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How Did Americans Become Such Wimps?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/10/how-did-americans-become-such-wimps


Wow… excellent essay. Spot on…


Well, Republicans and Democrats have been tag-teaming us for the last three decades, at least, wiping out the middle class, deregulating everything from media ownership rules to Wall Street, normalizing permanent global war, tearing down the rule of law (especially in the post-9/11 era), and rigging elections seven ways from Sunday so no one to the left of Dick Cheney has a prayer of being elected (Trump’s election was an anomaly, a “Black Swan” event).

While the people have become demoralized and “wimpy,” the Democratic Party has become an excellent fighter, a real tyrannosaur… when it comes to stomping out the left.

When the Democrats disenfranchise millions of registered voters in their thoroughly rigged primaries, progressives fold, believing that they have “nowhere else to go” – nowhere other than the only party arguably more dangerous than the GOP.

After the last several years of neo-McCarthyite, neocon “Democrats” and the collapse of journalism in America, our fighting spirit has been all but extinguished… as evidenced by Bernie Sanders’s sheepdogging efforts for Sec. “We Came, We Saw, He Died” in 2016 and for Mr. Rapey, Warmongering Racist, Cuppa’ Joe Biden in 2020 – the walking vegetable who is the moral equivalent of Donald Trump when it comes to corruption, bigotry, environmental destruction, and misogyny (significantly to Trump’s right on matters of war, the New Jim Crow, and “trade” pacts).

Of course, we’ve become a bunch of wimps when facing the neo-fascist order! That’s by design, Mr. Cole. It was bound to happen after Democrats abandoned working people and became the “more effective” (not “the lesser”) evil, working solely on behalf of genocidal warmongers, Wall Street, and the oligarchy.


The American people aren’t wimps… they’ve merely come to the realization far too late that they have no advocate or representation within our government.

People of working age with children know that if they speak out and protest in any meaningful way they will become targets and quite possibly lose their jobs.

France has strong unions because they have a strong labor party - if they don’t like something they say FU and shut the country down. I hear no such calls from the democrats. Nothing.

We have a tyrant in the white house, we are in the midst of a pandemic, the usps is being dismanted as is their union, unionized teachers are being forced back to school, we are in an economic depression -
I say again, I hear no calls from the democrats to take to the streets and shut the country down.


If they have come to the realization about all of the things that you point out (usps, forced back to school, etc.), then where are the mass protests? Well, there aren’t any except Black Lives Matter. Thus, Americans are wimps…

Your whole point is that it is going to take someone from the government to call for protests against policies from the government will mean that you will be waiting for someone else to actually take the charge rather than putting the power in your own hands and feeds directly into the whole point of the article.


One factor is the guns and the second amendment. The people believe that as long as they have guns no Government will dare step on their rights yet when it comes down to it the guns in fact make it easier because it gives the authorities a greater right to use “deadly force”.

It leads to a false sense of security versus tyranny.

Remember , if ones rights must be defended with guns , then ones rights can be taken away with guns and the side that prevails is the side most likely to use deadly force and the side that will have the courts backing it when that deadly force used. The Courts tend to always support the State.


I wouldn’t exactly put it as silence of the American people, more like a non-responsive electorate that doesn’t seem to hear or pay attention. It really isn’t a mystery, it is however dysfunctional.


DR. Cole’s point is made again every time a wimp here tells us to vote LOTE because we have no choice.


Guns are a symptom, not a disease. Gun are symbolic for aggressive behavior rather than discussion or other means.


Americans traded in their dignity for entertainment and consumerism a long time ago. Good luck getting the first back.


The major reason there no viable third party in the USA is that “the wimps” refuse to vote for them because they can not handle “the other side” winning so always vote LOTE. The single most effective mass protest would be millions of US voters switching their vote to a third party.

If one can not and will not vote the courage of their convictions then there is no courage involved yet we have guys like Chomsky and Solomon insisting the people have to ignore their convictions and vote Democrat because “the other side is worse”.


In terms of voting that is very true, it means the opportunity to change things has left you with the choice presented. Complaining about it for years is kind of a waste of time.


Not true at all. Guns change behaviour. Individuals act differently when they have a gun and when those individuals become 10s of millions , the entire society acts differently.


This article is 100% spot on as unfortunate as it may be. People in the US are incredibly complacent and do most of their complaining online rather than getting up and doing something about it. As a result, they have no representation and are a mere afterthought to the spreading fascism which is enveloping it.

So what are people going to do about it? My guess is that it will get a lot worse before people do something about it. This is just the beginning it saddens me to say.


That is true, voting is an elective process. Stop and consider that third parties do not provide the necessary change significantly to change that process.

I am not sure what your point is here. It is up to the individual voter to change how they vote. The third party is not going to make that change for that voter.

If their name visible on the ballot then it up to the voter to be informed as to what that party stands for and to put their X by the name of the candidate who stands for those same things.

If the voter decides instead “I am going to vote Democrat because they are not as bad as the Republicans” then that entirely on the voter and it evidence they thralls of the duopoly and mass media voting as they are directed t be.

If a voter is unwilling to exercise the freedom of choice then they might as well not have it and picking between two parties selling the same crap is not making a choice. This is like a guy that complains he hates Cheerios yet every time he buys breakfast cereal he purchases cheerios while claiming he made a choice when he picked the box that is second from the front on the shelf rather then the first.


Right on. The only additional remark I’d make to this excellent essay is that the so called modern day Democrats are part of the scam; they offer very little even in the way of basic resistance much less progressive actions.


Well, that is a rather incomplete analysis. Maybe he ate Cheerios for years, maybe he didn’t like them at first but learned how to make them taste better. Maybe he tried other cereals and didn’t like them any better, and some were worse. There are all manner of behavior paradigms that could apply. I think the largest variable are people that feel they no longer have any stake in an election.


Excellent post!

“While the people have become demoralized and “wimpy,” the Democratic Party has become an excellent fighter, a real tyrannosaur… when it comes to stomping out the left.”

Agreed. I have to admit, the DP has shown a devious genius ability to devise a multitude of ways to kill off any progressive inklings and render them irrelevant. Shows they are not really inept, just have a different agenda than they proclaim. Progressives have no future in the corporate DP and must break away and form a third party.


The most heavily armed US citizens will use their weapons soon, but not against the republicans or corporate dems. They will wage violence against any protests or organized movements on the left, thereby supporting the oppressive fascists.