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How Did Guam Become a Target of North Korean Missiles?


How Did Guam Become a Target of North Korean Missiles?

Catherine Lutz

Guam doesn’t feel like a target. When I have visited the island over the course of the past several decades, it has struck me as one of the most wildly beautiful places on earth, with an endless turquoise sea, dramatic limestone cliffs, and impossibly green hills, and one of the most welcoming. It residents’ contemporary Chamorro cultural values emphasize family, generosity, non-confrontation, and respect for one’s elders, neighbors, and guests.


Yes yes yes, the USA colonial empire never had any business taking Guam, or Hawaii, or Samoa, or ANY of the Pacific islands that it occupies illegally and militarily.

US out. Decolonize this world, and promote and provide self-determination everywhere. End the madness of war and dismantle the phony “wealth” that is built from the greatest crimes in history, ongoing. End the wars over the “natural resources” of the Earth.

We need DEEP CULTURAL CHANGE. Transformation of the dominant human culture, away from war and accumulation and profit, toward ecology and humanity.


Yes absolutely. We need it YESTERDAY! The longer we put it off, the greater the ultimate damage we inflict on ourselves and others. Why can’t we just try to follow the Golden Rule?


Amen, Nighthawk, Amen!
*One does not even have to be religious to "Do not unto others as you would not have others do unto you."


Catherine, A personal thank you for such a beautifully written tragedy. At 72 I have practically given up on the government of my country to be anything but the purveyor of violence it has been since it’s beginning. Again, thanks.


Guam is very close to my heart, as the plane that brought me to America lo so many years ago first landed there to refuel. (Yes, to refuel. It was that many years ago.)

We can lament the overwhelming presence of our military there, but the truth is, Guam is now more a garrison state, much as the Falkens are vis a vis the British, and the natives are a minority in both. Yet, we now know that even natives were once immigrants, everywhere on Earth. Have we treated the Chamorros fairly? The article does not offer stats. Do the majority resent our presence? We have but one person’s opinion in the article.

As to the strategic importance of this island to the security of the entire Pacific basin, I will defer to the experts. I suspect the very bluster from North Korea says that it is.


Not US Citizens but US Nationals, they have no right to vote, hence they are not Citizens!