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How Does US Aim to Avoid Civilian Casualites in War Against ISIS? Model Israel


How Does US Aim to Avoid Civilian Casualites in War Against ISIS? Model Israel

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An Israeli tactic deemed "ineffective" at preventing civilian causalities by a United Nations commission has now been adopted by the United States in its fight against ISIS, according to a U.S. military official.


When we adopt tactics of the neo-fascist Israeli racists we have pulled back the curtain - we have become the war-criminal Israelis, the killers of American kids and sailors, attacker of the USS Liberty. All covered-up and silenced by treasonous politicians - our own children (as well as thousands of Palestinians) murdered, and we turned a blind eye to protect a terrorist state.

"The UN estimated that Israeli strikes during the operation killed over 1,400 civilians—69 percent of the Gaza's causalities. Those casualties included nearly 500 children and over 250 women."

The Israelis employ banned and indiscriminate weapons and tactics against civilians with orders to "shoot any one moving"! In Gaza, in Lebanon, the Israelis committed war crimes and attacked civilians, EMS, the press, civilian infrastructure and much more - when we emulate those crimes we are, and have been, complicit for a very long time.......

"We have met the enemy and he is us"




The UN estimated that Israeli strikes during the operation killed over 1,400 civilians—69 percent of the Gaza's causalities. Those casualties included nearly 500 children and over 250 women.

750 female and child civilians were killed. It would seem that some 650 other civilians were also killed. One can only assume that they were adult male civilians. Okay, I know men are disposable, and who gives a damn about them anyway?


Wow how polite, knock before murdering.
No sane argument can be made for these attacks on civilian populations except of course to manufacture the enemies required for more warmongering or as in the case of Israel, as prelude to the complete confiscation of Palestinian lands.


If we are left at the mercy of the Zionists, they will turn America into Palestine using our own soldiers and policemen. They've successfully destroyed once first rate nations of Iraq and Libya they considered their enemy using American lives and firepower. Now they are turning their sites on controlling and social engineering of the ordinary Americans.


Just last month the USAF was complaining they are running low on bombs and missiles after having used about 20,000 of them against ISIS. Depending on who you believe ISIS has anywhere between 20,000 to 90,000 fighters on the ground. If every one of those missiles had killed 3 or 4 of them, the whole thing would have been over by now. Mind you, those are just USAF deployed munitions. The question is, what did those 20k US missiles and bombs hit? How about all those deployed by Russia while they had air forces deployed in Syria?


Well, the US Fourth Reich learned a lot from the Third Reich. Now, apparently we study their successor's methods, to use against the world and here at home if deemed necessary. Meanwhile, let the new arms and ammo contracts begin! "Billions to be made, boys! Praise the Lord and make, sell and pass the ammunition!"


Roof Knocking.

Coming to an automobile of yours in the USA.

  • barbaric acts abroad always lead to tyranny at home - The Founding Fathers


Meanwhile 83 senators are asking for more aid to Israel, including Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. It would be nice to see C.D.follow up on this story. ; )



Ft. Benning had to moved for revenue requirements so the spooks moved the School of the Americas to Israel. The police dept from my hometown, and countless other cities, have been, at taxpayer expense, trained there. Happy hour at 5.


These scumbag's euphemisms for murder make me want to vomit blood.


Not for nothing did the US govt. scoop up all the concentration camp records of the results of the killing experiments the Nazis left behind.


Hey, during hunting season you can only take the bucks...unless you have a special permit.


...against a "major distributor of funds to Daesh fighters."

Now that the IS is being routed by the Syrian army and its allies, I can imagine that the U.S. must destroy or recover the last couple of shrink wrapped pallets of Benjamins with which the U.S. used to fund them. Gotta get rid of the evidence.



Being used as shields by suspected militants/terrorists is not an excuse to kill civilians.


Little savages in the Exceptional & Indispensable post-Constitutional former Republic learn to ape the worst practices evidenced by the vilest Bronze Age goatherding whackjobs on the planet as they cleanse West Asia for their primitive Jews-only theocracy. Humans are just so irresistibly cute, aren't they?


I can think of a few houses that could use a roof-knocking..one somewhere in the Lone Star state, one in the Cowboy state, and one in the Rocky Mountain state where the war criminals reside in laps of luxury. If for no other reason than to scare them senseless.


Remember, Bush had all those no-bid KBR Concentration Camps built, to contain "bird flu victims, large numbers of illegal immigrants, or such other purposes the President may declare."
* They weren't dismantled when Øbama came into power. They are still there, well maintained, awaiting guests.
* If We the People ignore all the criminality, lies and sabotage that is going on in this election and let the Red Queen or Mussolini Trump in, we will find out for sure what those camps are for, and what that knock on the roof really means.
* Bernie is the first decent candidate we've had for President since Roosevelt and Kennedy. It is going to take the work of all of us to see that the crooks don't 86 him, and once in, We the People will have to see that our President can function as the Constitution and Bill of Rights directs. That is the oath he will take, "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," and unlike the others who have put their hands on the book since 1963, he will not cross his fingers and wink. But, it will take all of us to see that he is allowed to do his job.
* If we just say, "OK, you're the President, get to work and make it all happen, now," then go back to sleep, they'll eat him alive and we will be dessert.
* If we want a fair democracy, a Constitutional Republic again, every one of us must be a watchdog, preferably with teeth if it should prove necessary.


Well said!