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How Elizabeth Warren Works the Political System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/21/how-elizabeth-warren-works-political-system

Warren does know how to work that system, naturally:

While Elizabeth Warren has voiced “strong support” for the Green New Deal, she recently tweeted a strange proposal that deviates from its principles. In mid-May, Warren announced that she would be introducing the Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act to help the military become more “energy efficient.” As she stated on Twitter , “Climate change is real, it’s worsening by the day, and it’s undermining our military readiness. More and more, accomplishing the mission depends on our ability to continue operations in the face of floods, drought, wildfires, desertification, and extreme cold.”

Elizabeth Warren Wants Green Bombs, not a Green New Deal


Elizabeth Warren has made it very clear that she is a proponent of American capitalism and has disavowed democratic socialism. I’m sorry, but you can’t have both capitalism and a functioning ecosystem. Those choosing capitalism over life itself can only be described as insane.


Where does Warrens support for Israel fit in the “political system” - its racism, ethnic cleansing, mass premeditated killing/maiming of Palestinians, and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories fit in this Warren campaign promotional, David?


Liz failed in 2016 when she had a chance to show her quality by supporting Sanders?


It’s unfortunate that CD has been promoting fauxgressive Elizabeth Warren, who is running to the left during the primary, but has announced that she’ll take corporate cash in the general. She’d be Obama 2.0. No thanks. I am Bernie and/or Tulsi, or Green. Period. Please stop promoting her, CD. It makes you look like you’re selling out!


Ah, the strong liberal whiff of incrementalism.

Here’s another “trendy” term for Mr. I Don’t Like Trendy But I’ll Do Trendy Anyway: “the politics of the possible”.

It’s the historical justification for inaction used by upscale liberals everywhere to justify moving as slowly as possible on any policy change that could conceivably budge their social or economic benefits in any way not in their interest.

This perspective is fine if you’re a professional class neoliberal with a modestly functioning conscience. For the rest of us, it’s poison.


That’s Liz. I mean, if you’re going to bomb the planet into submission to the new order, shouldn’t it be done with some sensitivity to the environment?

How this person can masquerade as a “progressive” is a testament to how meaningless and detached from history that term has become.


In the article, Dayen makes the case for Bernie over Liz: “…Sanders has moved the entire Democratic Party toward a more populist economic program. He has been skillful with the bully pulpit, and the pulpit gets much bigger when you’re president.”

Warren has some accomplishments, but she’s gutless when it comes to openly criticizing her complicit party – including refusing to buck her party as it made the ultimate mistake of installing Hillary as its 2016 nominee.

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Warren has stated she will take corporate money if she gets the nomination, another shill. No thanx, only Sanders 2020.


Anyone who tries to work the political system instead of fighting against it should not be trusted. Sorry but Warren smells too much like Obama for my liking. She is not a brave or courageous person.


But, but, but she’s female.

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My best understanding of “progress” came from Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Kendi sees a pattern of consistent bursts of progress on both ends: progress for the racists, then some progress for the anti-racists, then again more progress for racists, etc. That seems to be how history goes.

Please note in the last debate the corporate gatekeepers were very upset that Warren and Sanders didn’t go after each other -------These two real friends have shown that we need to work together-------and yes all these candidates are concerning when it comes to the war machine-------because some people don’t seem to understand we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! Warren and Sanders both have heart and if people can’t see this your blind. And just think about it —any half progressive that gets elected is going to be attacked by wall street and the elite----You need someone that can do this------I think Warren is the right pick for 2020.


Ted Cruz is not a weak, process politician.
John Kasich can’t beat Bernie!

This man just enumerated reasons she and her staff would make and excellent administration. Her advocacy on the part of regular folk is outstanding. Her grasp of economic issues that effect our lives and how corporations screw us is gold. I don’t understand all the carping. And really, 2020 is all about getting rid of the festering boil and the rest of the pus in the White House.

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If replacing Trump with ByeDone is good enough for you, you’re ignoring the conditions that got us Trump in the first place: The steady status quo drumbeat of corporate-friendly policy from both parties. The voters sent a message about the status quo in 2016, apparently you didn’t hear it.

And I’ll assert this: Trump would mop the floor with “Pocahontas.”

When Liz, in 2016, backed HRC instead of Bernie she sold out Bernie to Wall Street. I would never,ever support her!