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How Dangerous Is Depleted Uranium?


How Dangerous Is Depleted Uranium?

Helen Thomas

The Pentagon claims that American forces and Iraqis are not at risk from contact with depleted uranium, which is used in armor-piercing munitions and protective tank plating.

That's baloney to some scientists who insist the widespread use of depleted uranium during the American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq poses a grave danger.

Despite attempts to reassure the public, the Pentagon remains on the defensive.


Classic, all should read!


While written by a late distinguished reporter, this really is not accurate since it relies heavily on Dr Helen Caldicottt who has been misrepresenting depleted uranium for a long time. She referred me to a doctor in NY who bought in early to Saddam Hussein’s propaganda and who actually knows nothing else about what DU does or does not do to human beings. This is not a Classic, it should be consigned to the trash bin. DU has been shown through substantial research that it has nothing to do with Gulf War Illness. Veterans have been tracked for over 25 years who have DU in their bodies from friendly fire incidents during the 1991 Gulf War and none of them or their families have shown the symptoms attributed to DU as a result of buy-in to what began as propaganda to end the UN Sanctions imposed at the end of he Gulf War. DU is not something that is new to human beings; every single human who has ever trod the Earth or will ever trod the Earth takes in a fraction of a microgram (one-millionth of a gram) of naturally occurring Uranium-238 every single day of their life. They breathe it in, they drink water containing it and they eat food containing it. That is how prevalent that naturally occurring Uranium-238 is in the environment. People who campaign against DU never want you to know that. Dr Caldicott conveniently ignores that fact.