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How Do You Deal with This Much Nonsense?

How Do You Deal with This Much Nonsense?

Charles P. Pierce

This simply can’t go on. I say this to myself every day when I first open the doors to the shebeen and take stock of what’s going on down at Camp Runamuck on Pennsylvania Avenue. The Republic was built to withstand a lot of things, but it was not designed to be run by the likes of President* Trump and his family of grifters, freeloaders, and silver-spoon incompetents. It is not structured to withstand simultaneous avalanches of greed, dishonesty, and rank idiocy. Its immune system is not set up to handle this many different poisons and infections at once. Jesus H.

“How do you deal with this much nonsense, indeed Charlie?”

Perhaps, as I expect, soon, Trump will tire from this game where he is constantly the “Butt” of all the jokes, and he will pack up the wife and kids, and move back to Trump Tower in New York.

My suggestion : Send him cards and letters to the White House telling him to “Leave” for your children’s sake.

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This is why we have elections. The system has still not degenerated into an authoritarian one such as happened in Russia, Egypt, and Turkey to name a few but authoritarianism is on the rise around the world as people are losing trust in democracy. My view is that voters should vote against Republicans as they are going along with a president who is an authoritarian. The old Republican establishment of conservatives has been given the boot by Republicans voters and the party is now controlled by white supremacists who support authoritarianism. The Democratic Party recognizes this but so many people have lost confidence in that party that they could go down to defeat again. Voting for Democrats at the federal and state level in 2018 and again in 2020 is the only thing that can stop this move to authoritarianism but will the people do it? Right now Republicans have control of the White House, Congress, and more than 30 state governments. Only elections stand in the their way of total control of United States and perhaps a vast campaign of ethnic cleansing to make the US a white Christian country which is their ultimate goal.

The fact that Congress continues to allow the “president” and his wrecking crew to dismantle and endanger our country speaks eloquently for itself.


I don’t think his “I’m the greatest” ego would allow him to pack up and leave. Perhaps a better method would be to get the people of New York to write him, and tell him how much his greatness is missed there and needed.

Don’t understand Mr. Pierce’s surprise that Israel is on the list. The Israeli govt. has not been our friend for a long time, if ever.


The only way one can deal with it, especially when one did not vote for him, is to realize one cannot and does not control the federal government. One must accept one’s fate and be happy in life.

One does not control the government, and neither do the voters. We’ve been had. Those who defended torture deserve it, everybody else not so much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




“Camp Runamuck” love it.

So what’s the alternative. The Ds who know better to keep their dirty dealings behind closed doors. At least w/Trump&Co they’re too stupid to even know they shouldn’t be doing such things.

This (and all while slashing funding for the elderly and homeless): "The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development spent a whopping $31,561 on a new dining set that will grace the executive dining room of Secretary Ben Carson.

HUD disclosed that eye-popping purchase to CNBC on Tuesday when asked about a former top official’s complaint that she was demoted last summer. The former official said the demotion came after she pushed back on an effort to help Carson’s wife redecorate his office at a cost above a $5,000 legal cap.

HUD — whose responsibilities include providing affordable housing to more than 4.3 million low-income families — said the only items purchased for Carson’s office were window blinds, which cost about $3,400…"

JC how many windows does he have, and his wife using the taxpayers checkbook to shop for new furniture, really. Ah, it’s so nice watching the over-privileged rushing in to spend money, especially when it isn’t theirs.


Jared is going to be caught up in Mueller’s net. He clearly broke the law.

As Nelson Mandela Muntz puts it: ‘Ha-ha.’


Trump surrounds himself with a like goon squad. Kushner just oozes repulsion and a unhuman quality of dirtbag.


Remember that bullshit that every schoolchild was told over and over? The BS about the USA being a “Nation of LAWS”? Well, I see all sorts of laws, and poor people filling the jails and prisons for breaking even one or two of those laws, but why is it I never see the REAL CROOKS, like Trump and the whole Repulsivican party in handcuffs? Why is Mitch McConnell not in prison after refusing to bring to a confirmation vote the last elected President’s choice of Supreme Court Justice? Why do I NOT see one million enraged citizens running this endless stream of nation-killers thru a fleet of guillotines or wood chippers?
“Nation of Laws”? Hardly! More like a nation of weasels, con artists, and cowards, waving Chinese-made flags with all of their might at a Russian-made Chief Executive.


First we were told Trump couldn’t win the primary, especially against The Bush Dynasty. Then he’d lose " hugely " to the Clinton’s Inevitability Machine. Then, he would never get his agenda past because MAGA was an empty slogan. Then, he’d …
Well, I survive on a daily basis by knowing the Talking Heads were a great band, but not great political prognosticators. And, I never, ever underestimate the power of looters when they’re given access to the largest bank vault in the world. Who additionally, have a lot of help from people on the inside, the deep, deep inside.
" You may be right, I may be crazy. Or, it may have been a lunatic you were looking for…Turn off the lights, the party’s ( almost maybe ) over “.
We will see, there’s still a lot of looting ( easy pickins ) to be done, after all.
And, all the Talking Heads are still clueless, imo.
” god would not have made them sheep, if he did not want them sheared ". vaya con dios at your own peril, gringo.

Hell, I can’t believe that Donald Trump has top-secret security clearance. You just know that fool is calling his buddies every night with little tidbits like, “Hey, you won’t believe this, but guess what I just found out about the Kennedy assassination [Area 51? 9/11? Who’s arming ISIS? How much money we really give Israel? Etc.]?”

One day we will find out that someone in this administration has been selling secrets to a foreign country. Kushner, one of Trump’s kids, or Trump himself. These people are only staying in the WH because they figured out that it’s a money-maker for the family and if they can make more money selling US secrets, they will. Also, Kushner in particular needs some serious cash to keep his company running. Complete lack of morals and ethics on display with this crowd. And I doubt Trump would have lasted a year except that he quickly learned that the Republicans would run cover for him on anything as long as he gave them their ugly wish list of an agenda and that the Democrats were too spineless and venal themselves to stand in his way, either.

Trump is running afoul of the emoluments clause every single day he squats in the WH. No-one in Congress will touch that with a ten foot pole. Maybe because they, too, are doing basically the same things, just less openly: they are allowed to do insider trading, take bribes from lobbyists, and pass laws that personally enrich themselves.


Maybe in the same way, that our military goes to foreign lands to supposedly defeat the terrorists, but are in fact creating them, Trump and his entourage are actually doing the work of the Democrats (as well as other parties who oppose this) by showing the country how bad the inside of Washington really is. Its like Washington DC has taken a truth serum and now they have to reveal all. Even though the Republicans are getting some long sought after advances, it could possibly set them back politically (hope, hope!) for decades, considering this is all being broadcast all over the country to up and coming voters who I hope aren’t gonna be fooled anymore.

Trump was backlash against Obama. But maybe there will be even bigger backlash against the backlash that is Trump.

The author fails to note that the stories about Jared being rolled by foreigners originate in leaks from the likes of McMaster. And McMaster is a serving military officer in a role never before filled by a military officer. Jared and his father-in-law are cheap grifters but their opponents are the worst kind of militarists like McMaster, Kelly and Mattis who seem to fancy themselves as some kind of junta.

Let’s not make the mistake of the crowds in Tahrir Square who hated Mubarek so much that they cheered for deliverance by the Egyptian military who then proceeded to impose an even more vicious dictatorship.

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