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How Did a 26-Year-Old Iraq War Veteran Die Serving a 2-Day Jail Sentence?


How Did a 26-Year-Old Iraq War Veteran Die Serving a 2-Day Jail Sentence?

Stephen A. Crockett, Jr.

Twenty-six-year-old James Brown served two tours in Iraq. He didn't make it two days in a Texas jail.

In 2012, Brown was arrested in El Paso, Texas, where he was living with his family while on active duty, and sentenced to two days in the El Paso County Detention Facility for a DWI.


“Brown’s family believes that the guards’ treatment of him was more stressful than being under fire during his two tours in Iraq.”

Wow. Doesn’t that say it all… and profoundly challenge the following sound-bytes:

  1. We’re fighting (as the slogans go) in Iraq for YOUR freedom (here at home)
  2. We’re fighting “them” (dangers) over there, so we don’t have to fight “them” (the bad guys) here
  3. Police = officers of the Peace
  4. War/soldiering and the spread of carnage = Defense

Defense of what? An authoritarian govt. that has granted itself thus far:

  1. A license to kill (drone lists) without judge, jury, or trial
  2. A license to enact torture (tactics now spreading to domestic police departments, Chicago, in particular)
  3. A license to spy on all citizens and record their calls & emails
  4. A license to arrest people for spurious charges and CHARGE them for their arrests, processing and jail time
  5. A license to use a massively compromised mass media to promote false narratives and propagandistic messaging 24/7
  6. A license to prevent citizens from knowing what’s in their food
  7. A license to embark upon trade deals that anesthetize the nation’s own hard-won labor and environmental laws
  8. A license to hold no political or MIC operative or banker accountable for crimes, even major crimes against humanity
  9. A license to foul the planet’s atmospheres, waters, ecosystems when the call to mitigate climate chaos has already clearly sounded (I am talking about the allegiance between Fossil Fuel moguls and U.S. and foreign government elites)
  10. A license to hide major policies, keep them OFF the media radar until they are made into “law”
  11. A license for the “men in uniform” to “enjoy” open season on persons of Color
  12. A license to turn its back on the blowback of NAFTA in the form of thousands of displaced orphans, out-of-work farmers, and “illegal” aliens
  13. A license to brutally prosecute those reporters, truth-tellers, and whistle-blowers capable of offering a counter-narrative to the LIES told often by official sources

THIS is not a legitimate government. As Mini-true points out, it’s a resurrection of the Fourth Reich hiding behind a Vichy Democratic fig leaf. The forum ding dongs who push “voting” are clueless as to how deep this rabbit hole goes and why voting will mean little. The system preserves itself and currently, it protects the 1% and/or corporations… see TPP, TIPP, etc.


The problem is an utter lack of accountabilty of Law enforcement. “Investigated” by their own superiors, “prosecuted” by DA’s that know they have to work with them in the future. Paid vacation if they do something wrong. If, by some miracle, they are fired- the union guy from the police union sues to get their job back with back pay…and are usually successful. Whole system sucks.


What of the lack of accountability of those soldiers and public officials who prosecute wars abroad where literally millions are killed?

What of accountability for those people who make and design weapon systems like DIME munitions and cluster bombs and make profits when they are used?

What of the accountability of the BPS and TEPCOS of the world and all Corporations that are destroying entire ecosystems for the sake of profit and personal gain?

What of accountability for a system that embraces VIOLENCE as a means to domination while claiming it a tool of positive social change. The whole rotten system lacks accountability and not just the thugs in the Police forces.

Accountability for ones actions is premised on having a Community and a society yet as far as the Corporate State is concerned there are only individuals and there no such thing as society.


Very well said.


Well, SDP…the article was about a man that died in custody of police. You can chase your tail all you want on the whole “No one anywhere has accountablility” idea - which is a perfect recipe to do nothing-, making the police accountable would at least be a start. As for that, I would say they could do a few things…

  1. Set up an independent citizens board with teeth.

  2. Require police and corrections officers have at least an associates degree.

  3. Remove the local D.A. from the process.

  4. Suspend officers WITHOUT pay while under investigation.

  5. Make firing for illegal activity result in a lifetime ban on working in law enforcement.

  6. Automatic firing for any officer that loses a civil suite against the municipality because of their actions.

  7. Officers being held to a higher standard, not lower, in our courts.

  8. Remove their full immunity from lawsuits.

  9. Immediate firing of officers that knew of illegal activity but did not report it.

  10. Quadruple the training these people receive.


What’s wrong in this country. Killing Black People by the police force is an epidemic now. It is more than a cancer. It is thoroughly unacceptable. It is crossing the limit. How can anyone call it a civilized nation. It should be stopped. Everything here is corrupt. The spineless and greedy politicians, the hugely corrupt police and legal system, all indicate that ordinary black citizens have no rights in this land. Instead of lynching they are killing the Blacks inside the custody and everyone is coming out clean even a healthy man is pronounced dead. It is disgusting.


All it takes is a burned out light bulb on your vehicle, can set off a life changing or even, ending, event. A search, cash found, had a couple drinks at dinner, and I mean a couple, two or three, if one is not with influence or the right connections, the same thing that happened to this veteran, can happen to you. This is the US in 2015. Will you or your loved one be next?