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How Dangerous is New EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler? Very. Here’s Why.


How Dangerous is New EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler? Very. Here’s Why.

Derrick Z. Jackson

With Scott Pruitt’s resignation as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency amid a slew of ethics scandals, environmentalists who long campaigned for his ouster should be careful what they wished for.

That is because the acting administrator of the EPA is now Andrew Wheeler, formerly the agency’s second-in-command. Nominated by President Trump and narrowly confirmed in April by the Senate, Wheeler came into the job as the polar opposite of the EPA’s stated mission “to protect human health and the environment.”

Andrew Wheeler: Coal lobbyist


This a Childish and churlish reaction on the part of Trump. It a “you forced my guy to resign so I am going to appoint someone even worse moment”.


By having the worst possible Republican administration, Trump is making sure Democrats win. He’s really a Democrat in disguise.


We’ve got to think ahead. Pruitt is out. Nice, but what happens then? Now Wheeler is in charge. It’s the same principle with Trump. Yes, we’re against him, but what do we have?


If Trump had anything to do with picking him, you know that he’s gotta be scum.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…


This action is consistent among Trump appointees from January 20, 2017 forward…no matter how bad you think an appointee is, that appointee’s successor will be far worse.

Anybody with a milligram of integrity would never consider accepting a Trump appointment.


In other words, Wheeler is a clone of Pruitt. If Wheeler leaves the EPA, he’ll be replaced by someone just as destructive. Rinse, repeat.



And yet Warren voted for Carson for head of HUD because she was afraid that Trump would appoint someone worse than him if she didn’t. What she should have done instead is continued to not vote for anyone unless they were qualified for the position. The Resistance should be renamed the Assistance.


Yeah, he works like that. Don’t like it? Tough.


Really? Want to put your money where your soup coolers are?




Troll. Troll.


If course someone as bad for the environment as Pruitt would replace him,
that was settled in November 2016, Trump made no secret of his disdain for the environment and his all out support for the fossil fuel barons. But being frustrated by the powerlessness of the environmental protection movement, I do take some childish satisfaction that Pruitt was indeed bothered by all the criticism he received, enough to help push him to resign. With the Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court firmly in Republican hands, (many states too) bothering the scum that works for the Trump regime is the only power there is.


This is yet another example of the hard right claiming government doesn’t work, and then doing their best to prove it. Trump is not a Democrat in disguise; whatever is left of the current Democratic Party are Democrats in disguise. After Bill Clinton’s “third way” corporatization of the Democrats, the legacy of FDR is in shreds, and being actively disassembled. Despite having more women and people of color becoming active progressives, the “left” in general will take at least a generation do undo the damage done during the Reagan/Bush I and II and Clinton years. With the hard right dominating the Federal bench, and becoming a majority on the Supreme Court, it may take even longer. The Democrats impose “purity tests” on candidates; the right takes what they can get, and have been playing the long game since at least the 1930s. With the terms of Reagan and now Trump, the long game is being won by the hard right. Education and union membership are wrecks, medical care and outcomes are a sick joke, affordable passenger rail is regarded as the idiot child of the transport industry, and the hard right is giggling its collective ass off, all the way to the bank.


Why don’t we troll conservative sites? Because we don’t get paid for it like Michael does?


Wrong, I’m on my dime pal.


Trolling for free? Fascists are really fanatics.