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How Corporate Welfare Hurts You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/how-corporate-welfare-hurts-you

Didn’t Ralph Nader write this article like 30 years ago? Why so late to the party, Bob?


This needs to be repeated every time republicans say we can’t afford this and that. We need it repeated even when they aren’t shouting it out and calling social welfare for we the people socialism. Shout these figures back and repeat and repeat.

Get on Fox News and shout it out.

Please Bob lay out figures and totals and then lay them side by side. Corporate Welfare People Welfare

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We should reverse the discussion on taxes, services and benefits.

Step one: what services and benefits should government provide and to whom…

Step two: who should pay for the services and benefits and how much…


Corporate Welfare is also found in the way of “Free Trade Deals” which Mr Reich has always been an advocate of.

An even more insidious example of corporate welfare occurs when corporations don’t pay their workers a living wage. As a result, those workers often have to rely on programs like Medicaid, public housing, food stamps and other safety nets.

Yes and this especially effective when Corporations can freely set up shop in places like India, China and Mexico paying those people a wage they can barely live on even as wages suppressed in the USA in order to remain competitive.

It’s argued they create jobs, yet nationwide, not a single new job is created. At most, the jobs are merely moved from state to state.

It was also argued that Free Trade deals “Create jobs” when all they really do is move them from Country to Country.


William Greider posits four fundamental questions of politics:
–Who benefits?
–Who pays?
–Who must be listened to?
–Who can be safely ignored?

Good point re role of offshoring…think Reich has changed his tune on “free trade” - albeit, belatedly…


A sobering thought, this welfare has brought about the climate emergency we face today. Without the fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks, alternative energy sources would have been on a level playing field. The costs for alt. energy has always been the excuse used for not transitioning to it, all the way back to the 1970’s. Once again, capitalism has screwed humanity.


Alternative energy sources get big subsidies and rightly so. If we had a “perfect free market” with no government intervention at all, the climate situation would have been at least as bad and probably worse - and all other kinds of pollution would have been vastly worse.

We need to avoid any kind of neoliberal notion that “free market competition” will save the environment and get us off of fossil fuels. The truth is exactly the opposite. Elon Musk will not save us.

"Free Market", like "Trickle-Down" and “tax breaks create jobs and boost the economy” is a Lie. Scams and Fraud Shoveled on to the 99% so the 1% can get even richer.

A common argument against taxing corporations is that they just pass it on to customers. But GIVING tax money to corps really smells. Worse yet is the trillions of dollars (and lives!) thrown into idiotic, senseless, immoral wars that subsidize Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex. And what about the Federal Reserve System that is not a part of government but legally is a PRIVATE CORPORATION set up to steal the public’s money by perpetual inflation – 20 trillion dollar debt – that’s nuts and no one will ever pay that off but it represents wealth siphoned off to support the idiotic wars without taxpayer approval. The funny money system ultimately is used to bribe reps and the game just goes on. The Corporatocracy rules! I wonder if and when Robert will ever talk about our corrupt money system – the “man” behind the corporate curtain! Gopherit

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I’m not calling for a free market system, my point was if we had started transitioning in the 70’s we would be done with that transition by now, without any changes to the market. If you’re claiming Alt. energy has received equal subsidies and corporate tax breaks as the fossil fuel industry has since then, I’m going to need proof of this, it certainly doesn’t fit the standard narrative.
I don’t understand how you come to the conclusion that the climate would be as bad or worse, and all other kinds of pollution would be worse, if we had started the switch in the 70’s. Please explain. Switching to these energy sources, and newer ones now, makes up the bulk of the Green Deal we are talking about today, right?
Elon Musk is a fraud, of course he’s not going to save us.

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