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How Did She Win? With a 'Laser-Focused Message of Economic, Social, and Racial Dignity for Working-Cass Americans,' Explains Ocasio-Cortez


How Did She Win? With a 'Laser-Focused Message of Economic, Social, and Racial Dignity for Working-Cass Americans,' Explains Ocasio-Cortez

Julia Conley, staff writer

As progressives nationwide celebrated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's primary victory in New York's 14th congressional district over establishment 10-term Rep.


The laser focus consciously avoids any discussion of U.S. imperialism, militarism, the “defense” budget and its relationship to domestic, austerity, etc. Hopefully, now that Ocasio-Cortez has won, she can admit these things about the Permanent U.S. War against the World. She will be a representative of the U.S., not just her NY constituency. This is the fundamental contradiction of trying to be a U.S. progressive in the national Duopoly.

Despite the ignorance of the vast majority of U.S. citizens about our role as the most powerful and largest empire in human history, the peoples of the world who are victims of the environmental degradation, mass murder, torture and violence are very aware of U.S. exceptionalism. It is the responsibility of people who claim to be progressive to be aware and act decently as well.


She did a great job during the interviews. The only thing I would say is for the left in general to point out, especially in regards to healthcare, that we could SAVE money by doing many of these policies. The arguments that these people give in opposition to single payer are really ignorant. They seem to take into account the money needed to fund the system, the taxes, and they will throw around huge numbers to scare people, but they never talk about the elimination of most out of pocket expenditures and never compare the costs of single payer to the status quo. Yeah, single payer would cost tens of trillions in the next few decades, but the status quo will cost trillions more. So, the idea about where the money would come from is off from the beginning.


Thanks, Tom.
It was great watching Ocasio-Cortez win, and inspiring.
But you’re right, progressivism is often laser-focused on identity politics, people wanting to participate more in consumer capitalism, and a demand that the state give people the comfortable consumerist lifestyle they want. There is an element of greed and consumerist buy-in, even in the impoverished masses.
There isn’t enough mention by progressives of stopping the ecocidal human war on the biosphere and innocent animals, or stopping Zionism, and American imperialism and war crimes worldwide.
Let’s hope that this wonderful candidate can increase the scope of her concerns, and become a true liberator, as MLK had done by the time he was murdered by our government.


Being in NYC - or other large US city - was the main reason she won the the primary - and especially the fact that her winning in the general election is now a foregone conclusion. And that’s putting it mildly. We are still far, far from such candidates winning elections in places like the proverbial Peorias - or even just, say Yonkers.

The political perspectives between urban and suburban rural USA have never been as stark as current times. (Eugene Debs was from, and popular in, Terre Haute, IN - can you imagine something like that today)

We still have a lot of work to do.


Access to helthcare, a living wage, and a roof over their heads and an education is not a “comfortable consumerist lifestyle”. Most of her NYC constituents do not own a car, nor care to. Do you? And to point out the role of racism in all of this is not “identity politics”

And while the US military need to be largely dismantled, this obsession with “US Imperialism” is a pathology - and one of very suspicious origin. You get your information from Sputnik and RT and Counterpunch, don’t you? And also, you are white, suburban, and financially comfortable, aren’t you? While the historical record of US interventions, and some current ones, is bad enough, the world’s worst atrocities at present are not even being committed by the US leadership - yet you probably ignore, or even support these monsters, don’t you?


It probably also did not hurt that the establishment did not consider her enough of a threat to rig the vote.


Yes! We are all helpless and totally without agency in the face of the scheming global spooky elites! Even when we win it is becasue of them!


How she won is fairly easy to explain. People of color, particularly Latinos, have figured out that the tired old white guys they have been electing for a generation don’t really represent their views.
Maybe they were waiting for their moment. And that moment appears to be here.
Now if Latinos and blacks in the old south, Texas and Arizona, where they outnumber whites, would get just as active as their compadres in the northeast and California, you would witness the quantum shift in American electoral politics that has been predicted since the 1980s.
My advice, and this is coming from a middle aged white guy, don’t wait for whitey to feel bad about what he’s done and let you in the game. Minorities need to kick the door down to the smoke filled room, sweep the cards and chips off the table and throw two dice in the middle of it and announce that we will be playing a different game from now on.


