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'How Dare You!': At UN, Greta Thunberg Unleashes on World Leaders for Inaction on Climate Crisis

“sounds to me that [plant1] more concerned about derailing the focus from what she is saying”

Either that or a troll trying to bait progressive posters into statements that could be construed as racist.

Or he’s unwell - my best guess. (“Misandry”? He evidently feels persecuted as a male by a female adolescent.)

Anyway, done bothering reading him - in future, he’ll have to argue w/the voices in his head.


Sure would like to see any evidence you have for this claim. Got any? Can you prove this? Can you prove any of this post? Prove it.


Hello Zora_Renee, At the continued rate of destruction of the planet there won’t be many more generations following Greta’s generation. While the exact date is unknown events will keep the decline going until the end is in sight!


You are on a the drug known as white privilege, white power and racism.
For decades, adults and kids of color have been climate activist and yet it is the white activist who reap the majority of the fame and income from the green industry.
How is she possibly inspiring folks of color already doing the work?
And by the way, her statements are hardly genius nor new and are common knowledge to anyone in the movement.
She also needs to disclose just how much money she is making, and what media deals she is making to profit from.
How is it that she could either own or have access to a sail boat to travel to the US and was she paid to travel and who will profit from her media material?
Her white privilege as a middle class white girl and the absolute racism in appropriating the global movement and the manufacturing of consent in and by the white media and whites in general to promote a white person as the leader for persons of color, needs to be part of the conversation.

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Hello Shantiananda, If the us kongress klowns disappeared from the face of the earth humanity would be much better off. Unfortunately they will not disappear but will still be here just like all of the venereal diseases and even worse than the venereal diseases!

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Hello somethingisrotten, She is the person saying that the King has no clothes! She is not claiming to be a leader. She is acting now on the global stage but what will the world do in the next few years? My guess is mostly business as usual!


Greta is a modern day Joan of Arc for the planet.


So add a couple of crayolas to the movement, don’t begrudge it because you have it in for someone being successful or white. Narrow minded plant of the day, you are.


I wish Greta had been born thirty years earlier. God bless her!


I missed the part where Thunberg disavowed this viewpoint.

Link, please? Thanks in advance.


But caseyf5, we have to take stock of the fact that republican’s believe they are the salt of the earth, and the foundation of life and progress in America. It escapes them that it is the underclass that does the lions share of surviving, clawing from the primordial soup, and have manifested invention all along the way.
Sitting at the top, sifting through the coins of the real is not leadership, it is greed.
We need to recognize those that travel with and are in full support of the Greta’s of the world.


The right wing and GOP can no longer support Capitalism as we saw in the
hearing as one of the Reps tried to suggest that the economy/jobs must go on -

Greta Thunberg is giving us something that is “do-able” to do –
Sometime on Friday’s come out into the streets – maybe with your own small sign?

We have an economy that only enriches Elites/corporations at the expense of
humanity’s loss of the planet – all of Nature, Animal-Life –

and at the expense of Capitalist exploitation of humans, as well – according to
various myths of “inferiority” deserving of discriminations to steal from them or
to prevent them from earning living wages, or to totally impoverish them.
And always based in hatred of racism, sexism and homophobia or religion.


We don’t need the capitalists to assist economy/jobs. We need full access to small business loans and reasonable, sensible ways to repay those loans. Possibly over a long period with no prepayment penalties.


“Sustainable Growth” is an oxymoron, whether applied to the economy or to the population of humans on this very finite planet.  A growth rate of as little as three percent per year – a number that I vaguely remember as desirable by “economists” – results in doubling the original number, whether of dollars or of people, in a bit less than 24 years.  Does any rational person honestly believe our Mother Earth can support a doubling of resource use and the resultant pollution, or a doubling of population, by 2043?   LOL!!     (That’s either “Laughing Out Loud” -or- “Lots Of Luck” — your choice.)


