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How Does Amazon Ring Protect User Privacy? "Basically, They Don't," Senator's Investigation Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/20/how-does-amazon-ring-protect-user-privacy-basically-they-dont-senators-investigation

The House sneaks Patriot Act reauthorization with it’s massive government surveillance into a budget bill and he’s worried about doorbells? Priorities Mr. Markey, priorities.


Big Corporation is watching you. But it’s okay, unlike the evil government, Big Brother, in 1984, these corporations only have our best interests at heart.



The meme in this article sums it all up… We’ve given up our privacy in the name of convenience…


America - Land of the paranoid.

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Well I suppose if this is not obvious, it’s good someone is writing about it.

When you take home a corporate-built entity with a computer in it, it records you, records your actions, and generally sends information home. This is not just your desktop, laptop, and phone. It’s your newer model car or refrigerator, too.

The operating system, the various application companies, the communication software all take a cut. It’s not OK, but it’s good to know it’s true.

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The doorbell camera is looking outside the home on which it is installed. It is no danger to the privacy of the homeowner. Anything happening on the street outside the home is in the public domain, with no expectation of privacy. Where is the problem?

Five observations:

Firstly, the development and marketing of Amazon Ring is but (additional) confirmation of Top Ranking Moral Imbecile Jeff Bezos’ sadistic delight in scheming and imposing tyranny.

Secondly, Ring data will surely be hacked by (other) criminals – or peddled to them by corrupt cops and bureaucrats – whenever tech-smart crime bosses want to bolster the surveillance upon which they rely when organizing neighborhood crime waves.

Thirdly, let us not forget such crime waves are often clandestinely financed by politicians and developers who pay huge bonuses to crime chiefs and their bands of perpetrators to facilitate the socioeconomic cleansing of neighborhoods as demanded by our Masters’ shock-doctrine agenda of slow-motion ecogenocide.

(Hence, to Bezos the Baleful, a venomously sarcastic thanks – especially from those of us lower-income peoples now subjugated by the forcible disarmament fanatics who tyrannize pseudo-progressive Washington state – the infamously regressive rat lab in which Bezos and his savagely sociopathic ilk have perfected the pole-tax variant by which they’re stripping the entire USian 99 Percent of any effective capabilities of self-defense. Thus, spearheaded by the Democratic [sic] Party’s unbeatable cult of billionaire-funded hoplophobes – the best-friends-forever of every murderer, rapist, robber, thief and tyrant on our dying planet – they condemn us to the mandatory pacifism, compulsory victimhood and frequent [seemingly] random reductions of population that characterize all hopelessly subjugated peoples.)

Fourthly, what we have here is yet another a perfect example of the ongoing Neoliberal for-profit privatization of government, with the TRMI himself obscenely amassing even greater wealth as the de facto obergruppenfĂĽhrer of a de facto gestapo-type surveillance operation diabolically disguised as online retailing.

(I made the acronym TRMI, pronounced “ter-me,” to remind us every such creature is also by conscious choice a smirking perpetrator of ecogenocide.)

Fifthly, note how Bezos himself has risen like some uniquely toxic glob of fecal matter to bob grotesquely above his ecogenocidal peers and collaborators on the reeking surface of the cesspool known as Capitalist economics, there to serve as an ultimate example of the murderous Neoliberal hybrid of greed and vindictive despotism that’s the sole, anti-human, definitively apocalyptic motive of every such parasite now assaulting our people and our planet – this as the cesspool’s smallpox-blanket-deadly contents are purposely metastasized throughout the globe.

Indeed one cannot but wonder what stunningly pornographic sum of secret startup money this anti-human Bezos-creature got from which (and how many) of the 17 secret police agencies that so dutifully serve our Masters.

But, verily, what else did we – in our cunningly induced and proudly self-sustained ignorance of our Masters’ malevolence – imagine would happen?

We became the conquered subjects of the de facto Fourth Reich the instant it was obvious to our Masters there’d be no effective resistance – ever – to the long coup that began 22 November 1963.

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Pretty much why TPTB are pushing 5G networks, it speeds up the data transfer, and the appliances will talk directly to the towers.

Normally I would not trouble myself to respond to someone of your obvious Ayn Randish bias, but the nature of this website suggests you might actually be lost, hence that I should helpfully point out the TRMI Bezos you so fiercely defend is one of the very Neoliberals working ever-so-purposefully to reduce all the rest of us to slavery or extinction – all of us, that is, save his peers in the Neoliberal plutocracy and their wholly owned politicians, bureaucrats, military personnel and police. (Which, I wonder, might you be?)

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Introducing Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, White, Works with Alexa

Amazon’sChoicefor “ring indoor camera”

Bring protection inside with Ring Indoor Cam, a compact yet powerful security camera that plugs-in for nonstop power. With HD video, two-way talk and motion-activated notifications, Indoor Cam comes with all the features to keep you connected to home.

So, now, the NSA can watch your every move, listen to your every word. Of course, in its benevolence, this is all for your own safety and national security. The same will be true when the universal microchipping of citizens is fully rolled out. This will begin with an amazon developed microchipping your children system for you to keep track of your kids in the interest of keeping them safe, and who could argue against that?

Need I remind you of Amazon’s $600,000,000 dollar contract with the CIA?
Amazon IS the CIA … CIAMAZON.

Paranoia? I was accused of paranoia 5 years ago when I predicted that which is now reality. Enjoy your security (sic) while I lament my privacy.

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When do your children come home from school? If you wanted to know who was coming and going from a house in order to rob or kidnap or something, wouldn’t you like to know? Since any third party can get the footage, any one can get the footage like mafia bosses. They’d be able to figure out where the blind spots are in the camera’s views and all that before making a move.

20 years ago, my father who was an officer in the Army at the time told me that the gov’t began recording all online communications. I can’t remember if he included telephone converstations but what ever. Then I tried to share that info with friends of mine who were hippes. Beleive it or not, none of them believed me. Then Snowden happened. All I had to say was “I told you so.”

Screw that Ring shit, Just get a critter camera that uploads its info to your computer and YOUR computer only. This is just one more product to NOT buy from Amazon. As Mr. T would say “I pity the fools.”

Amazon will not ever receive another dollar of mine. A mantra to share.

I live in Tacoma, lamonte, which to refresh your knowledge of geography is but 34 miles from Seattle, and as a mostly retired print journalist I pay very close attention to the state, regional and local politics I formerly covered here for three local newspapers, two local magazines and UPI back when it was a real wire service. Hence I am obviously way more knowledgeable than you about Bezos. And from its frequent displays in Seattle politics, I am especially aware of his malicious greed, his nasty vindictiveness and the bottomless malevolence of his repeatedly expressed hatred and contempt for working families and indeed for the entire 99 Percent. Enough said?

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