Very true Tom. Ocasio-Cortez has made a good start by criticizing the Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza and criticizing US support for the war in Yemen. She has also spoken out against the US colonial rule in Puerto Rico. I will encourage her to be outspoken against US war mongering, US imperialism, and the US support for military and espionage industries. I hope other progressives will do the same.

With the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, I hope that progressives push to ensure that no vote is taken until after the November elections. Additionally, hope progressives push to promote more progressive candidates such as Alejandria Ocasio-Cortez at all levels of government. And, if elected, I hope progressives continue to push these candidates to maintain progressive platforms.


The Clintons dried up teet lost another little piggy last night.
Time to make bacon of them all.


She used the same stuff that was in Bernie’s playbook. This time the Dem / DNC crooks were not there to sanotage her. Remember… had Warren backed Sanders we would all be in a better world with no Trump in it!!! She will never ever get my vote!


There’s no way in an internet comment to educate someone as feckless as you about American imperialism.
Perhaps you could do your own research to determine:

  • Which country has the most military bases in almost all other countries?
  • Which country in the last six decades has invaded and occupied at least a dozen small foreign countries not on its border and which posed no threat to it?
  • Which country is the only one to ever drop nuclear weapons on another country?
  • Which country’s military expenditures are more than all the next ten countries combined?
  • Which country’s population consumes 25% of the world’s resources while having only a tiny fraction of world population?
  • Which country refuses to participate in the World Court, the anti-land mine convention, the Paris Accord, and many other useful treaties and agreements?
  • Which country is the world’s biggest arms merchant?
  • Which country gives murderous, Zionist Israel billions of dollars per year and always backs Israel no matter how many people it kills?
  • Which country waged a campaign of genocide to steal the continent from its original inhabitants?
  • Which country has a president who praises and wants to emulate murderous Duterte, Erdogan, and Putin?
    When you get a brain and a clue, you’ll know which country is the most imperialist.


Ah yes, counterpunch is controlled by Rookies. Thanks for yet another brilliant observation based on myopia and/or rank stupidity and/or just using sliming troll tactics. So did they cut down on your yellowcake desert at troll central?


See the problem is that Yunz has a hard time researching actual facts and synthesizing them and falls back on memes, cliches, etc. As for nukes, he’s a proponent of nuke power, which is a “side effect” of nuke weapons, so you may get a little push-back there. “Feckless” is a bit too kind in this particular case; but if people actually made the effort to research the questions that you pose, they would be educated by just having to examine the questions. They could be a syllabus for a reality-based course on U.S. imperialism. Thanks for posing them.


Good to have sane people like you here at CD, Tom.
Wish there were more like you!


Maybe NPR couldn’t find a way to portray her as a racist and misogynist.


I agree, you can’t read too much in this. In the north Bronx and southern Westchester Elliot Engel won in a landslide over progressive challengers and that district is heavily Democratic. And it includes Yonkers. Voters consider whether a Democrat can win in the general election and in more conservative districts they are likely to vote for more centrist candidates because they are perceived to have a better chance against Republicans.


Exactly, Tom. The push about Americans implicitly promotes American exceptionalism. That is our codespeak. And war is unquestioned.
Non-Americans are nonentities.

American workers? No mention of children, that would imply caring about EDUCATION and child welfare. No mention of elderly, that implies dealing with social security and Medicare premiums. No mention of the sick or medical costs–the sick can’t work. No mention of people in upper ranks of business, generally called leaders. Why must we separate ourselves into classes!!!

The richer are not generally sought after because it is assumed that everyone compulsively only acts in their own self-interest. Not! Welcome all.

Call it a party for everyone, supported by everyone, helping everyone–and repairing the earth. I said repairing, not saving. The past is past.


Other people on CD have accused me of being sane before, but I’ll always have Yunz, KC, Bill Williamson, etc. to straighten me out :slight_smile: