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 How Could Tamir Rice’s Death Be ‘Reasonable’?

 How Could Tamir Rice’s Death Be ‘Reasonable’?

Patricia J. Williams

In a world of complex and systemic violence, legal reason sometimes follows an imaginative narrative arc.

“That perceived capability underwrites our repetitive American tragedy. The black superpredator. Our enchantment with guns. And, of course, the ubiquitous fear of rattlesnakes.”

I think it’s time to stop repeating this idea that we ALL are enchanted with guns.

The same demographic that shows up most in the “art” of serial killing is the same demographic

That did all of the violent carnage upon arrival into the Americas’ “New World.”

That same ilk loves guns

And for a long time prevented women from voting and owning property

Restricted “red skins” to the reservation

Enslaved and demonized Blacks–as the projection screen of much that was repressed in the way of framed-as-sin sexual response

Stole lands from Mexico and continues to take from the Mexican people

This is not about some all-encompassing WE that loves guns. It’s what white racist, sexist males USE to maintain THEIR (Mars-rules) grip over society.

Pretending or presuming that what is favored by this limited (in numbers, spiritual development, moral strength, and intellectual acumen) ilk somehow defines us all is playing INTO the same paradigm that the white male brotherhoods through their love of weapons and blood rites built… and continue to use martial force… to sustain.

Incidentally, it’s THIS armed and dangerous group jealously guarding its power that insists that Tamir Rice’s “means to death” was reasonable. Morally intact people obviously do not.

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White men are devils, apparently.

Must be comforting to view the world in such simple racialized terms.


The biggest problem of all here is our cravenly authoritarian Supreme Court which has held that , if in the cop’s subjective opinion , he feels threatened , then he has the right to shoot to kill . No other opinion counts - not the bystanders , certainly not those who review the shooting . Objective circumstances surrounding the killing certainly don’t count , no matter how well documented . The cop involved is the ONLY one who counts . Until we impeach the 5 fascists on the current Supreme Court , nothing about this can change .