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How Democrats Can Win Back the Working Class


How Democrats Can Win Back the Working Class

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Of all the promises Donald Trump made as a candidate, perhaps none was more important than his pledge to the working-class voters who flocked to his campaign. “Under a Trump presidency,” he said, “the American worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them.”


“How Democrats Can Win Back the Working Class”

Stop taking bribes from the Ruling Class.

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Here we go again! Only the Democrats can save us from the evil Republicans. Yada Yada Yada times infinity.


Sorry, Katrina, but so far, the Democrats are showing how NOT to win back the working class. Not a single Democrat in Congress has voted against all of Trump’s nominees. The very Sherrod Brown you quote as being the force for resistance recently voted to confirm Ben Carson, last week, as Secretary of Housing, as did Elizabeth Warren. In fact, two Democratic senators, Schatz and Kaine, have voted for every one of Trump’s picks, to date. And let us not forget Pelosi, who still insists, as of last week, that “we (Democrats) want to work together (with Trump).”

I can think of no better way to euthanize resistance to Trump than handing it over to the Democrats.


The Democratic Party is never going to change as long as ‘progressives’ like vanden Huevel, Sanders, and Brown support Neo-Liberal, Security State, Imperialists candidates like Clinton, Schumer, and Perez. Until they are willing to revolt, to not only not campaign for this ilk but refuse to not support them by calling on all ‘progressives’ to not vote for them but vote true progressive third party candidates instead, the establishment of the party is happy for them to propose platforms, do marches, and write articles.

They know when push comes to shove these quislings will support them in the end even though the party actually stands for the opposite of what they’ve been spouting. This is nothing but a phony steam valve to keep the machine of the establishment running smoothly.

When we walk away one of two things will happen. Either the party will collapse and a viable third party will rise up to be a contender -or- the Democratic Party will finally reform. But this phony revolt is never going to bring that about.

This ongoing phony movement within the Democratic Party is being done by people who just don’t get it, they aren’t as smart as they appear, or they are part of the phony kabuki theater too. Either way they’ve lost my respect.

Will this post get banned for critiquing the author? Probably.


They did a fairly good job at it in the past - the 1930s and the 1960s. Do you think an entirely new political formation can be built from scratch to compete with and replace the Democrats - or would it be far easier to take over the existing organization? Have you ever ben involved in any kind of organization or organizing in your life?


Thank-you for helping elect Trump.


Katrina, did they give you Pom Poms to help your cheerleading?

We actually had Bernie, but you did nothing to help him succeed, to the contrary, you hindered him.

Go to the BACK of the Classroom, sit and learn, you sure don’t belong in front of the Classroom, teaching.




No, thank YOU for giving us Trump by supporting Clinton. Your continued support will undoubtedly give us war, depression, no single payer, and more and more NeoLiberal destruction of most Americans’ wealth. Thank you.

Think of a Chinese Finger Trap. You’ll never get out of it by just pulling on it. You got to give up the fight. You’ll never get out of Republicans in control by putting opposing them first over supporting real leftists. You just tighten their control.

If we listen to you we’ll have a GOP win in 2018 and the re-election of Trump in 2020. (Or Pence if the Deep State gets rid of him for the more despicable Theocrat VP.)


The Democrat’s ability is win back the working class is going to be limited as long as the Democrats are seen as the party of the blacks. Certainly they can get blacks in the working class but can the get whites in the working class?


Better said, "How working-class Americans can oust Perez and wrest power away from those, whose ignorance of science and whose selfish motives ignore corporate-caused Climate Change, i.e. wall street (deservedly a common noun). To the free-loading elitists in the DNC, “Move aside if you won’t lend a hand.” (Dylan lyric?)

Let Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison take charge. How? A coup. Just like Trump’s successful one and the attempt that Clinton2 tried - and failed to pull-off - against Sanders. My bet is that the multi-millions of “Berners”, are still way too pissed to let any other action take root.


It doesn’t look like the Democrats are going to have to do anything–If the Republicans get this so-called “health” bill through, and they start whacking away at “entitlements” they’ll have cut themselves off at the knees for 2018–Let them start the whacking!–Of course the old pol leadership of the Demos likes not having to do anything, heaven forbid any Democratic activism!


Right on Blondie! But I don’t think the Demos will have to do much of anything as long as the Repubs are on their lemming-suicide march with their so-called “health” plan and their plans to whack “entitlements”–Come 2018, they’re going down–Of course a sort of zen strategy-- do by not doing–appeals to the old pols of the party–Meanwhile we really need to clean house–Hoping to see many new progressive faces elected in '18.


Yes, unless we coalesce around a Party that’s by, of and for, US.


The demise of the Professional Politician, an overvalued entity, who spends his/her time as a People’s Representative groveling for money to keep his/her job in perpetuity, cannot happen too soon.

That they retain their Salaries and Perks forever STILL doesn’t loosen the Death Grip they try to keep on their Positions.

Change that, and those it attracts may move on.


Ms. vanden Heuvel, surely you jest. “Democrats” (as in elected officials) have shown all too little resistance - and none of it has been to the system that brought us Trump and which he so well now represents. In fact, as Russell Mokhiber notes ( http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/03/14/the-time-for-single-payer-has-come-so-why-is-bernie-sanders-still-hawking-obamacare/ ), even the few Congressional Dems who’ve nominally been in support of Single Payer have backed away from introducing a bill.

But this is what I will now forever expect from you, acting as a cheerleader for the corrupt institution that is today’s Democratic Party, whose 2016 losses you, Pollit, Walsh & company helped bring about with dishonest attacks on Sanders and fervently uncritical support for the broadly-disliked, undemocratic Clinton.

If you really care about democratic governance - which has been under assault for decades - you’ll start thinking about something other than simply restoring the prior order - and think about what democracy, rather than a party which co-opted the name, needs.


Katerina, I have not heard of any Democrats that are doing more that ‘remessaging’ or taking to the middle, maybe slightly to the left, road. Voters need much more than that to make up for the past 30 years of watching without objecting to the money moving up to the rich and watching our schools be taken over by privatizers WITH the help of Democrats all the way. In other words, I am not going to fall in with Democrats. To a man (there may have been once exception) they failed to support the only person with any ideas that would have helped working, ordinary people.


They even took a swing to the right when Bush said, “You are with us or you are against us.” Fair weather friends like such Democrats we do not need.


I should just cut and paste my response to articles that say bring democrats together:
The democrats are corporation controlled republicans now. The say they are for working class etc. but their actions are not. Read Thomas Frank or watch jimmy dore on YouTube.
Then write articles…