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How Donald Trump Gave ‘Nasty’ Women Their Voices


How Donald Trump Gave ‘Nasty’ Women Their Voices

Alicia Shepard

When I was younger, and New York City’s 42nd Street a seedier version, I used to contort my face as I moved through the crowds trying to make myself as unattractive as possible. That way, I wouldn’t be groped. Or have some weirdo begging to have sex with me.


Good to see Stein getting the endorsements she deserves.
If, however, Trump IS the force behind electing Hillary, this article confirms that he is part of election rigging.


Perhaps the answer is implementing segregation between men and women?


"Who could have imagined that a classic male chauvinist’s unapologetically bad behavior could lead to electing the first female president of the United States?" And a person who has a fondness for bombing and killing women in the MidEast and beyond. I wonder if Alicia will write about that? I won't hold my breath.


I've read a lot of nonsense written by a whole host of punchinello's over the years, but this column takes the cake.


Trump is generally not a person one can defend or support. (I feel the same about Clinton, actually.) Nevertheless, did Trump call (all) women nasty or just Clinton? This is the umpteenth piece conflating the two.

Clinton is nasty, not the word I would have used but IMO justified. Women as a group, sex, gender are, of course, not 'nasty', but they clearly are sick and tired of being treated badly by nasty males (including Trump) and have jumped on this characterization of Clinton to express their personal outrage at sexism and Trump when it could be one of those few times when he got something right.


The effect (response from his targets) of his Nasty women (ooh, with bloody periods) comments is the same effect he has on his targets when he gets into this f*&^ing explanation for why we should call terrorists with faith in Islam "Islamic terrorists." And how Obama et al are afraid to say it.

Saying "Islamic terrorists" : he is just doing what the terrorists want, grow more terrorists. (But since the USA attacking with bombs is also a terrorist act, more sensible to say "enemy combatants" unless you want to refer to the US military as terrorists too. I have no problem saying that myself.)

For those who use the term Islamic terrorists, why is it that when a gun crazed Christian commits a mass shooting, the MSM, and Obama say "mass shooter" instead of Christian Terrorist.?

So if this is not a religious war, please tell me what kind it is?


Just a social experiment to see what kind of responses I would get..
Thank you for yours.


Spoken like a misogynist creep. Buddha? Really?

You are probably one of those guys who will stare at a woman's cleavage, and rationalize it by thinking to yourself "well, if she doesn't want a guy looking, then she should wear a burka".

It's really not that difficult as a heterosexual male to both enjoy being attracted to beautiful women AND be respectful at the same time.

Notice a shape enhancing top on a beautiful young woman? What is not to enjoy?

Stare at her and make some offensive comment when she walks by? Well, you're a fucking jerk.

Men that can't understand this are pitifully weak.


Right on sister!


" Notice a shape enhancing top on a beautiful young woman? What is not to enjoy?"
Now you really need to take look at what you said and you call me the misogynist.

Women it seems are just objects to you judged on" your interpretation of beauty."


Oh go cluck yourself. So is the Buddha informing you in your dishonest twisting of my argument?


Regarding Ms. Leeds: I wonder if Donald knew he was groping a (slightly) older woman. He was past the age himself when "older women" were a coup. I don't doubt her story at all. I was being "carded" when ordering alcohol well into my thirties. I wonder if she looked great by Trump's standards, or it was just the opportunity afforded by proximity. No offense to Ms. Leeds, but that would make it even creepier. Of course, Trump would never grope anyone unattractive.


This poster is very dishonest.

This poster edited his original post to remove what prompted me to respond. What this poster edited out was dismissing behavior by male thugs who engage in the kind of behavior that is the subject of this article.

This jerk, then responds to my retort trying to make me out to be a misogynist.


Men who grope do so indiscriminately. Attractiveness has nothing to do with it. In fact they probably deliberately target less attractive women because they know they can use the "as if" argument to deny it later.


My mother is 88 and has been a strong feminist her entire life. My grandmothers both voted for the first time shortly after women won the vote. So the 20th century struggle of women is very much a part of my family. The only way that The Political and Economic Establishments can maintain and tighten their choke-hold around our necks is by keeping us divided - especially over issues of equality/getting a chicken in every pot! Hillary Clinton, et al, simply does not give a damn about anyone but themselves and will use any issue to further divide us as they desperately seek hold onto power. Hillary is just as much a misogynist as Bill as evidenced by her relentless attacks upon any woman who brought public his sexual proclivities. We have also seen in their political career manifest evidence of their racism. The Clintons are nothing more than good old Dixiecrat Politicians dancing the Arkansas Waltz across their Wall Street built stage. Ain't no fiddles there just a couple of drunk hog callers singing tunes of soldiers and ubiquitous wars to the music of The Golden/Gold Rules.

Jill Stein is the only candidate who actually cares about We, The Rabble - the 90% who are not represented by the oxymoron of a two party system. Are we to submit to the artificial divisions of gender against gender or color against color? These are but Establishment tools used by The Carnival Barkers to keep power limited to themselves and their Wall Street Owners. A vote for either Killary or Donnybrook is clearly a vote against our own best interest.

It is clearly past time to actually have The American Dream - an American Democracy! * All we have to do is simply give the finger to The Establishment when we enter the voting booth by choosing Stein and the Green Party as often as we can this November. This is the true Political Revolution that Sanders did not have the guts to join. Both of the two extremely worthless major party candidates should be choking on clouds of the dust of our feet as we run from them as fast as we can.

Please do not be fooled by the false divisions that both wings of The Wall Street Owned Political Party rely upon to stay in power. They are only cardboard windmills being passed off as reconstituted red meat. The only argument that Hillary can level at Trump is he is a misogynist (He is.) while the only thing Trump can say is that she is a criminal (She is.). In the meantime neither one of them is discussing the issues that are meaningful to We, The Rabble and if elected either one of them will quickly kick us to the curb and serve their Wall Street Bastards ... err ... Masters!

Jill Stein, 2016!
The Only Revolutionary in The Entire Primary And General Presidential Field.

*200 plus years and still waiting.


Don't forget NPR! I removed NPR from my car radio buttons because I could no longer stand the lies they and their "guest" were telling to reelect The Clintons. Of course I am voting Stein!


Bill Clinton is far worse than Trump in actuality. Trump is a typical misogynist "locker room jock" bragging of illusionary sexual conquests. On the other hand, Bill is truly a misogynistic pig who has used power to enhance his serial sexual assaults against women. Yes, in my book using presidential power against a very young White House intern is tantamount to sexual assault/rape! Although I still believe that Bill and Hillary used the young lady to launch Hilary's part of their political career!


A rigged election? Why we haven't seen a rigged election since the Democratic Primary of 2016! Just what makes you think they will be so bold in the General? Oh yeah. It's The Crooked Clintons. Sorry.

Jill Stein 2016!