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How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos


How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos

Kevin Gosztola

Days after a convention in which leaders incited chaos and disorder, the Nevada State Democratic Party demonized supporters of Bernie Sanders in a letter written to the Democratic National Committee.


Great article, thanks Kevin. Please continue your podcasts! I haven’t heard anything like them, you guys really make great points, wish I knew of other similar podcasts…


You’d think, there would be one “mainstream” media outlet, one “mainstream” reporter, who would report the facts, and outline the distortions, about what actually happened in NV, versus what has been “reported” as happening.

That said, very clearly, millions of us, tens of millions of us, a significant and growing portion of US residents, have stopped believing the lies we are fed.

But that, in itself, does not disempower the lies or the liars.


The Blue Sky Initiative = They can pollute the Air.

The Clean Water Initiative = They can pollute the Water.

The Patriot Act = They can shred the Constitution

The “Democratic” Party =


Thanks for the support. More podcast episodes are definitely coming.


Bernie…How much more of this crap are you going to take from the DNC before you say "Enough is Enough???


Excellent article in that it clearly shows the methods used by corporate Democrats to undermine the public interest. These tactics almost guarantee that Trump will be the next President as independents will never throw their support behind the ruthless Clinton campaign. My guess is that these ‘shenanigans’ occur at every State primary but we only get bits and pieces that come out because of the MSM’s determined line in the sand that will never allow a Progressive into the fold.


Some people were wondering how Clinton could be so corrupt, when the votes she gets from it are insignificant to her, and it only serves to alienate and upset potential supporters.

First, I think there’s jealousy. Sanders is the much stronger candidate, and she knows it and can’t live with it, so she needs to do something to smear his name. Then, she’s uncomfortable with the idea of having to deal with strong, independent opinions, which is what Sanders represents. So she feels like she should bring Sanders supporters to heel. Finally, maybe she just underestimates Sanders’s good intentions, and not having much personal experience with sincerity herself, simply doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Those are my ideas, anyways. Otherwise, I’ve got no clue what it’s about.


To some extent, yes, the state Democratic Parties are engaging in this kind of activity. I don’t believe the Party wants more state parties to pass resolutions at their conventions to effectively abolish or neutralize superdelegates. But I also believe this was a sort of unique situation, where people saw a county flip and then went into action to help block Sanders from picking up more delegates.


…“We believe, unfortunately, that the tactics and behavior on display here in Nevada are harbingers of things to come as Democrats gather in Philadelphia in July for our National Convention,”…

–We can count on this to be the DNC’s strategy at the Comcast Democratic National Convention in July. Demonize all dissent as violence, which will justify the use of violence to contain and crush that dissent.

Chris Hedges’ warned that as Empire is no longer able to maintain the illusions that allow it to foment mass consent, the violent practices it uses abroad to crush and kill opposition will be brought home.


Finally, CommonDreams and TYT are the only media, I can find, telling the truth. Thank you! I was there, and there was no violence, we booed really loud though…lol. The people were defrauded by Hillary’s goons. They tried the same thing at the county convention but Sanders supporters refused to leave, this time they had the Sheriff Dept. ready to disperse us. Welcome to a dictatorship and police state.


I was once a member of my state’s Democratic State Party Executive Committee, and now I am unaffiliated. I quit the party because of the shenanigans I witnessed, which pale in comparison to what happened in Nevada.

For example, the Party has stacked the deck against the Sanders campaign by only appointing three of the 45 people he recommended for the Democratic National Convention committees. Critically, former Representative Barney Frank—a Clinton surrogate, who has been vitriolic in his criticism of Sanders—will co-chair the important Rules Committee.

That’s only the beginning. How much you want to bet Philadelphia will look like an armed fortress?

A little birdie tells me that what happened in Nevada will pale in comparison to the dirty tricks the DNC will pull in Philadelphia.


Thank you Kevin for your reporting, real reporting I might add.


How refreshing! Thank you Kevin Gosztola.

Your future headline?



Excellent report of the facts, thanks.
“The answer is because the Democratic Party is confronted with a popular uprising that is raising expectations for change and forcing them to represent people over corporate or special interests.” And the Democratic party is not prepared to give up suckling at the corporate teat and have the 1% rejoin the rest of society. But they don’t want to, because right now it’s working pretty darn well for them. How do we get them off their lofty perches? Progressive taxation and capital gains as regular income.
…or we need to organize a general strike, like the teachers in Detroit.
How did they all coordinate?


Thanks to Kevin Gosztola. Like I have posted before, if the DNC had to pick either losing to Trump with HRC or winning with Bernie, they would go with losing to Trump!


These radicalized right wing Clinton people seem to be a real danger to American democracy.


Thanks for the great reporting and for being part of the community. A too rare occurrence on both counts.


I appreciate every comment I receive and follow the comments every time Common Dreams republishes my posts here. Really appreciate everyone who engages in discussion about this. It helps me deal with the Clinton campaign-driven nonsense aggressively aimed at Bernie Sanders. At the moment, it is the tired refrain of Party Unity and how he’ll unify the party, like he owes the Democratic Party anything at all after the way they’ve treated his campaign.


It was good to see Sanders activist, who organized the petitions, on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC. Her account is an important aspect of what happened at the convention that the establishment news media could care less about, and that is primarily because they only see the election in terms of a horse race. So what does it matter to these news hosts if a state Democratic Party is disenfranchising and stifling opposition from people who they should be afraid to alienate?