situation I had feared for my kids’ old age. Other than the (mostly) unaddressed problems with climate change, endless wars around the globe, millions of refugees (over 10 million from Syria alone), the rise of authoritarianism, overpopulation, and so forth, we have the elephant in the room: nuclear weapons. Humans have been exceedingly lucky that no nuclear weapons have been used since 1945. There have been very close calls with the military wishing to use those weapons (the Pentagon, duh!), false alarms, control system glitches and so on. With things spinning out of control, the likelihood of a nuclear mishap increases… For my children’s sake, and all other humans, I desperately wish for the system to limp along for as long as possible…


Holy Sh**… .I’d say unbelievable but clearly it is perfectly believable… the fascist states of ‘Merika .