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How Does Bernie Sanders' Turnout in Maine Compare to Other Democratic Rallies? It Was Epic


How Does Bernie Sanders' Turnout in Maine Compare to Other Democratic Rallies? It Was Epic.

Craig Brown, Common Dreams

Maine is a small state—1.3 million. Its largest city is Portland, with a population of 66,000.

Maine is one of the few states where Presidential national delegates are chosen at local caucuses. The Maine Democratic Presidential Caucuses will be held on March 6, 2016—8 months from now. And the General Election is still 16 months away.

Last Monday evening, July 6, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought his surging campaign to the Cross Insurance Arena in downtown Portland, Maine.


I suspect that as more people learn that Citigroup, Goldman-Sachs, and JP Morgan-Chase are funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which is being managed by a Monsanto lobbyist, her crowds will get smaller and Bernie’s will get bigger. Hillary will have to spend the billions of dollars the Wall Street banks are giving her just hiring people to show up at her rallies and hold signs.


This is good news but if you want to find MSM media coverage of it in Google News you have to search for “Hillary Maine”.

While looking to see how MSM treated the event I entered a search for “Sanders Maine” in Google News.

The top search results were:

Conflict erupts in Green Party after censorship of Sanders supporters
Bangor Daily News-3 hours ago

Bernie Sanders draws more than 7500 people in Portland, Maine
Washington Post (blog)-Jul 6, 2015

Scontras: The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Revolutionary Rhetoric
The Maine Wire-Jul 10, 2015

Sanders Bullshit Meter Goes Off the Charts in Portland, Maine
CounterPunch-Jul 7, 2015

Not exactly your mainstream sources (the WP blog is only online)

But a Google News search for “Hillary Maine” returned this:

Bernie Sanders Hits a Triumphant Note As His Crowds Grow
TIME-Jul 7, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ Surge in Polls Puts Pressure on Hillary Clinton’s …
ABC News-Jul 7, 2015

​Bernie Sanders gains on Hillary Clinton’s lead in Iowa
CBS News-Jul 7, 2015

Bernie Sanders draws more than 7500 people in Portland, Maine
Washington Post (blog)-Jul 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton blasts Republicans in CNN interview for poisoning …
Opinion-Washington Times-Jul 7, 2015

How far can Bernie Sanders go?
Opinion-Los Angeles Times-Jul 8, 2015

Got that? To see MSM news articles about Bernie Sanders in Maine I had to search under “Hillary Maine” in Google News.

The Google is not Bernie’s friend.


Go Bernie! He is a breath of fresh air…he addresses the real life pressing concerns of the vast majority of Americans: Will Social Security be there when I retire? Can I live on my retirement/SS? How can I live without medical/health insurance? How can I pay for my children’s education? And the list goes on. The vapid rhetoric of other declared candidates panders to the 1% and corporate interests, especially the ones in the GOP clown car.


Actually, I looked up, Maine Bernie Sanders, on Google News and got this:

Bernie Sanders draws more than 7500 people in Portland, Maine
Washington Post (blog)‎ - 6 days ago
Addressing yet another really big crowd – this one in Portland, Maine, estimated at more than 7,500 people – Sen. Bernie Sanders offered his …
Big turnout tonight for Bernie Sanders in Maine Boston Herald
Bernie Sanders Hits a Triumphant Note As His Crowds Grow TIME
CNN Exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s first national interview of 2016 Race CNN (blog)
Huffington Post - KVVU Las Vegas

Huffington Post
Bernie Sanders Senate colleagues stunned by his ascent
Politico‎ - 12 hours ago
Bernie Sanders’ Senate colleagues have come to know him as a bit … the enormous turnouts for Sanders at events in Wisconsin and Maine.
Bernie Sanders: So you’re saying there’s a chance? Los Angeles Times
They’re terrified of Bernie Sanders: Fox News, Hillary surrogates and … Salon
Voting for Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Citizens United and Restore … Huffington Post
CNN - New York Daily News

Not too bad.


Bernie, I just wrote this prescient comment in favor of your presidential run for 2016 under a parallel article, here in “CD”, on Social Security - And it goes well here, too!r

Bernie! You are THE MOVEMENT! lol YES, we citizens from Main Street America like you. YET! We have to figure out how to keep the phony “voting machines” (that have no verifiable printed ticket) from being used to flip our rigged election system against you - and the “system” is different in each of the 50 states.

There are zealot corporate ideologues who operate the so-called “proprietary” software cards, who must be ferrated-out in key districts,. Arguably, some have already flipped the vote count in previous, too close to call elections. Greg Palast has written extensively on this with: ““Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps””

We working people need to vigilantly watch the primaries’ counting processes (and then the general election in 2016.) The only possible way to keep Bernie from the Whitehouse, now, is by some under-handed chicanery. The banksters are all out of their plausible deniability tactics to keep from being called out on their flagrant attempt to buy our next president. BUT, they will never give in with a fair fight! What will they do? How can we rally the media?

So, we have to OUT LOVE THEM. I mean, show in amusing clever ways, who they really are and what they really want. Lets start being clever and loving!


I looked up Hillary’s remarks and found, " Remember the Maine, bomb Iran for Israel! Remember the Maine, let’s bomb Cuba, too! ". " Remember my husband, Maine? I know several women in Maine, do. " Remember Maine, when my husband Bill and I visited the Bush compound in Kennebunkport in 2004? " " Remember, Maine, when I was a Goldwater Girl in 1964 and wanted to kill every gook in Vietnam with nukes? Remember Tyson Foods from Arkansas, Maine? When my husband Bill let them " mine the seas " and deplete the fishing stock on the East and West Coast with those huge commercial trawlers, killing untold numbers of fish and calling it " bycatch " ? " Please, Maine, remember.


