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How Do You Flip Rural Trump Voters? Talk to Them.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/07/how-do-you-flip-rural-trump-voters-talk-them

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I am so happy to read about these efforts to listen to and aid rural Americans. Trump won every county in the U.S. that was not in a city. If you drive through those counties, you find shuttered businesses and abandoned homes. Those little towns are dying, across all the backroads of this country. While Clinton promised eight more years of the same, Trump promised rural people their jobs back, their towns back, and they believed him.


The reason democrats are losing votes is they keep backstabbing the people that vote for them


Anybody not locked in a closet or afflicted with terminal denial syndrome realized early on that 2016 was the year of the outsider which predictably resulted in 16 contenders for the GOP POTUS nomination, but disappointingly resulted in the Democratic Party anointing Hillary Clinton and fighting true outsider Sanders’ candidacy.

When the voters were forced to chose between the GOP’s faux outsider and the DNC’s insider’s insider, they predictably chose the former.


I am a rural voter that owns over 100 acres and am surrounded by Trump voters many of whom are my relatives and many seem to be hypnotized by Trump. How do you flip rural Trump voters? That is the $64,000.00 question that unfortunately I have no answer for except maybe to take FOX NEWS OFF THE AIR! That is Trump’s Goebbels Network of fascist propaganda.

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Yeah, and the problem is…TOO MANY STILL BELIEVE HIM!

Living in Trump country rural Wisconsin I couldn’t disagree more. Most trump/republican voters are so tainted by years of republican politicians blaming the democrats for everything and the Democrats giving up a them, they only listen to the republican point of view and simply say “those democrats are the blame”. This has got to be the most successful PR and brainwashing in US history. This has been going on for last 40 years. Its not going to stop for another 20 years unless the Democrats can reach out to the younger generations in rural areas.

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Thanks for your perspective, but I would suggest you come to Alaska before you disagree with my perspective.