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How Did Benghazi Become a Ruin? NYT Ignores US Role—in Multiple Media


How Did Benghazi Become a Ruin? NYT Ignores US Role—in Multiple Media

Jim Naureckas

New York Times Cairo bureau chief Declan Walsh went to Benghazi, Libya, which is in ruins, to find out how it got that way.


This is what liberation, democracy and peace look like when brought to a country by 'Muricans. Somehow they’ll blame it on the new “worst Terrorist nation in the World - Iran” or if that seems to incredulous for even the 'Murikans - Russia.


Are you reading this, Lrx?



When Obama “egged on by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton” decided to bomb Libya back to the stone age, there was a complete absence of the MSM as to what the consequences would be for the five million inhabitants who never asked for U.S. military intervention. Almost overnight, the Obama administration turned the richest nation in Africa, into a barren landscape as it plunged the entire population into poverty, insecurity and a deep hatred for the U.S. that will last for generations.
The U.S. meanwhile boasted of their great success in recklessly dropping millions of tons of ordinance from high up in the sky without the single loss of an American. The fact that millions of innocent civilians would be turned into a frightened band of homeless refugees was ignored, and instead Hilary would go on to brag that she was “tough on terrorism” rather than admitting responsibility for the needless death of thousands. In a functioning democracy and just world, the media would have called out the government to explain the need for the ruthless slaughter of men, women and children and demanded that those responsible resign at the very least and be criminally prosecuted in an ideal democracy. Instead, we were warned a few years later by the war mongering Democrats, that the trigger happy and dangerous Trump would start needless wars (not that Trump will disappoint his critics for long!) if elected.
Until Americans realize that Democrats and Republicans will wage endless wars in the pursuit of military profits under the false flag of ‘helping’ those countries by plunging the entire nation into a perpetual state of civil war, bankruptcy and human atrocities, the American populace will continue to re-elect our corporate lackey’s.
It should come as no surprise, when some brave victims of corporate imperialism take it upon themselves to retaliate by killing some U.S. politicians, bombing a mainstream newspaper or sabotaging a defense contractor. But the media will spin it as “they hate our freedom” or some other such nonsense as our government dutifully tells us to brace ourselves for yet another endless war on terror while feebly justifying why more bombs, more death and destruction, more threats and more military spending is the most rational response. Of course these military solutions mean less resources for the 150 million financially insecure Americans and more profits for the 1%, but none of those reasons ever make our headlines.
Our collective angst has nothing to do with immigrants, gay marriage, the corporate tax rate or welfare queens. The largest threat to Americans for over a century has been the grip on our political system by a handful of psychopathic multinational corporations. While years of endless propaganda by the MSM hasn’t completely convinced most Americans that corporate America is our Christian panacea or that cut throat investor capitalism is the only road to happiness, it has left most Americans confused as to whom is actually responsible for our sorry state of affairs. The Republican narrative (shared by Democrats and Republicans alike) has buried itself into the psyche of a sizeable portion of the population to the extent that too many of the ‘less fortunate’ (the 99%), would not hesitate to take up arms against fellow Americans to ‘preserve the union’ between corporate America and the patsies they have packed D.C. with. Therefore it is the duty of all progressive thinkers to turn it up a notch to save not only ourselves from the brutal assault against us by the Koch Brothers and Goldman Sachs of the world, but to get the human race off of that runaway freight train to planetary extinction.


The richest Country in Africa, having the highest standard of living and a wealth of Social services ranging from health care for all to housing as a right reduced to rubble by the Western Powers based on them having inserted people on the ground to destabilize the region all to protect the US Currency and “western interests”.

I would note that just prior to this Germany had demanded all of its gold back from France and France was rather tardy in returning it. Of a sudden Libya invaded, that Countries gold reserves vanish (with reports it might never be found as Qadaffi loyalists spirited it away) and France suddenly has gold to return to Germany.

Soon after this France used the excuse of instability spreading from Libya to Mali so as to insert more troops into Mali to “Protect French Interests”.

This is just Colonialism all over again .

That Declan Walsh seems unwilling to own up to the US role in this war crime shows he utterly lacking in morals or integrity. That he unwilling to acknowledge the US role even as the rest of the world is well aware of it shows he just a tool of the State. Operation Mockingbird is alive and well.

And Hilary Rodman Clinton , having overseen this crime against humanity cackled “we came, we saw he died” even as people continue to insist to this day that she was somehow better then the buffoon and war criminal that currently sits in the White House.


“The long historical memory is the most radical idea.”
–Utah Philipps

“Problems have a history.”
–Tariq Ali


Obama’s attack on Libya, coinciding with the anniversary of Bush’s attack on Iraq, was decisive Democrat face-fart for the peace movement. It erased, to me at least, all hopes that the Democratic Party would ever be of the slightest use whatsoever in reducing war, let alone promoting peace.

Worse, rank & file Democratic voters mostly approved or at least gave Obama a pass on this obvious imperialist aggression, & then led the nation in a vast jingoistic circle-jerk when the POTUS whacked OBL (or an OBL stand-in, no telling at this point) gangland-style, & fed him to the sharks.

And worse yet, Democratic voters bought the lie that somehow Hillary was a victim of Libya, despite her sadistic cackle, caught by a network news camera, at Qaddafi’s gruesome public impalement.

The 2-party system has been altogether way too successful at brain-washing America into a nation of mostly sheep, with trivial partisan ‘differences,’ but lockstep in the goal of extorting cash from working persons & turning it to bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


“all to protect the US Currency and 'western interests”. Yes it’s amazing how the US media either doesn’t know this or conveniently omits this from their reports.
For the rest of you:
Gadhafi dropped the US dollar as trading currency for the dinar, and convinced other African nations to do the same, for that he had to die and Libya subjugated to turmoil. Since I don’t have the reference material on hand to support other issues (like gun running by Stevens), we’ll set that aside for now.


History is written, rewritten and erased by the “victors” and their scribes


I read 140 tons of gold were stolen from Libya, this attack on that nation burns me up to this day. Since all the murder and mayhem has advanced with no holds barred right in our faces without the consequences of massive grief realized by normal people seeking drastic change indicates the future will be a living hell. Greed kills.


Not just the gold was smuggled out. Lots of weapons and probably sarin gas too - all to help the Islamists carry out the Exceptional Nation’s foreign policy du jour and overthrow (yet another) Syrian government…


I just wanted to chime in on HIlary’;s cackle. There was something so grim and yet juvenile about her joy at seeing Qaddady die, particularly her joy in seeing him tortured. That was it for me and her, for good. It’s one thing to shroud your evil, but to be so open about it was just sheer piggery. Can’t really begrudge Trump’s value in humiliating both the Bush and Clinton dynasties. In case anyone forgot, he had actually negotiated with the USA to remove the last impediments to a better relationship with the West. Not only that, Libya has actually proven a giant loss to the West, now being a free-for-all transit point for desperate migrants. The stupidity of the entire operation is just astounding. Hopefully, we’ve finally realized we need to stop removing secular dictators in the Islamic world. Too bad their heyday is long over, thanks to us.


Indeed the media and governments have short memories. Sadly, so too, have also the voters.

This article is a timely reminder that despite admitting guilt of not doing the journalistic obligation of scrutinising the Iraq WMD data, the media and in particular the NYT, repeated their actions by not investigating the claims of US/NATO. But we cannot expect otherwise, now or in the future.


Well said and spot on. Thanks.