I think the true test of Bernie’s strength will be the size of his crowds in more conservative places. George McGovern (I voted for him in my early twenties and for every Democrat since) almost always had huge crowds, too. But he was electorally clobbered in the election; won only one state (MA). We liberal Democrats have got to keep our eyes on the prize: not only the nomination, but the presidency. Be ready to strongly support, and work for, whomever we Dems nominate!


You are absolutely correct. There is one thing different this time around, the internet. Many people spend as much time with Face Book, Emails, and You Tube as they use to spend with the television. I’m getting a half dozen Go Bernie posts on face book every day. They all have hundreds of thumbs up.People like them, and they are passing them on to everyone they know. Everyone knows that the TV spots are messages from corporate sponsors. most of the stuff we get on the internet comes from our friends. The internet has brought passing the word to a new level. Will it make any difference in our elections? We will see.


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" You all project too much, methinks. " Billie Joe Shakespeare, Mule Head, Mississippi circa 2015.


Thanks for the report.


But just in the last few years Russia was using polonium, not exactly a highly sophisticated tool for the job. i wouldn’t put nothing past nobody.


i like your optimism. We’ll see.


Ummm… i’m not going to vote for anyone i detest.


There is no other candidate that has walked the walk and talked the talk of a political solution to the REAL problems faced by the poor, the working class and the middle class for his entire, long career. There is only one bona fide candidate that represents the historic and true center of the democratic party and should Bernie not succeed in getting the nomination for his candidacy, I will never again be corralled or triangulated into voting for the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ This tired old trap has closed for the last time on me. There is no power, argument, fear mongered horror scenario or promise of riches that will convince me to vote for Hillary and the bloated baggage of Wall Street, the banksters and servitude to the M.I.C. that she has opportunistically shilled for her entire miserable career. Should anyone else other than Bernie become the nominee of the Democratic Party, I have promised and given oath unto myself that I will cast my ballot for whatever looney-tune the Republican crime syndicate puts forward. If the Democratic Party cannot represent the aspirations of the millions of non-millionaires, then it must be terminated.


Jonny, thanks for mentioning “Democracy Inc.”, Sheldon Wolin’s book which fairly accurately identical and defines the imagery of democracy in this hidden cancer of Empire.

Sheldon Wolin’s book Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism received a Lannan Literary Award for an Especially Notable Book in 2008.

While Wolin’s accurately diagnosed the structure that is employed to suborn and substitute something else for real democracy, he did not name this ersatz version of democracy by a name that could be broadly understood, rallied against by any majority of people, nor ignite a Second American Revolution against this false thing merely ‘posing’ as democracy when his book suggested calling it “Democracy Inc.” — so while Wolin’s logic and analysis was on-target his ability to start a Revolution against this thing failed to gain any broad traction with average American ‘subject’ to actually Revolt against this ‘thing’ that was oppressing them as much as the German people did not revolt against the Nasis.

Wolin’s lack of marketing, rallying, and enflaming Revolution because he did not use the only broad and commonly understood term that American’s have ever successfully rallied and actually Revolted against is the same deadly dead-end that afflicts almost all academics, public intellectuals, and revolutionary thinkers in this ‘thing’ called “our country”, or “America”, or “the U.S.” — and this lack of calling the ‘thing’ that enslaves us and turns us into powerless ‘subjects’ is also the common flaw and error that; Hedges, and all CD authors fail to do.

For example, in Hedges new and very good book, “Wages of Rebellion”, he notes:

“The New York Times, The Guardian, El País , Le Monde, and Der Spiegel printed redacted copies of some of the WikiLeaks files, but they have underreported the prosecution of Manning and entrapment of Assange. Do these news organizations believe that if the state shuts down organizations such as WikiLeaks and imprisons Manning and Assange, traditional news outlets will be left alone? Can’t they connect the dots between the prosecutions of government whistle- blowers under the Espionage Act, warrantless wiretapping, the monitoring of communications, and the persecution of Manning, Assange, and Snowden? Haven’t they realized that this is a war by a global corporate elite not against an organization or an individual but against liberty, the freedom of the press, and democracy itself?”

By calling the ‘thing’ that is controlling our former country, “the state”, or the “corporate elite”, Hedges and other attempted revolutionary leaders are making the same mistake as Wolin’s in failing to use the terminology that denies this ‘thing’ the hatred of the people.

The American people will never actually get up and revolt against anything that sounds like their country, their state, or even a vague sounding group like the “corporate elite” ---- the people will only and have only ever Revolted against an EMPIRE which treated them like powerless ‘subjects’ and oppressed them in multiple ways that the people could clearly understand and connected to the obvious fact that this ‘thing’ had a common name, and that was Empire.

Bernie is hopefully the first political leader and rebel who will, before the 2016 (s)election make it clear through his speeches (and even his ‘Revolutionary’ T shirts) that it is time to “Join the Political and Economic Revolution against EMPIRE” — and if he does that he will indeed become the first president after the non-violent Second American Revolution against EMPIRE!


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I love Bernie as well, but let’s not forget the sitting president, who at different times during the campaign promised all the progressive wet dreams under the sun. Why the about face? Bill Hicks, the great comedian, has a bit where after a president is elected, he is brought into a room and shown a film of the Kennedy assassination, from an angle never ever seen before. There’s an ounce of truth to that idea, methinks…


Bernie has no friends in the DNC but he has them by the hundreds of thousands in the cities and towns across America. This election will force the parties to show their true corporate colors and it will take a voter’s revolution to regain control of our government. Bernie is the only one that can Do It Now.