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How Decades of Corporate-Friendly Farm Policies Wrecked Rural America—And Paved the Way for Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/30/how-decades-corporate-friendly-farm-policies-wrecked-rural-america-and-paved-way


Excellent history of farms and farming in rural America and a clear message where we went wrong. It wasn’t complicated just plain wrong just like shipping manufacturing to China for cheap labor.

Save our soil, save American farmers, save the planet.


So the plan was to destroy America. Limit all Americans so they do not ask for rights. Have Rush tell them someone else is the enemy. Destroy America. Well it worked. They continue to vote for it. It is almost what they deserve.
Unfortunately I have had to cancel all trips and such to Wisconsin. This was before Covid. The hatred and threat of violence was too much. Racism prevalent. Unsafe to go near Wisconsin or many other rural areas. I shudder to think what would happen if I did not look like I belong.


“They will need to go big and go bold. In rur­al com­mu­ni­ties they have shown that they can­not win as Repub­li­can Lite.”

Rather than the poor Democrats who have gone astray, hapless and unable to figure out what to do, these were conscious policy decisions by the corporate-bought and sold DLC which has done exactly what it/they intended. This is who they are now.

Now what do we do about it?

Canada still has forms of supply side management wherein small farmers are assured of a decent income with rules and regulations passed to limit how much of a given good they can produce in a year while guaranteeing a fair price. This leads to higher prices in the supermarket (and that impetus to cross border shop for cheaper milk/cheese and dairy by the consumer) but also ensures smaller farms can still survive.

One of the largest enemies against this system, peoples and groups trying to see it dismantled so they can flood Canada with their own goods , is the US farmer. They work hand in glove with the very Corporations that destroyed them.

The US farmer aligns themselves with the Corporations. I have little empathy for them even as I was raised on a small family farm.