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How Did Americans Become Such Wimps?

Yes and I linked to a blogger who is on the right who expressed much the same.

That blogger insisted that buying guns was a very “pro-american activity” even as that blogger insisted that those peoples protesting were engaged in un-american activities. The person insisted that the guns were needed to be used against the “left”.

They have the same issues those fundamentalist Christians have wherein they pick and chose the amendments that are important.

The second amendment in other words is there to ensure people do not exercise their first amendment.


People do what works for them and they stop doing things that don’t. How they make choices is another story.

Gotta go

Voting Democrat has certainly not worked for the left now has it. It has only worked for the right and the rich.


The most heavily-armed (fat, white) US citizens will be in for a surprise.
Gun sales to black folks are booming:


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Bravo, Dr. Cole!
One major reason why Americans are “wimps” is because there is no sense of comity, of community. We’ve been brainwashed for 50 years that we must compete against each other, dog-eat-dog, be the best, must be successful to earn our right to live…small wonder the US has one of the highest rates per capita of suicides and mental illnesses.
And without comity, there are no unions. If we look at our neighbors and friends as commodities, a means to enhance us regardless of the cost to them…well, it’s game over. Let me explain my personal experience for the past four years. Once is a mistake. Two times is an anomaly, three times is a pattern, and four times shows this is the culture, a culture of sociopathy. However, I’m a tough old Crone and, now that I know the Monster, it won’t get near me again.


The underlying assumption in this article is that somehow it is the people’s fault. And the author goes back just a very few historical years to say “The rich figured out in the 1980s that Americans are all form over substance.”
Americans are people like the rest of the people on the planet. Some bad, some good, some clever, some not. I would have expected an analysis of the political and economic system in the US that produce the outcomes that we have. A system that did not start in 1980. How can you compare Europe with the US without even mentioning that European countries have multi party systems, while the US has a one party system (with two wings). Strange. How can you talk about the “Americans” without an analysis of the propaganda machinery (including the war one) that has been ubiquitous in the US for long long before 1980. I find this article very superficial, and frankly not of integrity. Sorry.


Yes, it is excellent–except that Juan Cole OMITS the role the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has played in this catastrophe. Since the 1990s (at least), the Dems use the labor unions as an ATM & free GOTV labor–but, NEVER FIGHT for workers
rights. On the campaign trail, President Obama said he’d put on his “walking shoes & join the picket lines”–he didn’t. Obama talked about ther FREE CHOICE Act–which would have made organizing on the job easier–while campaigning but, after he won, you never heard about it again,.The GOP is so utterly white supremacist sexist/mysogynistic, homophobic & ONLY concernened about Billinioares & Big Corporations to the EXCLUSION of ANYone else–it’s easy to forget how often the Democratic party sells us out. I suggest people read “Listen, Liberal! Or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People” by Thomas Frank.(who exposed the GOP in his book “Whats The Matter With Kansas?”) “Listen, Liberal” does the same for the Democratic Party


SuspiraDeProfundis: I agree w/most of what you’re saying here. But, there’s another factor: the HALF of Americans hwo DO NOT VOTE AT ALL. What’theuir exxcuse? They COULD vote Third Party–but, often say “{ThirdParty} can’t win so why vote for them?” they don’t seem to get that if you don’t vote for them it’s a done deal they won’t win! Rather like Donald Trump & his sociopathic father, too many Americans worship “winners”–& so, they insure the 1% keeps winning over & over again


Paraphrasing - "Americans are sheep that let the rich and powerful walk all over them . "
There is one underlying reason amongst other reasons that comes to mind about that .
EVERYONE i have ever talked to in my 74 years has either directly or indirectly indicated that the reason they don’t want taxes and controls put on the rich is because becoming a wealthy person is part of the American Dream that they still entertain. Some of the people i asked just came right out and admitted it , while others eluded to it and some denied it only to later admit it . I lived in a shared community for about twenty years but always had the becoming rich one day thing , in the back of my mind .
Some people will say , yeah ok i admit it BUT i would share my wealth with the less fortunate . Fine , but you still had that fantasy floating around in your head from time to time , yes ?


which will simply provide MORE excuses for Police Violence

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The federal EPA has been a total failure for many years. Along with OSHA, lazy beyond imaginations.
The Flint, Michigan lead in water. The East Chicago, Indiana lead in the soils at public housing. The mine surge poisoning a river.

Rif 80% and replace with educated in science, biology, chemistry, negotiaions. It took a very proud EPA employee ten years to get one company to dothe right thing and remove tainted soils from neighbors yards. Then the story gets too sad. We have Mexican day laborers using hand shovels to load the dirt into 5 gallon paint pails, which they dump into the back of their pick up truck.

We darn well know the contaminated dirt ended up in their yards or somebodies garden, sold to them as top spil.


Agreed. They do not get a pass. I tend to feel they have been so conditioned by the media into believing “third parties can not win” that they just do not bother trying.

The thing is if only 5 percent of those people get off their backsides and vote Green or some third party and nothing comes of it , they feel there just not enough numbers to make it possible. This very much like the power of Unions. Unions can not beat the monied interests unless they act in concert and en masse.


It is ironic that the freedom loving gun owners always seem to miss or ignore any new law dismantling their rights to clean air, water, food, health care or freedom from constant surveillance as long as they own a gun but will shoot someone if asked to wear a mask.


An ex military person who was white recently drove towards a group of peoples protesting. He shot dead a Black man who was armed and claimed the black man pointed a gun at him (no evidence of this he just made the claim). The white cops attending the scene have not yet laid charges calling it self defense.

They tend to always conclude that “The black man started it…”

According to reports this person honked his horn at the protestors and then drove his car through the crowd causing them to scatter.

John Wesley Hardin was a notorious western Gunfighter. What he would do was provoke another person into a fight and then kill him in “self defense”. This guy did much the same.


Did you see the ruckus in Colorado over the weekend among BLM protesters, BTBC ( Back The Blue Cops ) and the local police staff. Listen to the instructions being given. Oh yes! We’re close.
This confrontation was very instructive, imo.


I did not see that one. I will try and look it up. If you have a link it would help.

Federal laws and regulations change constantly. Best friends in politics disagree and/or fight like hell with each other, sometimes over laws and appts. That’s how it works.
The gun owners aren’t stupid. They know where those dues and contributions are going.
The " Goo-Goo Good Government " types are the ones out to lunch, pretty much. Let’s face it, the hard left are cheapskates, as well.

Fort Collins or Colorado Springs? Originally posted at DU but it’s out there- in more ways than one.

OK I watched something on this. Very disturbing. The Back the police crowd claiming the BLM as Commies as they beat the crap out of them. I read the commentary after the video on you tube and they seem to have a whole lot of support.

The Pro blue protestors filmed this thing and it shows they provoked the violence yet the police only arrested BLM protestors.

The “freedom loving” gun toting NRA crowd side with the fascists.


The proof that Americans are wimps is that there are more guns in the country than people and no one has taken a shot at Trump.