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'How Dare You!': At UN, Greta Thunberg Unleashes on World Leaders for Inaction on Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/23/how-dare-you-un-greta-thunberg-unleashes-world-leaders-inaction-climate-crisis-0


“Greta For Global Leader.”


That initial response and applause was what you give a cute child when she says something precocious. The adults in the room are not listening to her or taking her words seriously. Oh look at the sweet little girl, they say, now go back to your school and STFU. She continues to speak truths that the powers that be do not want spoken.


Unfortunately, she’s wrong - WE are evil! From the 1% and their avarice in raping and plundering the planet for their own economic gain; to the average person, unwilling to either “believe in the science” or unwilling/too afraid to want to demand the changes that WE HAVE TO MAKE!!

Thank you Greta and as a human being, I apologize to your generation.


None of us are doing enough. I looked at her photo and read her words and I feel the guilt. At 68 I know I haven’t done enough. My efforts have been meek. I will try harder.

Will you?


Yes, that was evident when Greta addressed Congress!


A child having to disabuse adults of their “fairytale” beliefs…the sad irony of it…


Wow, just WOW!
A tiny AOC on steroids!
She’s the Mike Tyson of the Green Movement.
Mother Nature and Kali all rolled into one tsunami of righteousness.
Go Greta !


Greta Thunberg sees the central truths of where we stand and where we need to be; she speaks those truths without guile or doubt! Politicians have forgotten, never knew or respected the truths not critical, only political scheming, “three-dimensional chess” and deceit. Dishonest myopic vision used to enrich and empower the wealthiest and their puppets and continue the road to oblivion.

We have Bernie speaking such truths, and thankfully Great, but the “centrist” business-as-usual lackeys and lap-dogs refuse to mention such basic realities.

It is very tired to repeat that “a child shall lead them”, but we are living that reality now. Since those in power refuse we must turn to others of true moral compass and vision. We are fortunate to have Greta’s voice speaking truth to the corrupt, complicit, craven and cowardly people in high places.


It is both racist and sexist to proclaim and manufacture consent that this white girl is inspiring the world to act. The majority of the world population are persons of color and plenty of us are climate activist. The movement must have racial and gender inclusion and not the racist marketing to create and sell, she is of course being paid and will make a lot of money from books and movies, a white girl as our leader as we and not she, are the global movement.
It is the same as saying a white girl discovered a place that is already inhabited by natives persons of color.

Not sure whether that rant was because of drugs or you are in need of some.


She, a white girl, is not our leader.
No white girl power racism.
No misandry.
No gender bullying.

This is a global problem that requires a global movement inclusive of all genders and races!!!


I have always thought that some people are somehow born with a wisdom beyond their years. After seeing and hearing her, I’m convinced of that more than ever. It’s mind boggling how she can see and understand things that even grown, otherwise intelligent people have a hard time grasping. When someone of such a young age speaks with that much confidence and knowledge, the only thing to do is shut up and listen. And then ACT!


Gosh, doesn’t she listen to the “adults in the room” in our country? Doesn’t she realize what is “realistic” and “serious”? The assumption is that the system will stay in place, so what do those that refuse to break with the system (capitalism in particular) have to offer? Next to nothing. The science says we need radical changes, most politicians refuse and will not likely be here when it all collapses fully. Anyone seeking anything less than radical changes isn’t serious and realistic. Their damn money won’t be worth a thing if economic systems no longer work, there is no more space in the environment for our pollutants and we have reached the limits to growth in regards to throughput. There is no realistic way this can be accomplished with capitalism. If we cannot realistically move beyond capitalism, more than anything because of who is in power, then we’re toast. Keeping this system and addressing the environmental crisis is a delusion, and I am referring to Warren as well. If she is a capitalist to her bones, let her develop a logical plan on how to hold on to capitalism while at the same time dealing with the non-market nature of the crisis and the limits to growth in throughput and pollution generation. It isn’t possible. The next system would maybe have some common characteristics as this horrible system, but it would be different enough that we couldn’t call it capitalism. And, if we acknowledge the limits to growth, we simply cannot tolerate the massive inequalities we have. If the economy has to shrink relative to the ecosystem, which it does, the luxurious consumption of the rich and the upper middle class will doom most of humanity to death, war, starvation and societal collapse.


No one has appointed her leader. Yes, this is going to require global participation, but when someone comes along who, through their charisma, intelligence, and passion, is able to influence people to act, it is only right that they should be in a position that makes full use of those talents.


Just remember–your bigotry aside–that the SOUL is colorless. Greta just happens to be Caucasian. Any skin-colored person could have done what she is doing but hasn’t…so far.


Exactly. I hope people realize this as we continue to be bombarded with MSM propaganda/bs.


it sounds to me that you are more concerned about derailing the focus from what she is saying… and onto the dead-end of what color her skin is…

i hope those fossil fuel dollars keep you company on a dead world.


Just for some perspective.

An estimated 70 METERS of Global sea water rise would occur with a 100 percent collapse of Glaciers.

Those that argue that these cycles have occurred in the past are correct but they are wrong in their assertion that it therefore a natural cycle. The Earths orbit varies over many thousands of years and that orbit causes both glaciation and de-glaciation , The difference with today is the RATE of the same. Due to The added CO2 in the air due to industrialization the rate of warming has increased significantly over that in the past.

The record shows there was a sudden and unexpected Global Sea Level rise several thousands of years ago. This was when the Laurentide Ice sheet collapsed. This sheet was keeping back huge amounts of freshwater melt in the form of a large ice lake and when that wall collapsed all of this water was released to the oceans at once. The estimated rise of the oceans due to this collapse was 1.4 meters . Many suggest that this incident led to that oral history of a Great Flood.

When we speak to today I think it unlikely any sea level rise will be gradual. I think it will be a sudden collapse meaning there will be no time to adapt or prepare for it. The consequences will be catastrophic.


Love that Greta.
How dare they indeed!!!