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How Covid-19 Could Upend Geopolitics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/29/how-covid-19-could-upend-geopolitics

The false narrative is that Progressives are weak. Listen to this wisdom by Michael Marin Murphy for the truth:


After weeks of wearing a face mask daily, I began to think of social distancing as a sensible, reasonable safety measure that need not make me feel distant from passersby similarly masked or not. I appreciate many articles from John Feffer, but this one contains too much corporate bullshit. Globalization will never be sustainable because of its environmental impact. Every nation (we filthy rich and the struggling poor) must purposefully direct our economies to become less dependent upon distant nations for basic commodities. There is no replacement for petroleum that will allow the continuation of senseless travel and transport of goods as much and as far as we do today. Furthermore, the prospect of automation eliminating jobs is largely based on the assumption of “driverless” cars being inevitable. If “driverless” AV tech were safely possible - it isn’t and NEVER will be - it would do more harm than good. It’s a fallacy and a fraudulent ruse meant only to distract our attention from actual solutions to traffic havoc and the existential crisis of climate change. DJT#45 is a modern day Hitler covertly initiating WWIII with other world leaders as the genocidal extermination of the world’s burgeoning population, starting with people of color and the poor. His base of religious fanatics will call it Armageddon even as they too become victims of the trust they place in this monster and his villainous ruling class.