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How Do I Know Good Can Overcome Ignorance, Spite and Hate? Because I’ve Seen it

How Do I Know Good Can Overcome Ignorance, Spite and Hate? Because I’ve Seen it.

Rob Hopkins

I want to share a story with you today that I’ve not shared before on this blog. I was moved by something I saw on Twitter to the effect that the future will not remember Trump, but the future will remember the remarkable things done by those mobilising to oppose him. It really resonated with me. I wanted to share a very personal story from my own life which, for me, illustrates that this is possible.

Thank you, Rob Hopkins, for a very uplifting article. I will take it to heart.
I can’t help but wonder if it would have played out as well in our increasingly
mean-spirited U.S. of A. however.

It took around 60-70 million lives between 1933 and 1945 to overcome ignorance, spite and hate when the ignorant, the spiteful and the hateful controlled the police and the military.

Most people are decent and try to help each other in adversity. Except when there are Jews, Russians, Muslims and Mexicans to hate.

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An encouraging article. A good reminder not to get overwhelmed by all the negativity and damaging policies being proposed and implemented by our president. The encouragement to cultivate our positive connections with others is an important message! But I have found Facebook a good source of community and genuine contact as well. Living in rural Arizona with friends and family many hundreds of miles away has something to do with that, but the positive energy I have gotten from strangers who have become friends, or at least the connection with kindred spirits, is also uplifting. These are dark times, and I have the feeling that they are going to stay dark for a long time - no matter who is in the White House, as climate change is going to be a long term tragedy, the 6th great extinction event is another major tragedy that will not go away, and as Immanuel Wallerstein wrote, “There will be no economic recovery, not now or ever.” Not to be pessimistic, but that’s just how it is. And then people get fearful and start looking for scapegoats, and demagogues fan the fears for their own benefit. What will resolve these crises is a holistic worldview to replace the individualist-materialist worldview of the past 250 years:1) all things are connected, there is only one system, in which all are a part; and 2) the material world arises from nonmaterial energies - the material world that seems so self-evident is only one possible interpretation of reality. People in other times had very different understandings, and people in the future certainly will as well. Our thoughts create our reality. By loving thoughts and acts we create a loving world. Sorry to go on! Peace.