Hi gand –

First – I don’t know how many people in all of the small towns understand what
you’re talking about –

that many small businesses have been DENIED loans sufficient to keep them going.

And too many of the stores which have opened in our town have been based on nonsense.
Basically, they fill no NEED of the occupants.

I’ve written about this before – that my own town and four surrounding towns are facing
something like 1/3rd of the stores being empty.

Our new female Democratic Mayor wrote this week in one of our town newspapers
that the problem for our town is in creating “foot traffic” for businesses.
Most often, the answer seems to be that the town run “festivals” and “fairs” which
closes the center of town for most of a Sunday (usually slow anyway) – but which
also does bring in a considerable number of parents with children.
Sometimes it’s antique car shows – sometimes it’s jazz on the streets on a summer night –
that kind of thing.

But, there was never any need for this nonsense when the town was thriving – and it
was thriving because we had stores based on NEED of the occupants of the town.
People came into town primarily to get something they needed. They might stop at
the one or two restaurants we had in town while they were out to get something if they
were hungry – but that wasn’t the purpose of the visit.

And that’s where we come to the end of the line of capitalism because the property is
now worth more than the business – and the owner obviously knows that.

Yet – when I worked in real estate I never saw a deed signed by “The creator” so not
sure how “private property” can continue to sell out the Commonwealth.
The members of the Commonwealth, at the least, would have to approve it, right?

Citizens are also paying almost $400,000 a year for the “advice” of a “Downtown”
planning group which has mainly put large flower pots on the street corners and
outside of the stores.

And the Republican control over the town has filled any open space that occurred
over the last 15 years or so with CORPORATE CHAIN STORES . . .

They also spent $100,000 of citizens money for a study for raised parking – can’t
think of the name of it at the moment – obviously to bring more people from outside
the town into the town. Naturally, no one in the town wanted it and fortunately it
didn’t happen.

Nothing wrong with bringing people from other towns in to shop – we’ve always had
that with the Haynes here which later became Lord & Taylor which has now changed
hands again (about the 3rd time now, I think) but Hudson Bay still controls the property.


And none of those stores are looking for the kind of regular, everyday traffic
that a small town provides – they are looking for the towns to begin to pull in
the kinds of crowds that they profit from in the Malls . . . .

which it seems the public is abandoning.

PS: What they did do to the parking was rather than continuing with a parking lot
where you drove in and got a ticket from an attendant which we had for about 2 years,
they put in the Pay Station kind of thing which in my experience with it seldom works
as either the machine is out of change and you have to settle for what you’re being
charged, or you can’t read the directions because of SUN washing out the instructions
and the commands. I avoid town as much as possible.


A poster here apparently didn’t view the worldwide newsfeeds from Indonesia, South Africa, and Detroit this past Friday: Every skin color and gender were all there, Greta was not the focus, and by the way, the boat she took to get here was piloted by its crew and loaned by its owners as a public service.

Yep, racism and sexism are big problems. Climate chaos will hurt the poor worse – it already is. But taking that out on someone getting right to the capitalist heart of the problem is counter-productive.


Human beings are the less-than-1% of Earth’s species which defiantly sacrifices all of the 99.99999% of other Earthlings for human benefit, profit, pleasure, welfare, survival, etc. We are not a sinless species.


No doubt about it!


casey –

And, happening simultaneously with the likely collapse of nature/planet, is this large
number of former students from the 80’s and later years who are so burdened with loan
debt for college that they can’t plan on a personal future – marriage, home, children.


I enjoyed your story of your locality. We all likely have one.
A part of the story of my community. It has had slow and steady growth from the 50’s-60’s thru to today. About 50,000 in 1960 and about 75,000 today.
I recall the fight that ensued when a group wanted to build a mall. The city was afraid a mall would kill our downtown which was slowing in some respects. The mall developers won out and the mall was built. It not only drew shoppers from main street, but weekend shoppers would come from 50 miles or more.
Today the downtown is vibrant and the mall while slowing somewhat is very successful in keeping stores.