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How Education Fares In The Democratic Party Platform


How Education Fares In The Democratic Party Platform

Jeff Bryant

Although education policy has not been a prominent issue in the current presidential race, the Democratic Party’s platform gives the subject some of its just due with a fairly extensive treatment.


There is nothing more essential to democracy than universal, free public education. Voting has no meaning without a literate and well-informed populace, and neither do the rights of a free press and free speech. I believe this so strongly that I would argue that private and religious schools should be banned as failing to address that universal need. In my own case, I spent a number of critical early years in a religious school and it took me many years to overcome the distortions inherent in that kind of miseducation.

The Democrats are betraying a fundamental of democracy with their catering to rightwing education-for-profit grifters in the current platform. But this is nothing new and exactly the policy pursued by Obama and Arne Duncan with their so-called Race to the Top scheme.