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How Do 2,800 Migrant Children in Detention Spend the Holidays?


How Do 2,800 Migrant Children in Detention Spend the Holidays?

Tracy L. Barnett

It’s Christmas morning, and artists and activists are planning a procession around the perimeter of a child detention center here in the Texas desert. On the Mexican side, beyond the sprawling tent city, the Guadalupe Mountains loom. A Christmas tree constructed from the plastic water jugs that activists leave for thirsty migrants in the desert adds festive color to an activist encampment set up at the stony entrance to the Tornillo Detention Center.

Wise Fools, a circus troupe from Santa Fe, has brought gigantic puppets that pop up over the fence line.


How do We as a people allow such cruelty to exist and continue?


No such thing as “we as a people” and given this country’s miserable record on human rights, I’m happy not to include myself in any such category. Oh, I, too, am totally aghast and disgusted that were are now cruelly incarcerating children on a large scale, but never forget for a moment that there is a large segment of this country’s population that supports this policy and, in fact, there are people in this country who are incensed that we are spending any money whatsoever to feed and house these children. These “good, flag waving Americans” would rather truck these children to the border and dump them out in the desert, like so much trash, all as a deterrent to others seeking asylum in this country. Make no mistake, a sizable segment of this country’s citizens are trapped and addicted to their fear and hatred. They have a very different idea of “we as a people” and now they’ve now managed to get one of their own in the White House


How do at least 48,000 citizen/resident children (thousands classified as “adults”, hundreds facing life w/o parole) spend their holidays? This is not new and really accelerated with the Clinton “Crime” Bill that really accelerated U.S. imprisonment (voted in by Bernie Sanders and many other Dim lib/progs).

Clearly Trump has brought focus to the horrors of immigrant children with his vile racism and xenophobia, but where have the people of the U.S. and their Duopoly “representatives” been on this for decades? Just askin’


We need to separate illegal border crossing, from refugee’s coming to our border seeking asylum.
No, not separate cages. We either have had the wrong people making border decisions, or we don’t have any smart people. Could be we just don’t care as a majority of American people.


Having watched the documentary just last evening, I recommend Nicky’s Family for a couple of reasons.

First, I found it tremendously moving and inspiring. An example of what can be done, when people act according to the dictates of their heart and soul.

Second, watching scenes that are both archival news clips and re-enactments is chilling in how it feels eerily similar to the toxic atmosphere within our contemporary society.

In short, while I heartily applaud the No estas solo! efforts, we could use a Nicky Winton or Arthur Schindler these days.



Hi Tom Johnson: it’s just recently that many of us learned that Obama had been deporting a lot of people----even more than Bush 2, The weirdest time was when America sent Mexican - Americans born in America back to Mexico ( where they’d never lived) during the Depression. Then I read that they sent people draft notices from America to return for WW 2.

Of course what America did to the Chinese workers was awful too and lots of history books omit these truths. : (