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How Dare She Unsettle Us?


How Dare She Unsettle Us?

Susan Galleymore

An intense week of riveting cultural moments amplified by assorted news media. Is he lying under oath to get on the Supreme Court? Is she a pawn of the Democrats? Is Lindsey Graham melting down or showboating? Is Jeff Flake a flake?

I appreciate the weeklong reprieve as the FBI investigates.


“Dr Ford highlighted essential elements of ubiquitous toxic patriarchy. And she did so from the epicenter that dispenses male power

Great description!

I’ve been basically seeing the Republicans of this Committee as the embodiment of the “Good ‘ol Boys’ Network” who just might hang out themselves to drink & party together. They are experts in hiding behind their credentials — which certainly count for more than actual words or acts. Certainly they do not expect to have their actions and authority questioned. In their circle THAT is pre-ordained.


The good old boys think Kavanaugh was just having a little fun with Dr. Ford-----HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO BLIND TO WHAT KAVANAUGH DID TOO THIS 15 YEAR OLD GIRL. THIS ASSAULT CHANGED HER LIFE FOREVER.

And republicans are saying this is a winning issue for them—WOW-----


Actually he flunked it 36 years ago, when – as he noted in his diary then and confirmed in his testimony on 08/27/18 – he went to his friend Timmy’s house on 07/01/82 for [brew]skis with Judge and P.J.  Brett Kavan­augh was born on February 12, 1965.  He was only 17, and drinking illegally on 07/01/82, even if – as he incorrectly claims – the drinking age in Maryland was 18 at the time.  In fact, if the drinking age in Connecticut was 21 during the early 1980s, Brett Kavanaugh and his D.K.E. fraternity brothers at Yale were drinking ILLEGALLY throughout their freshman and sophomore years . . .

NO-ONE with such a casual disregard for the law and the truth has ANY business being a Judge in ANY court, much less a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.  IMHO, not only should he NOT be confirmed for SCOTUS, he should be Impeached and removed from his position on the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals on the grounds of lying to Congress.


yes Kavanaugh is almost surely a lying sexual predator, but lets remember not all Republicans favor sexual assault. What they all do favor, and its why they still back him, is a reliable vote for corporate control and the right to pollute, exploit workers, mislead consumers, buy elections, attack unions, erode reproductive freedom… as they narrowly are getting in a number of 5-4 decisions. They don’t want to risk any swing votes


Repug majority on the SupCt gave us unlimited dark money donations…to people precisely like far-right tool Kavanaugh.


I was glad of the more quiet week but I beg to differ Susan, the FBI did not investigate. It did what it was told to do, nothing! I do not fault the FBI, I fault trump and his crony McGhann (sp?)